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File: 1716697307919.jpg ( 46.87 KB , 401x325 , enigma.jpg )


>IOF soldiers when they see a Hamas tunnel rigged with explosives


IOF's worst nightmare


From the river to the sea, Israel will be free!


File: 1716705703537.jpg ( 197.84 KB , 1092x728 , congressman andy oogles.jpg )

When you make fun of Israel's incompetent army, this is who you're upsetting. Maybe think about that next time.


File: 1716866626311.jpg ( 79.21 KB , 764x665 , 524.jpg )



virgin resistance movement vs. chad genocidal client state xDDDDD ebic


Virgin Arab colonizers vs Chad Jewish resistance*


File: 1716984242619.jpg ( 83.78 KB , 328x425 , hauntedfear2.jpg )

>resistance is when you move to a place, push the inhabitants into walled-in concentration camps, and then methodically kill them


>Genocide is when your population has been steadily increasing
>Genocide is when you start a war to exterminate Jews and fail at the expense of your own people


File: 1717061142850.png ( 83.24 KB , 1208x377 , afsc 247 palestinians 47 c….png )

>35,000 dead in 8 months is a "steady increase"
>breaking out of a concentration camp and attacking tanks with hang-gliders is a "war to exterminate Jews"
>killing 247 Palestinians and stealing the homes of hundreds more in 2023 alone prior to October 7th somehow wasn't war, but attacking in response to that was


>35,000 dead in 8 months
This is a severe undercount at this point. The medical system and government in Gaza is incapable of counting the real death toll anymore.

Likely over 100,000 have been killed so far.


Wow I thought only larger sites have glowies this bright!

I have some questions:

Do you consider yourself a leftists? If so what kind?

Are you jew?

Are you religious?

That's it for now.


File: 1717118360827.jpeg ( 126.27 KB , 1024x874 , GO25gF1XYAAndOS.jpeg )





File: 1717350866870-0.jpg ( 108.66 KB , 1500x1000 , GettyImages-1337844041-5b5….jpg )

File: 1717350866870-1.jpeg ( 54.03 KB , 768x768 , 0jo4sqef174d1.jpeg )



File: 1717358936288.jpg ( 31.06 KB , 475x284 , fingers-in-ears.jpg )

>la la la facts are anti-semitic and so are the UN, the ICC, Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children, medical workers, aid workers, college students, Human Rights Watch, the World Health Organization, Jewish peace activists, Israeli intelligence, and one or two members of the Knesset


Not one single fact has been presented.
Don't consider myself a "leftist,"
I do consider myself a socialist.
Not religious and not a Jew.


>I'm socialist
>not leftist
inb4 national socialist unless rsdlp tier "socialist"


It's absolutely a Nazi, yes. The classic team is getting back together!



To the Editors of the New York Times:

Among the most disturbing political phenomena of our times is the emergence in the newly created state of Israel of the "Freedom Party" (Tnuat Haherut), a political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties. It was formed out of the membership and following of the former Irgun Zvai Leumi, a terrorist, right-wing, chauvinist organization in Palestine.

The current visit of Menachem Begin, leader of this party, to the United States is obviously calculated to give the impression of American support for his party in the coming Israeli elections, and to cement political ties with conservative Zionist elements in the United States. Several Americans of national repute have lent their names to welcome his visit. It is inconceivable that those who oppose fascism throughout the world, if correctly informed as to Mr. Begin's political record and perspectives, could add their names and support to the movement he represents.

The undersigned therefore take this means of publicly presenting a few salient facts concerning Begin and his party; and of urging all concerned not to support this latest manifestation of fascism.

Dec. 2, 1948

Here's how Avraham Stern, a Jewish Nazi collaborator and terrorist, was written about circa 2012 in the Israeli press:
And yet in modern-day Israel, 70 years after his death, there has been a stamp issued in his honor and a town — Kochav Ya’ir — that bears his name and hundreds of teenagers that flock to his grave every year, swearing their allegiance to an ideal of sacrifice largely absent among the majority of Israelis.

At this year’s ceremony, with raindrops falling hard against the smooth marble gravestones at the Nahalat Yitzhak cemetery in suburban Givatayim in central Israel, the man everyone called Ya’ir was eulogized by the chief rabbi of Tel Aviv, Israel Prize winner Rabbi Meir Yisrael Lau, and one of the wreaths laid on his grave was from the Labor-led Haganah, the archenemies of Stern’s Lehi revisionists.

“That’s a new phenomenon,” said Stern of the Haganah tribute: “maybe three years old.”

But the large turnout is not. The old timers, the eternally faithful, have always come, Stern said, but the number of teens who attend the ceremony has been steadily increasing.

This is coming from a Times of Israel article entitled "The rehabilitation of an underground revolutionary: Young people turned out in droves this year to mark the 70th anniversary of Avraham ‘Ya’ir’ Stern’s death." Israel's ruling political party (Likud) was founded by a guy who was described by Albert Einstein as a Fascist, and Israel has a fawning adoration for Nazi collaborators.

PS, ya second link is to the site of a group co-chaired internationally by famous pedophile & Epstein lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Interesting choice, "Marxist socialist."


File: 1718076901189.jpeg ( 601.93 KB , 2048x2048 , GPA5SlRWoAEFpll.jpeg )

I'm not antisemitic or racist or anything, but I think it's OK to call jewish zionists kkkikes. it's like calling slave owners kkkrackers or something, it's OK to use racial slurs against oppressors. zionist kikes need to be eradicated and they're giving good jews a bad name.


Ok, Mossad.


File: 1718471825510.jpeg ( 37.08 KB , 1024x680 , 7rc23iclt16d1.jpeg )



>why did this oppressed third world country's sports team lose to a privileged first world country's sports team?


Why is Brazil so good at football then?


File: 1718473513714-0.jpg ( 41.1 KB , 763x509 , ClipboardImage.jpg )

File: 1718473513714-1.jpg ( 102.65 KB , 828x892 , ClipboardImage.jpg )

File: 1718473513714-2.jpg ( 221.04 KB , 2598x1772 , ClipboardImage.jpg )

File: 1718473513714-3.png ( 200.96 KB , 1192x842 , ClipboardImage.png )



Keeping making excuses bum


Do remember about the fact that reactionary kikery was always prevailing above the general jewish nation. When bols sparked their october rebellion only ONE (1) xplicitly jewish party supported their cause, while "oppressed" jewish bourgs were fully financing pogromian cossack regiments to preserve their wealth! & don't forget that lemmin kicked bundoid "left zionist" whores (who became founders of iϟϟreel) out of his party for their fascistic sectarian degeneracy all the way back in 1903. It's like there was already a reason to do that!

Oh, & the term "kike" was made up by the u.s. jews in their disdain towards "their" brothers & sisters who escaped the r*ϟϟian empire.
Despite this peculiar historical fact, you should not be doing what >>154292 is proposing:
>it's OK to use racial slurs against oppressors
No fag, by participating in identarism (in this case "racism") you only divert the public attention from actual class analysis by playing by bourgoid rules in their own game of preserving the status quo by any divisive means necessary.
That's not how struggle works, in struggle it is you who should impose your own fight conditions on your enemy, not the other way around by trying to win in their playground of retardation.


Last paragraph is spitting facts.

Using slurs is just adding fuel to he fire.
This is the crux of politics, using indignatory remarks.


holy based


File: 1718682227849.jpeg ( 134.08 KB , 1167x1167 , GM7xqgKXMAEC9Bf.jpeg )

why does every random yemeni kid have such insane drip

is yemen the most dripped out society on earth?


File: 1718682272680-0.mp4 ( 19.47 MB , 1280x720 , operation targeting the Al….mp4 )

File: 1718682272680-1.jpeg ( 40.43 KB , 1079x606 , GP_TUeAXIAEgWij.jpeg )

hizb kino


Losers in every sense of the word


>be poorest country on Earth
>dress better and uphold international law better than the richest countries


thats wassup


File: 1718931205523.mp4 ( 860.7 KB , 480x852 , young children stomping on….mp4 )

based chinese kids are doing it too now

this is my new favorite genre of video


thats not some savepalestine thing, chinks and japs and SK just like to step on each other flags. it's just that the chinese now have a morally acceptable excuse to do so now


stupid racist weeb. The japanese flag belongs under people's feet right next to the sionist flag




I really find it remarkable that Yemenis can produce stuff like this after all the disaster and grief that has been visited on their country.


File: 1719247303358.mp4 ( 24.75 MB , 1280x720 , Mustafa Al-Mumari mocks so….mp4 )

they are literally built different


File: 1720145574135.jpeg ( 209.34 KB , 1058x1274 , GRrKcpnW8AAUyE9.jpeg )

Judaism is finished. The overwhelming majority of Jews support Israel and apparently they think it's actually OK to act like a Goebbelsian antisemitic caricature. They are deliberately provoking the planet to hate them, and guess what, they might succeed.

Philosemites, please explain how the extremely small minority of Jews who oppose the existence of Israel are supposed to salvage Judaism from this absolutely Satanic bloodbath. If it's even possible, it will take decades or even centuries. And I think some of the most decent Jews are going to give up on Judaism altogether and hang their heads in shame at this shit.

The Holocaust and pogrom propaganda is a joke now. Jews are occasionally oppressed in history and it's supposed to be the world's greatest tragedy, but the rest of the time that they have been perfectly happy to collaborate with empire and power and have engaged in every imperial crime imaginable, from slavery to genocide, is not representative of Jews at all and is unmentionable. The whole world is done with that brainwashing now.


File: 1720145738857.mp4 ( 13.53 MB , 1920x1080 , Al-Qassam Brigades publish….mp4 )

Oh yeah see pic. That Jew is flashing money he stole from the homes of Palestinians he murdered.

Now watch this video of a holy warrior destroying a Zionist Jew with a high caliber sniper rifle.


>Philosemites, please explain how the extremely small minority of Jews who oppose the existence of Israel are supposed to salvage Judaism
what about cute and pretty jewish girls?


File: 1720197695080-0.jpeg ( 162.66 KB , 945x1752 , GOM3l6yXgAAoy9T.jpeg )

File: 1720197695080-1.jpeg ( 176.09 KB , 1236x1236 , GP9cclBWMAA3d1E.jpeg )

File: 1720197695080-2.jpeg ( 97.98 KB , 634x1004 , GNqpdQVXgAARNz7.jpeg )

File: 1720197695080-4.jpeg ( 32.69 KB , 480x640 , GLFHa61aEAA82nx.jpeg )

the cunts are irredeemable too, disgusting thirstposter.


if you would stick your dick in these "women", you deserve to be shot by association


So to stop the Genocide in Gaza would it be fair to relight the furnaces in Auschwitz and burn all the zionists?

What I have trouble reasoning about is like, as a socialist I'm supposed to care about workers. But a large chunk of the workers are liberals or zionists or both. And I actually want to kill all those motherfuckers, because one group wants genocide and the other is happy to stand by and watch the genocide… So what should socialists do?

I really think leftists ought to try harder to work with conservative types (and stop crying about muh racism) and focus on annihilating liberals, as they're much closer to nazis.


>So to stop the Genocide in Gaza would it be fair to relight the furnaces in Auschwitz and burn all the zionists?
Retarded question, historical counterfactuals are not a basis for praxis, and the logic of executing people for "pre-crime" is precisely the logic of zionism and nazism.

If anything, I'm beginning to think that the targeting of Jews in the holocaust (where they were a minority of the victims) was part and parcel of the social engineering effort to turn Jews Zionist. It's questionable whether Israel could exist at all without the Nazis providing a pretext for a mass emigration of Jews. And it's a known fact that the Zionists and Nazis worked together from the beginning.

>I really think leftists ought to try harder to work with conservative types (and stop crying about muh racism) and focus on annihilating liberals, as they're much closer to nazis.

Nice try FBI


File: 1720481678456.jpg ( 46.78 KB , 1200x675 , keir-starmer-1-1720148773.jpg )

keir starmer the baby starver


<Nice try FBI
>Talk to conservative voter
>Understands problems with todays society
>Blames black people and immigrants
>Talk to liberal voter
>Doesn't understand any problems with society
>Doesn't regard blacks or immigrants as humans
>Wants to keep benefiting from war and genocide.

Gee I wonder who is closer to a nazi in this case


The second is a total strawman, and the first is a fantasy.


>Talk to conservative voter
>Understands problems with todays society



>Wants to keep benefiting from war and genocide.
War is a scam to siphon money from workers to the shareholders of weapons companies. The only benefit liberals get out of war is social media likes for posting ukraine flags.

>Blames black people and immigrants

It's important to be precise the problem is not immigrants the problem is non-working immigrants. The ones who do not have jobs and will never have jobs. They are a permanent drain on the workers who pay taxes. Permanent until they either get deported or the welfare state collapses all together.

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