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File: 1671481301190.jpg (80.98 KB, 528x1024, 1671480875736529m.jpg)


MAGAcommunists, pacsocs, and diamond theory enjoyers

How do we fight back against this latest aggressive move by the homosexual deep state against the people and their president? Trucker strikes and wildcat railway unions, neighborhood committees, fight clubs? What must be done?


Isn't that committee just a kangaroo court? The only people who care about this verdict are the people who already hate trump.


Trump is a multi generational white collar criminal. His trail is going to take on a life of it's own and it is going to be the biggest spectacle since Watergate.


I wonder how far they will be willing to dig into the affairs of a real bourgeois plutocrat. It wouldn't do to bring to light just how decafently and without responsibility the upper class actually lives.

File: 1625748532550.png (205.43 KB, 403x490, 262654d3bade3f4b434f516550….png)

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post all your maupin memes (especially the songs)
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Dude's gonna get his greatest coom due to all the political discrimination that was brought on him by his yesterday's subordinates. I hope he dies from it, since otherwise he's gotta take his own shattered life himself, which is pitiful.

Western commies on the other hand would still wait for the bottoms' want for a kind of revolution of positions in societal relations. Frankfurt Anti-sadomasochist/autoritarian Aktion gang assemblage is on it's way, comrade, since every crisis is our chance at qualitative progress and the subsequent dismantle of the most powerful humanity-suppressing system. Even if this crisis is only about a guy who sexually identificated himself as a sub, and not a underwater based one.


Caleb is sub coomandante of the rev


Is he still married? Because if so it's pretty much confirmed he bearded his wife in exchange for a green card. It's out in the open that Caleb cheated on her. Only reason to remain with him is the economic benefits.


Women will stay with a man who cheats if she loves/respects him enough.


Is Caleb that man…. Maybe

File: 1671375753076.png (201.57 KB, 401x597, this cat.png)


How beautiful is this cat after giving birth to kittens
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So glad I am a fucking guy


It's the reproductive method we have is what's fucked as mammalians. When we reach communism we need to transcend mammalhood into an ant like hive where there's only one huge female who gets to suffer all the time, shitting out new babies every second, there's a tiny caste of males who get to fuck her, and the rest is just castrated females. Humanity would improve by 200% in a second.


cat is love
cat is life


Well, at least you're cognizant of the fact that you're a bugman


sadly, not yet

File: 1671032403886.jpg (30.49 KB, 599x450, kanye-mask-pic-2013-599x45….jpg)


Since Elon banned me from Twitter, I've done a bit of soul searching, read a bit of theory, and decided to course correct. Now, I'm about to go death con 3 on porkie. I just wanted to say what's up and to see if you guys had any advice for how I could better help the struggle for a people's democratic dictatorship over the forces of monopoly capital


Imagine the time line where this was real




File: 1671367777371.jpg (94.19 KB, 1024x602, 1671359908011766m.jpg)

What did you accomplish this year, anon

File: 1671336715441.jpg (195.01 KB, 1200x784, FeopdDVXwAEr3gx.jpg)


Is woke bullshit infiltrating the superstructure a sort of consolation prize the left receives for not markedly destroying capitalism? Or is it part of a long term Gramscian strategy which may one day succeed, but to the end of a common ruin?

Tangentially, should we return to 'ancient indigenous practices' which ensure ~50% of people die before their 1st birthday simply as a means of weeding out weaklings and keeping the gene pool clean? Sounds pretty based tbh.

Pic related is from a medical university in Minnesota

File: 1671105267230.gif (299.04 KB, 320x245, a.gif)


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File: 1671118294155.mp4 (11.78 MB, 1280x720, Raining Blood.mp4)

I don't know trash, but I do know thrash.


File: 1671284910545.mp4 (73.96 MB, 426x240, contacting aliens with Tom….mp4)



all hyperpop is trash

File: 1671186669007.jpg (63.58 KB, 800x550, set-prohibition-religion-i….jpg)


Religion and leftism are incompatible. All christcoms, Christsocs, Jewish leftists, and islamocommunists should kill themselves immediately.
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>a figment of your imagination
Classlessness is imaginary! You know, apart from every hunter/gatherer society that ever existed and, I would argue, those few individuals who control their own means of production and do not engage in capital accumulation.


Damn, if only we go back to a time before written language and the wheel was inventrd but still have iphones and heating.


Before engaging your idiotic strawman, you do admit that classlessness is a thing that exists and has existed for the entirity of human history, right?


It also exists among zebras and most other animal species. are you arguing that we should return to monke, where only the strong alphas fuck while worthless betas perish and become genetic dead ends while receiving no help or support from society. If so, based….


sorry brother, atheism can be based but secularism is still GOAT

File: 1671014437822.jpg (8.29 KB, 174x250, 1670990064150482.jpg)


Indiana isn't bas—–
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-poor hygiene in fast food/restaurants, you will vomit and/or have diarrhea
-midwest midwits
-red state retardation
-shitty employment if you are lucky to find it
-ghettos/white trash are never too far
-very poor/undeveloped infrastructure at least where i stayed and saw thru alot of the state
-usually if anyone was looking for anything recreational they take a weekend toward chicago or fuck around somewhere michigan

only positives are the weather at times and has much rural scenery(easy to find elsewhere)


File: 1671082513854.jpg (28.86 KB, 514x300, WeNamedTheDogIndiana.jpg)



never seen em are they any gud?


Well, they chopped up one nazi with turboprop blades, and they melted other nazis in the first one. They also ran one over with a tank and another with a truck and shot a couple on them in the third one. That's always satisfying.


thanks ill give it a go

File: 1671090418773.jpg (94.13 KB, 956x978, 5669e9921a0c0014949cb4755c….jpg)


Was Steven Universe the worst thing to happen to Western Animation?


I don't think the show was that bad especially in it's early year before all the trans shit. Which whatever but it was kind of shoe horned in.
If you really want to go to the genesis of modern American animation turn to adventure time.




Hell no. The worst thing to happen to Western Animation is the Third-Year Curse. After being successful for two years, the studio executives decide to take over and maximize the profit potential of the property. They fire or force out the writers and directors who made it good in the first place and replace them with hacks. They force merchandizing tie-ins into the episodes. They remove anything that might be offensive and add virtue signaling crap to show audiences just how not offensive they are. The result is always that the third year of the series utterly and completely sucks ass. Sometimes the creators of the series shut the whole thing down first (eg. Invader Zim), and other times they allow it to become an undead shambling horror for years on end (eg. The Simpsons).

File: 1670894942731.jpg (60.56 KB, 736x838, image_proxy.jpg)


If you are reading this you will lose 4 inches of height in the next five years, to prevent this cpy and pste this post in other five boards. Sorry, but I don't want to risk it

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