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File: 1663283727732.gif (161.54 KB, 400x505, dead rat.gif)


I'm so bored, maybe I'll watch a western or some other movie/.
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I've thought about checking out westerns my old man and my mom were really into them. What ones should I check out?


The dollars trilogy, Once Upon a Time in the West, The Big Gundown, a pistol for ringo and breakheart pass.


My brain dead as though you were talking about the first leftypol split.


I was.


Holy fuck Keke. God damn that shit was so funny

File: 1663305260141.png (84.33 KB, 1200x1555, MaxStirner1.svg.png)


Oldfag here

When I was in uni, braincells were into Deluze and edgy Third Worldists were dick riding Lin Biao.

Now every zoomie is talking about spooks. What's this appeal of this guy exactly. He seems like a humorless non schizo version of Nietzsche, but maybe I'm missing something.


File: 1663306582850.jpg (40.92 KB, 523x452, qjinoqn989329.jpg)

The appeal is that he is a funny cartoon guy who you don't need to actually read to laugh at the joke. If this cartoonish sketch didn't exist he would just be another obscure bohemian without a face. If you want the "pill" you'll have to study his work yourself, you won't get it if you don't read it front to back with notes.


He's a good post modernist that isn't idealist and up his own ass.
That's why he drives philosophers craze, because he proves that all of them are full of shit.
That doesn't mean he proves them wrong, just that their ideas, models, notions etc, are all animated by the actions of people and not visa versa.
He's sometimes called the ultimate form of anarchism, but I like to think of him as the ultimate materialist.
It's easy to see why Zoomers love him. The most indoctrinated generation of all time is being driving insane by all the contradictory politics they are being fed. His teachings finally give peace to the haunted minds of gen Z.


Probably one of the most influential memes of leftypol ever.

File: 1663261414758.png (645.06 KB, 1080x1203, magacommunism..png)


>The year is 2025.

>Commadante Trump, after defeating the Biden-Harris wing of the bourgeoisie and purging Kushnerist revisionism, has led the people in established the People's Republic of America. Truckers Unions act as a watchdog and protector of the revolution's forward march. Black unemployment is back to lowest levels in history, and Latam nazbol red guards have neutralized MS13. Field commander Tulsi drafted a new five year plan, which includes the development of outdoor gyms on every block in every neighborhood. A monument has been erected in Washington DC commemorating the martyrs and fighters of the Jan 6th. A new era has begun.
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/B/? More like /b/enis


ok hau?


File: 1663304333965.gif (32.4 KB, 87x159, 1651803069443.gif)



Trust the plan.


The 5 year or 2 more weeks one?

File: 1628714796288-0.jpg (124.33 KB, 1080x1080, 1620753384351.jpg)

File: 1628714796288-1.jpg (125.83 KB, 1080x1080, 1620753448149.jpg)

File: 1628714796288-2.jpg (152.19 KB, 1080x1080, 1620753573781.jpg)

File: 1628714796288-3.jpg (101.61 KB, 1080x1080, 1620753495327.jpg)


I kneel.
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File: 1663255650544.jpg (375.22 KB, 1516x1242, 1659183388220588.jpg)

Yeah sure man, Anyway let's check on white peopl-…


I'll concede that engaging in gay orgies with hwites is probably more risky than sleeping with a black chick.

Tbh, all Americans should be avoided. Blackanon was on point.


>Tbh, all Americans should be avoided.


Americans and Britons. They've tainted the world with their antisociality.


File: 1663304079480.gif (172.16 KB, 371x498, pepe-sing-peepo-sing.gif)

Some Burgers are cool. I am burger.

File: 1659995326788.jpg (80.58 KB, 480x480, 1655043717665.jpg)


Looking back I actually grew up in a spectacular time to be a youth. Youth culture was at it's highest and hadn't been destroyed by the internet quite yet. It was a good middle ground. You could find sub cultures for everything from punk to emo to metal.

It's all gone now. I miss that shit.
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Never forget that faggots that decided to steal the beat years away from young people so that geriatric bed ridden boomers could live a few years longer.


Oh God, here we go again with Millenial nostalgia. Youth culture has been stuck in rehash since the late 80s.

Being a teenager in general sucks ass. In fact, adolescence is artifical lengthening of childhood as to create a cognitive gap in which to schizophrenise the young.


People be acting like imageboards are the peak of pop culture. Ironically they produce more cesspool shit than TikTok and fbi.gov.

4chan used to spam CP and was grooming social lovers.

Alot of our recent mass shootings were 4chan patrons.
Image boards rely on screensshots of Reddit, Twitter, TikTok, etc for content.


From 7chan: https://7chan.org/eh/res/48067.html#48067

Dear John, I feel the more I think about it, the more it annoys me.
Forgive me for sounding whiny, though.
I think young people have been socially emasculated. Or rather, they never stood a chance at all.
Do you know that children and teenagers are the only demographic in which stereotyping is not only accepted but endorsed?
What if I told you that innocence and idealism arent inherent in development?
That theyre parental farces?

I believe that adolescence was a self-fullfilling prophecy and its a slow but steady burning/pillaging of society.

How can you sit here and classify young people as defective because of "brain development" when before the 1940s, they were active members of society?
Why are adults hell-bent on raising the age of majority and blocking off kids from playing outside, working, and dating?

Ive heard that teen turmoil is exclusively a Western phenomenom that doesnt exist in any other culture.
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File: 1663164824955.jpg (39.07 KB, 407x599, Rudolf Hess.jpg)


Der Creaturen
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The funny thing is that image originated on 4chan.


Some skitzo nazi chud who flew over to britain on his own to try and create a peace deal during ww2


Posted over tor so I just saved the thread




literally hitler's right hand man before he lost his nerve

File: 1663081266659.jpg (2.14 MB, 3794x2796, DSCF1480.jpg)


Youngfags my barely remember this.

But I unironically believe this was some sort of test run for later modern mass psyops perpetuated over social media.

Was Kony even real? Did they ever catch him? Who knows…

Here's a podcast that speculates about the same topic.


More importantly, could these type of 'media' (psyop) tactics be used by us?


It was definitely a psyop. In fact I'm pretty sure the figurehead for it had a mental breakdown during the campaign and stripped off in the middle LA lol


File: 1663106514409.png (27.62 KB, 644x240, ClipboardImage.png)

>Was Kony even real? Did they ever catch him? Who knows…
according to wikipedia his miltita has grown larger in recent years

File: 1662911016281.jpeg (95.94 KB, 694x1200, c1c2170f-f039-4c84-adb8-d….jpeg)


I posted this on the lameypol, but it was predictably deleted within a microsecond by the nolives/nofun mods there.

What are people's take on this? Is there something to it? Or is complete psychobabble bullshit.

Personally, I think it's a bit harsh. It's a pretty petty issue. Even when you have people littering all over the place, it doesn't diminish the quality of life that much. I guess if you're a hyper conscientious normie, this would be pretty aggravating though. Otherwise, literally who gives a fuck.

Alternative take: shitty cultures usually have shitty, corrupt leaders. The thought process goes as thus - 'if the people in charge don't care about society, why should I? Fuck the rules.' In this way, a (quite fun tbh) behavioral sink ensues until you get lucky enough (depending on your perspective) that a benevolent strongman autarch comes to power who uses the full weight of the state to create order out of disarray.

Feel free to delete if you want. I just thought a fresh thread might help liven the place up.
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Sure, not sure what your point is. What I'm saying is that rude things poor people do are always signs of societal decay, while rude things middle class and rich people are just harmless faux pas.



>You see, actually people don't put away their carts because they are distressed victims if socio-economic oppression.

The irony of you calling someone else a fag


Not all poor people do rude shit. I come from a mostly poor family. With some exception, I have been poor most of my life. I go out of my way to return the shopping cart. I go out of my way to tip well, when I can afford the privilege of delivery.




I didn't say that, learn to read.

File: 1662778612051.jpg (221.41 KB, 820x1214, 929-9291006_i-want-a-sonic….jpg)


what is the difference between this and the other leftypol?
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File: 1662792083099.jpg (102.05 KB, 1024x836, 1661885620040080.jpg)

We have already addressed this question here >>140663
Tbh I think we need to do a sticky somewhere outlining the differences and our reason for existence.


There are more idiots, trolls, and weirdos on .org than .net. Janitors are more lax here.


Literally read the front page uyghur


I can't see anything. linkies?



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