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File: 1679243392465.png ( 1.24 MB , 1080x1080 , png_20230319_232307_0000.png )


These two have a ton in common
>Brazenly told the truth
>Had hoes
>Angered those in power
>Suppressed and hit with false charges
>Became political prisoners
>Abandoned by the muhleft


File: 1680886751340.mp4 ( 1.66 MB , 720x1280 , VID_20230407_235453_107.mp4 )

File: 1679419352503-0.jpg ( 306.04 KB , 1080x1171 , IMG_20230321_234204.jpg )

File: 1679419352503-1.jpg ( 357.65 KB , 1080x1565 , IMG_20230321_234326.jpg )


How do Marxoid dogmatists cope with technological innovation?
inb4 that doesn't matter/count


uhm marxism don't deny science sweatie


>got the fauci ouchie


yawn tell me when it can harvest almonds


Sorry sweetie. Almonds don't meet UN esg guidelines


What exactly is there to cope about?


Police all around the country are quitting due to local election results they don’t like.
And y'all said democracy doesn't work.


Good. I can't imagine the obese leftoid with no real combat experience will last long in a return to nature sort of scenario


File: 1680809448440.jpg ( 153.8 KB , 819x1024 , 1680216050230550.jpg )

>Good. I can't imagine the obese leftoid with no real combat experience will last long in a return to nature sort of scenario


File: 1680809521819.jpg ( 140.47 KB , 842x960 , 1679865046996926.jpg )



File: 1680834046445.jpg ( 73.42 KB , 595x500 , 1680220135890717.jpg )

File: 1670200664614-0.jpg ( 149.25 KB , 800x1269 , 1631481659581.jpg )

File: 1670200664614-1.png ( 23.03 KB , 550x488 , 1621217511752.png )

File: 1670200664614-2.png ( 81.64 KB , 1002x767 , 1632974959850.png )

File: 1670200664614-3.jpg ( 117.08 KB , 1024x943 , 1633790149136.jpg )


Are women with Borderline Personality Disorder aka hysterical thot syndrome a severe mental illness where women become hysterical due to the release of period hormones from the ovaries which then in turn results in women having intense emotional reactions to nonsensical problems and also become intentionally emotionally manipulative towards men the number one thread to leftism because of how prone they are to engaging in woke idpol and sabotaging leftist movements with their drama?
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BPD thots and NPD grifters are the two biggest threats to socialism since 1941



agree though BOD that's want to be the center of attention.




narcissistic personality disorder A.K.A. BPD's more well adjusted older brother

File: 1680710873911.jpg ( 413.12 KB , 1080x1557 , IMG_20230405_225942.jpg )


Financial Times recently published some interesting admissions about the modern economy
Inb4: inb4 crybaby muhleftists who have never achieved anything jump in the thread to give their hot take on 'how the world really works,' i.e. delivering a sophomore summary of Marx




Hedge funds without any day to day interaction in businesses have taken over the economy


This is just a rebranding of the old tired managerial revolution thesis.

"Asset Managers" get the boot as soon as they stop paying dividends to shareholders.

File: 1680612062717.jpg ( 41.96 KB , 764x573 , 2vry1jldhc911.jpg )


all marx ancestors were currency manipulators and now jews hate him


File: 1680614780984.webm ( 1.43 MB , 480x536 , production_line_erotic.webm )

interesting. do you know how mass-produced plates are painted?


To be fair, Marx himself wasn't too fond of Jews either, or Africans, or Russian, or Mexicans, etc etc. He would have been called a Nazi by today's reddit socialists.


File: 1680619429735.jpeg ( 19 KB , 474x455 , booba.jpeg )



Just because Marx believed this shit at a backwards time politically doesn't make it true. If Marx told you to jump off a bridge…


Ummm. Marx was basically a wordcel. Aside from the historical materialist method, I'd take everything else he said with a huge grain of salt. But good on you for being a temporal narcissist ig

File: 1680299494047.jpg ( 8.96 KB , 282x282 , vaush-image.jpg )


Fags who cry about fashism are the biggest shills for oligarchy. They bring nothing to the table except tired milquetoast muhleftism that I could hear prattled by any loser millennial middle school teacher in burgerland. Vaush is the best of you, but he gets paid to spout the terrible takes.

The rest of you are fags who support the extant system just inherently.
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You moron. Yes libs hysterically call everything that isn't them fascist, then when they create fascists with their actions they get to say "Look, see? I was right, fascism is alive and well!"
But I didn't say they magically create fascists by calling people fascist. I said they act in ways that make fascism appealing to ordinary people.
What do you think will happen when liberals constantly suppress and co-opt the militant left. What do you think will happen when cucked leftists cede every arena of struggle against liberals to the right. What do you think will happen when liberals refuse to offer any solutions to problems and moralize about every social ill.
Desperate people will choose the option that deals with their problems. The political strategy of liberals is to force these people into the arms of the far-right so they can justify their continued existence and manipulate the left ("Look at how racist, sexist and homophobic the proles and lumpens are…is it really a good idea if they start a revolution?").
Better yet, if the left ever does become a powerful political force again, and has the political will to contest liberals, then they can just fork over power to fascists and allow them to do the dirty work of liquidating the left. Just let a couple decades of dictatorship and terror pass, then heroically return to power to restore the status quo. This is made especially simple if they have built up a substantial social control matrix for fascists to inherit, but just handing over the military and police is usually good enough.
So yeah, liberals and leftoids call everything fascist because that is what they intend to create. It's what they secretly desire. It's the repressed evil within themselves that they project onto the other. Time and time again, liberals have created the perfect conditions for fascists to emerge, and always prefer to focus their efforts onto quelling every socialist revolution that tries to overcome these conditions. Not to say that the left isn't also responsible for their own failures, but that's another story.


File: 1680543958919.jpg ( 62.19 KB , 598x483 , 1680541313207854.jpg )

>Stands with Nancy and Joe against the rabble rousers


bot post


Congrats. You've won the public morality contest. 1st place for being a decent human being (tm) and having the most correct opinions. All your hard work and training has paid off. We applaud your tireless efforts of calling out everything problematic.


just replying to see what bullshit you respond with next

File: 1680490074935.png ( 1.83 MB , 1902x1396 , 1680489342707333.png )


What are the political implications of burgerland without burgers?


>implying the porks are gonna stop the commodity production instead of cutting costs of it


People don't really understand how dead the canary actually is in this coal mine. This is a massive red flag. The US is in for some turmoil. Mcdonalds is a massive employer and if they are cutting jobs then more lay offs and job cuts are going to happen in the future in other companies. (Which is exactly what the fed wants)


Nah, McDonald's has been a zombie corp decades. There's way too many of them and they all lack quality control. All those employees will be immediately employed somewhere eles alleviating the labor shortage.


Oh shit, the announcement might just because McDonald's is going to go 100% WFH (Work from home) for corporate workers.


File: 1680566399468.jpg ( 242.92 KB , 828x1485 , IMG_20230403_165543.jpg )

File: 1680430687082.jpg ( 86.17 KB , 1024x469 , 1680409863878183m.jpg )


Humiliating horseface accidentally outted her own Twitter alt
Checks out


File: 1680430727792.png ( 50.8 KB , 600x540 , 1680410343405646.png )



File: 1680430994648.jpg ( 223 KB , 1080x1461 , IMG_20230402_172129.jpg )

>haha schizo, you got me, I'm AOC lol weirdo
>promptly deletes account


It's probably just some guy baiting. It's exactly the kind of thing I would do if I had more time on my hands.


File: 1680543628163.jpg ( 102.98 KB , 866x1024 , 1680538352043011m.jpg )



Damn skitzos be real.

File: 1679597491085.jpg ( 72.52 KB , 666x1024 , 1679561483294323m.jpg )


We all know that the USD is the world's biggest shitcoin. Is America about to be rug pulled?


File: 1680424090197.jpg ( 226.42 KB , 1080x1106 , IMG_20230402_152628.jpg )


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