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>Ummm high yeah sweaty sorry
>We know you are struggling to acquire a living wage for your very necessary societal labor that our whole society actually needs to function properly, but, how about you actually just get back to work you fucking uyghur slave



British academics are in large reactionary fifth columnists whose only purpose is to indoctrinate the masses into being compliant wageslaves. I have no sympathy for them and taking an inflationary pay cut is the least they deserve.
The students are right too, they are paying insane tution fees and their assignments aren't even getting marked because the work-shy bastards are always on strike.


Art history professors and Netflix writers are working parasites no different than junk food marketers and insurance adjusters.

>I studied a field in which the only job I can get is teaching the field. I'm totally not perpetuating a ponzi scheme bro. Please pay me more bro.

Ya, fuck off


holy based grad student fags tongue my anus. Like shut the fuck up and grade my paper on Pol Pot bitch. I'm undergrad btw


ITT: Reactionaries.

Not every teacher is your stereotypical art history teacher, also, kek. Like what a pathetic bunch of sniveling worms. If education is so ineffectual why are you two so stupid?


this is why college should be limited only to a select few.

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