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File: 1695106703784.mp4 ( 5.51 MB , 540x960 , H9572LFkUQ0CuZhp.mp4 )


Here's the man the media and psuedoleft is gunning for now.

I wonder why?
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>drugged-out hippie fanatic

I absolutely kek.


>Typical drugged-out hippie fanatic.
So Russell Brand?


File: 1695362164362.jpg ( 52.89 KB , 750x728 , FB_IMG_1695362136511.jpg )



How is he leftist
Why are the only people you think are leftists are hippie coded freaks loved by the right and who only talk about vaccines and shit and barely anything else left wing. You're gonna bring up that one quote about inequality he did years ago?

File: 1695335640396.jpg ( 660.89 KB , 1440x1909 , 1695325928343.jpg )


>Ummm high yeah sweaty sorry
>We know you are struggling to acquire a living wage for your very necessary societal labor that our whole society actually needs to function properly, but, how about you actually just get back to work you fucking uyghur slave



British academics are in large reactionary fifth columnists whose only purpose is to indoctrinate the masses into being compliant wageslaves. I have no sympathy for them and taking an inflationary pay cut is the least they deserve.
The students are right too, they are paying insane tution fees and their assignments aren't even getting marked because the work-shy bastards are always on strike.


Art history professors and Netflix writers are working parasites no different than junk food marketers and insurance adjusters.

>I studied a field in which the only job I can get is teaching the field. I'm totally not perpetuating a ponzi scheme bro. Please pay me more bro.

Ya, fuck off


holy based grad student fags tongue my anus. Like shut the fuck up and grade my paper on Pol Pot bitch. I'm undergrad btw


ITT: Reactionaries.

Not every teacher is your stereotypical art history teacher, also, kek. Like what a pathetic bunch of sniveling worms. If education is so ineffectual why are you two so stupid?

File: 1695333386690.jpg ( 221.6 KB , 1246x1144 , UFLuAgs.jpg )


Whatever happened to dobby boy?


that's a man.


sexy if true

I don't think they could have improved. Maybe they died, or no longer have time to be a shitty non-profit cartoonist.

File: 1694946887480.jpg ( 508.37 KB , 1080x1224 , Screenshot_2023-09-17-17-3….jpg )


Holy kek. I love the great replacement now
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Nope. troons insert themselves into places they're not wanted, like lesbian dating apps and women's sports.

Drag was an occasional fun passtime for gay men. Troons ruined that do by turning it into a means the creep on children

You guys stink up everything with your crusty axe holes.


<shit that never happened
Let's play a game. I'll list a few scenarios and you put them in order from most to least likely to be true

A) A guy man in the 90s thought that mentally ill dudes in women's clothes were mentally ill dudes in women's clothes. He also voices the opinion to those close to him
B) You'll pass after you're 24
C) After you kys, your parents put your real name on your tombstone


lmao imagine being so obsessed with trans people that you save pictures of them just to attach to whining posts
critical support for online containment spaces


You will never have sex with a real woman


Most people don't care about gay people I'm sorry to inform you.

I'm pretty sure this is literally just one guy spamming this bullshit.

File: 1695303752729.png ( 22.17 KB , 125x114 , 1695155530553.png )


i liked the comic where the girl said she's autistic

and ppl replied "you're worse than saddam you bitch"


Post the comic, don't be a fag


i don't remember the title

File: 1695242593886.jpg ( 217.56 KB , 1200x1200 , 35c81bc5-a718-5837-afd5-47….jpg )


are edibles leftist?
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But it's illegal.


smoking weed before you win the revolution is retarded do coke instead


No, but they're fine.
Weed is fine. It's not 100% risk-free, but neither are alcohol or caffeine. That it's still Schedule I in the US is insane and ought to condemn this country in any rational mind. People are still arrested for it, and for decades tons of people were arrested for it and served long sentences.

I'm conflicted because on the one hand, I don't want the left to focus entirely on drugs. On the other hand, the American policy on drugs like marijuana, MDMA, mushrooms, mescaline, and DMT is insane and despotic. These drugs are all Schedule I federally still… that's the most federally illegal classification for a drug in the US. For comparison, methamphetamine, fentanyl, nembutal, cocaine, oxycodone, and pentobarbital are all schedule II. Benzodiazepines (like xanax) are all the way down in schedule IV, and they have considerably more addictive potential than marijuana, MDMA, or psilocybin.

I think something really interesting can be inferred from all this: America struggles to fit a lot of these recreational drugs into its capitalist model. The legalization push for marijuana, and now the push for the legalization of some psychedelics and the empathogen MDMA, has effectively hinged on an appeal that these drugs can be mass produced and mass marketed as medicine. That they are less harmful when used recreationally than many other, less illegal drugs doesn't matter; they have to take a medical angle, because allowing these drugs to be mass-produced and mass-marketed for recreation the way beer and cigarettes were would actually make these substances many times more harmful than they otherwise would be. Since the legalization process still hinges on making a profit, they have to re-pitch this stuff as medicine… which, ironically, is also probably harmful since this condition probably leads to exaggerated claims of medical efficacy for some of these things. The actual solution to all this would be to legalize the hippie drugs entirely but ban large-scale production and marketing so that the pharma cartels can't "oversell" (push) like they did with oxycodone, and people who are criminals now can have a chance to go straight if they're willing to only sell stuff that's less dangerous.

So you'll do revolution for 80 minutes and then crash hard unless you chase it? Stupid.


What happens in China if you get caught selling weed?


>In 1985, the People's Republic of China joined the Convention on Psychotropic Substances and identified marijuana as a dangerous narcotic drug, and illegal to possess or use it.
>The Convention on Psychotropic Substances of 1971 is a United Nations treaty designed to control psychoactive drugs such as amphetamine-type stimulants, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and psychedelics signed in Vienna, Austria on 21 February 1971.

File: 1695153052013.jpg ( 126.94 KB , 1080x666 , Screenshot_2023-09-20-02-4….jpg )


Ring ring ring
>Based department

What are the political implications of Trump leading a workers uprising in the United States?

Fuck what you say. This is pretty unprecedented


Pretty much for show. Our union supports dem and for good reason. Under Biden we've seen our wages increase 5% and many union busting laws have been rolled back. We've seen record membership because of this. Trump is only doing this for show.


File: 1695176194884.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 74.8 KB , 571x496 , 1694667553743.jpg )


Trump bros, trump is fighting for wo-ACK

File: 1694985140856.jpg ( 630.69 KB , 1080x2053 , Screenshot_2023-09-18-04-1….jpg )


When did Republicans become so based?

File: 1694941511290.jpg ( 73.02 KB , 1169x1140 , miracle_village.jpg )


will towns where only pedophiles live exist under socialism?


File: 1694977762022.webm ( 3.95 MB , 888x466 , shitboxes.webm )

Probably not, only Christcuck burgers virtue signal about pedophilia this hard while having kids getting bonked non-stop throughout their churches and by police.
Also pedophilia is grossly misunderstood by burgers because they have an absolutely destroyed sexuality from generations of Puritan sexual mores.
Half of all pedos are not attracted to children and so it because they have a personality disorder that drives them to hurt children, and the most effective way to do that is to molest them. Meanwhile half of all pedos that are attracted to children have not offended. They can't seek help because burgers love to crucify them to get attaboys from other burgers that don't actually care about protecting children.
Marginalizing sex offenders like this just makes the problem worse, and the staggeringly high rates of pedophilia in burgerland reflect this.
Let's not forget the extreme low bar for sexual offense is in the US. Simply urinating in public can get you put on the sex offender registry.


>Has never travelled


What's the alternative? You want to execute anyone remotely accused of being a pedophile? It's called freedom of association.


holy false dichotomy batman!

File: 1694958154259.png ( 247 B , 68x125 , image.png )


yo soy


tu eres


coy heno espagnol

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