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File: 1716491638215.mp4 ( 14.31 MB , 1280x720 , Stellar Blade All Endings ….mp4 )


Those who do not move, do not notice their chains


File: 1716498965824.png ( 138.14 KB , 336x326 , epic_lulz.png )

>It's a free country
Wanna go out of town this weekend?
>Nah I got work

File: 1716448493786.webm ( 2.81 MB , 406x720 , puppy correction.webm )


Dr Peter Gray believes that the coercive education system in the US will collapse within a decade (prophesied in 2016):
I would add that kids who enter school today may need to compete for jobs with artificial intelligence. By the time they leave college, assuming the concept of college survives, they will need to face machines that will have already passed the Turing Test (acc. to Ray Kurzweil's prophesy). In the meantime, we force kids to work calligraphy by hand, even if they would rather interact with a touchpad.

The understanding of the power of free learning will build up exponentially. Good memes keep spreading at an ever accelerating rate. Shortly after Gray's prophesy comes true in the US, other nations will follow suit.
The conflict between free learning and passive schooling will inevitably lead to a collapse of the old system. Peter Gray described it in his many essays and books (see: Collapse of coercive systems). I write about this in Compulsory schooling must end. Papert knew about it in 1993. Perhaps the only thing that was hard to predict is that schools would hijack the new technologies only to dish out the old material. In other words, the learntropy of schooling increased, but freedom is an obstinately undying issue.

What follows from imagining a Knowledge Machine is a certainty that School will either change very radically or simply collapse. It is predictable (though still astonishing) that the Education Establishment cannot see farther than using new technologies to do what it has always done in the past, teach the same curriculum. I have suggested that new media radically change the concept of curriculum by demoting its core elements. But I would go further: The possibility of freely exploring worlds of knowledge calls into question the very idea of an administered curriculum

File: 1716411958763.webm ( 561.6 KB , 540x960 , Veil Up.webm )


The US military does have drones, jets, and tanks. But people forget that the US military has never won against an insurgent population. The vietnamese only had small arms, tunnels, and traps. The Iraq war was diffictult for the US military because Iraqi fighters could shoot at them and hide for a few seconds, ditch their gear, and emerge an unarmed civillian. The US government would also probably be less likely to carpet bomb and drop JDAMs on neighborhoods in their own country instead of being fine with all the civillians they killed in the Middle East that they just wrote off as "collateral Damage"


>But people forget that the US military has never won against an insurgent population
The Philippines? The Confederacy? Native Americans?


What do you have to say to this >>>/leftypol/481515 ?

In general you should check out that thread it's more or less discussing the same thing.


foreign backing facilitates an insurgent population
>What do you have to say to this >>>/leftypol/481515 ?
Geology is the study of pressure and time. Thats all it takes really… pressure… and time…

File: 1716343785896.webm ( 1.28 MB , 1280x720 , grace.webm )


I’m really about to ask my boss for an overtime.


You want more hours or does your boss owe you pay for your overtime?

Also, just FYI there's the >>>/WRK/ board



File: 1716288096395.jpg ( 101.74 KB , 744x1235 , 57.jpg )




more pics like this?

File: 1709465647778.jpg ( 117.64 KB , 1920x1080 , 1.jpg )


< Woman may carry ex-partner's DNA in offspring.
< Study tests telegony with flies.
< Telegony theory: old idea of mates influencing offspring. Ancient Greece (4th century BCE)
< Suggests past partners affect future offspring, even with a different father. (4th century BCE)
< Historically accepted but later debunked: Early 20th century (1900s)
< Involves traits of past partners impacting genetic makeup
< Once used to discourage mating across social classes or races: Throughout history, notably during periods of rigid social stratification
< Debated concept with limited scientific backing
< Implies traits can be inherited from non-biological parents
< Raises questions about the nature of genetic inheritance
< Considered controversial within scientific community
< Lack of conclusive evidence in humans
< More commonly studied in animal models
< Male flies' diet manipulated for size
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File: 1714914405387.mp4 ( 299.69 KB , 640x360 , 167530993304153752.mp4 )

He's right though nice try, fed.


File: 1715038644796.mp4 ( 488.12 KB , 480x360 , 170947696896.mp4 )



File: 1716260581136.mp4 ( 8.19 MB , 480x360 , 167530993304153738.mp4 )

>Isn't it only if they got pregnant?


did this guy just say someone could move objects with their mind? bruh why would you post this


File: 1716302332469.png ( 275.23 KB , 590x285 , 6.png )

>bruh why would you post this
dialectical materialism and communist lunacy so advanced that is indistinguishable from magic. we needed to post it

File: 1716252918820.png ( 531.84 KB , 677x599 , anon.png )


Who is /ourguy/ leftychan?


File: 1716254134878.jpg ( 406.42 KB , 1200x1600 , 2890224.jpg )

My vote goes to mentally unstable European intellectual of the hour, Houellebecq.


File: 1716255590105.jpg ( 546.7 KB , 1165x847 , Christ In Hell, 1900.jpg )


•Threw the money changers out of the temple
•Lived communally
•Abhorred opportunism
•Is returning in etheric form to enlighten all humanity in common


Redpill me on Houellebecq, what do you think he would think of this place?

Jesus is my dude for sure but he's been AFK for 2000 years

File: 1715293191055.gif ( 2 MB , 304x318 , 1714545497634731.gif )


At what age should you walk away from starting a family? Is there a cut off age?
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I mean it's bizarre because biologically people are hitting puberty earlier than ever.
I think it has to do with societal expectations and young people not having to go through those life milestones as early as before. Which goes hand in hand with technological development.
So correlation =/= causation


File: 1716021806640.png ( 44.99 KB , 440x447 , ClipboardImage.png )

The US has third world tier life expectancy lmfao


Is this true?
I understand GMOs being full of growth hormones but I think pubertal age is kinda misunderstood.


Not blaming COVID for social decline, just saw the correlation. All of these crises are simply the side-effect of how we organize labor as society, in turn influence social relations.


Damn, it's really funny how all those people from systematically disadvantaged backgrounds are thrown into the meat grinder of capitalism against their will. Top-tier comedy.

Death and misery is not good. Is socialism about taking pleasure in human misery or is it about analyzing systems and looking for ways to fix them?


>implying Poland isn't a nation

For Poland

Poland and the struggle for power

Frederic Engels: The Working Class of Poland (1868)

The International Workingmen's Association, What have the working classes to do with Poland?

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File: 1716473622648.webm ( 3.34 MB , 576x1024 , wtf i love poles now.webm )



File: 1716524647326.png ( 9.15 KB , 231x182 , evrope.png )



File: 1718533504834.webm ( 415.23 KB , 576x1082 , das t why commies lost ba….webm )

File: 1715840679476.jpg ( 80.35 KB , 265x383 , hug de pinós.jpg )


>Hug de Pinós


I will NOT hug de pinos!!!!


Why do you hate jizzuz so much anon it's heretical to do this immedi8ly vow your love to Hug de Pinós or face the consequences you g-ddamn baphometoid

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