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the cunt-capitalist class is the actual owner of the means of reproduction and the ultimate beneficiary of this power in sexual-capitalism. males are chosen by cunt-capitalists to breed, and males are duped into supporting the entire social structure by hook and crook, leaving omega males bereft of sex and breeding. The only solution is to make economic and sexual capitalism illegal, and inaugurate a system of centrally planned reproduction.


You're retarded.
In the matter of seggz we have not a capitalist system of relations but a feudal one: you cannot ackquire womb or balls in your private possession: you can only be born with them or you're completely out of luck.
Genuine transfaggotry is actually trying to convey a liberal revolution in the matter of seggz so that anyone, in theory (of course), can get sum new set of means of recreation for themselves, but even they were completely washed away by corporate wrecking bullshit by the name of SJW™.
An even more genuine transfaggotry movement would try to xpand this freedom of access not just to recreational activity, but to a reproductive one too. In other words, centrist troons want to have femboys, leftist troons would want to have pregnant femboyz, while rightoid corporate troon army wants nothing more but to instate a gender system of total subjugation of all individuals towards pre-defined forms of sexual expression = if you as a kid EVER showed a sign of behavior that should officially belong only to cunt carriers then you immediately get your balls yanked out, get dressed like a lil bitch & get beaten the ever-living-fucking shit out of yourself & your self until you totally collapse as a person & cuck yourself out to this new identity that was enforced upon you.

But in any way, the problem still persists: if you have no seggz, if you do not participate in seggzual relations with other participants of the system of recreation, if you are not an active agent of seggz-economy, then you are considered a savage, a barbarian, a commie, a delinquent, a degenerate, an untermensch, a uyghur, an incel & so on & so on & so on & so on.

Only a complete liberation of consciousness-carriers from seggz-based system of relations & recreation can finally end the worsening contradictions which tear apart the society as it is, where the seggzd get more seggz & the virgins become more virginal (by falling out of all the other aspects of society).
This is why the left troons too will get shot.


Its ironic that young people are criminalised for wanting sex yet are also criminalised by epders for not having it.


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In biology, a pair bond is the strong affinity that develops in some species between a mating pair, often leading to the production and rearing of young and potentially a lifelong bond. boomer just jealous


Pair bonding is real? I thought it was something the manosphere made up. Also I'm afraid of getting canceled so I never looked into it.


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genocide love


You're retarded.


Brutal teen love pill

Some studies that suggest less partners=better. Marriages tend to be more successful. Anecdotal but , men/women feel insecure if their partner has been with more people.


Now yplou understand why peoppe married young back then.
Unfortunately, marrying or dating in your mid-teens thru esrly twenties is seen as premature.

They want people to be scarred and defective for sexual and social reproduction.

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