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File: 1696517443195.png ( 163.25 KB , 850x400 , znulbsgimik61.png )


Would you have a favorable view of the original cheetoh Ceasar if he sided with the USSR during WW2?
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no thats illogical
he even called them arias

only ppl he hated are poles

(also sided with based arian romainians and bulgarians)




and that when poles weren't technically communist


Are you literally disabled, I can't understand what you're trying to say.


What if Hitler was a saint instead of an evil bastard?

File: 1693211248850.jpg ( 67.61 KB , 479x479 , Coomstronaut.jpg )


>And I think it's gonna be a long, long time
<'Til touchdown brings me 'round again to find


File: 1693218150263.png ( 425.19 KB , 464x362 , the heap man of moonlight2….png )



File: 1696609838595.jpg ( 191.27 KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )

Controversial take: Pornhub and Xhamster removing unverified videos is WORSE than 9/11


File: 1696610223215.jpg ( 206 KB , 617x605 , 7027 - beard bloodshot_eye….jpg )

Most of them are on spankbang.com now.

It also has the user-created playlists so is better than pornhub in that regard.

File: 1661676938126.jpg ( 416.63 KB , 2048x1371 , 120409_r22060_g2048.jpg )


The mods must be joyless faggots who get off on believing they have the right views. And their 'right view' is typically 'defending troons will somehow smash capitalism.' it's all so tiresome and lame.

How can we improve this place while insuring that people in positions of power (jannies) don't take the milquetoast route?
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>And their 'right view' is typically 'defending troons will somehow smash capitalism.'
tbf you can practically avoid 99% of the trans stuff by avoiding trans threads. i've just learned to do that because it genuinely isn't worth responding to. if it wasn't contained i would have stopped going on the site altogether.


It's simple, fam. We can always make another one. That was probably ogre parent's approach to child rearing, and it can work for us.




>tbf you can practically avoid 99% of the trans stuff by avoiding trans threads.
I think the point is that every corporate HQ has a rainbow flag flying outside so maybe you should ask yourself how much of your "trans activism" is just carrying water for the regime.

File: 1696580309565.jpg ( 54.5 KB , 976x850 , _91408619_55df76d5-2245-41….jpg )


note when it states rape in documents it never says women rape

so i don't believe that

its terribly biased

File: 1696495939799.png ( 82.32 KB , 600x800 , neutral markiplier jak.png )


The irl soyjak poked the bear and got chomped. Simple as.


File: 1696496743456-0.png ( 912.87 KB , 675x675 , F7jxjKJWoAAJ8ZH.png )

File: 1696496743456-1.png ( 70.17 KB , 194x259 , F7jxwEZXYAAj0AZ.png )

File: 1696496743456-2.png ( 571.48 KB , 681x521 , F7jxxlvWcAAoHlW.png )

>the victim's activist gf, who witnessed the murder, refused to identify the race of the perp to police
The absolute state of NYC gentrifiers man.

File: 1695284523041.png ( 46.47 KB , 300x250 , 876f76fr6.png )

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We have lots of newfriends and oldfags who want to discuss topics revolving around .org which is all fine and good there's no issue with that, but, one of the major issues is that posts are begging to flood the overboard and catalogue in general, thus, we have decided to create a general thread for .org discussion. This is not, necessarily, a hard rule that must be followed, but, we do implore you all to attempt to keep discussion about .org in this thread and we will prune what we feel is necessary.

We also have merged some related threads into the general, fyi.


Thread related to split itself for those curious:

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We need more YPG/Rojava posters and content on ogre. It’s a multi-pronged method as an approach where anons can learn about the struggle and support it while, at the same time, keeping the mods paranoid because the very nature of the topic is what caused this split in the first place.


are you sure it was the real leninhat, me or one of the ironic ones


File: 1696457577108.jpg ( 85.55 KB , 1280x720 , mpv-shot0054.jpg )

uygha you insane
how can you even care this much lmao. grass.
it was a screenshot they posted in the chatroom. hurr.


typical federal agent.


I stand corrected, their theme changer is in the footer, here it's in the options.

File: 1696381998617.mp4 ( 2.96 MB , 480x852 , VID_20231004_081120_303.mp4 )


London fashion week is lit




what's it cost though? level iv costs like mid 200 more if you want certified. snazzy soft is only like level iii I believe so it won't look as good or it won't be that tough.


leftists don't care about fashion. mods


File: 1696430241664.webm ( 2.08 MB , 640x480 , Fidel's Moral Vest [zwjYi….webm )





im thinkin weer back

File: 1696287441325.jpg ( 48.61 KB , 1200x900 , gxi3796_IrulGB_1iU4_4390_C….jpg )


>car ownership has gone up since 2006
>Insta-worthy road trips and endless selfies
>meanwhile: the reality of owning a car in America
Never-ending parking scavenger hunts in city jungles to the absurd insurance bills, it's like a bad reality show. Never mind even rental cars!

Anybody got experience in remote rural regions?

Discuss personal transportation vs public transportation.


Your chart kinda sucks, is it supposed to be a percentage of 30k? Or is the vehicle itself 30k and then you pay more for fuel, but then wtf does 28% fuel mean!?

There's also parking which can be expensive. Cars suck, if I had a lot more money I would probably have one for weekends but thankfully I live in a bigger city and i have ways to get around to about 90% of events that I want to and I have to rent a car once every few months or ride-share.


Cars are for fags and women
>Muh, convenience and comfort


cars are for chads and revolutionaries
>sorry I can't start the protracted peoples war, my mum won't give me a lift


You're thinking of tanks. I either want a tank or good public transport.

File: 1696208844709.mp4 ( 1.76 MB , 320x576 , sURNyMGgoZLR429D.mp4 )


>Question for the Christcuck spammer

Why is that Christian countries are filled with homos and have mentally deranged roasties trooning out kids in preschools, whilst Muslim countries won't even tolerate gay pride demonstrations. Wouldn't this seem to suggest that Islam is superior and Christianity is for spineless wimps?


I also have a question for True Christian:

Luke 23:34 - Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”

What do you think of this quote and should it apply to people who are sinners?


>Wouldn't this seem to suggest that Islam is superior and Christianity is for spineless wimps?
No, it would suggest that religion is fundamentally conformist to the socio-economic order.

Russkie Orthodoxy has the same position as the branches of Islam. The common element? Periphery of capitalism.

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