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File: 1720668821431.jpg ( 175.96 KB , 675x1200 , liz trueanon.jpg )


I want Liz Trueanon to shrink my penis 😳
I want her to say "BUH BYE" as it turns into a little dicklet 😳


You guys simp over the ugliest women


b-but we share the same interests so that means that maybe we could get along and connect over stuff


A shared interest in small dicks?


no, i mean like simping over women that are into politics like u


File: 1720713980464.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 92.31 KB , 740x987 , 20240711_170348.jpg )

You are on around the same level as an insect in their eyes. They do not what to interact with you. Liz stopped doing video calls for the pod because it caused incels to pester her. She hates you. Stop simping.

also dasha is 10000x better, you have terrible taste


File: 1720737299870.png ( 717.39 KB , 560x994 , Jessica (Ka) Burbank (@kab….png )

For me, it's JessiKa


who tf is this ugly whore


>imagine Dasha
>looming over u
>shrinking ur dick
>saying "BUH BYE" to ur shrinking dick
idk doesn't have the same ring to it
she doesn't have the same domineering big sister energy, Dasha seems more like a ward of the state who got a radio show as a gift


File: 1720790501418.jpg ( 40.6 KB , 640x640 , 20240712_142113.jpg )

Not everyone is a disgusting femdomfag


her beauty is dazzling 🤩


in the future breeding, cloning, and birthing program we will produce lot's of them women


What women? 35yr old spinster podcast hosts with too many opinions?


Leftist journalist, I've only seen her on TikTok, maybe she has other socials. She's based and hot IMO.


File: 1720811652187.jpg ( 76.26 KB , 626x665 , who_is_this.jpg )

anybody know who this is?


This woman is a 5/10 and Dasha is a 4/10 yet Dasha is the more attractive out of the two. Weird.


File: 1720813782041.jpg ( 82.57 KB , 1080x1080 , BiDabpmFBZV.jpg )

if I were to rate Dasha I would give her a million stars!



red scare makes me giggle quite a bit. sadly it seems they have lost the plot and per usual with ec*lebs were only ever in it for the vanity and attention. to be fair though the thing they were 'in' was cult of personality retarded podcasting lololol.

but why peter thiel? why tucker? why the commitment to trad-cath if its just a bit? and if its not a bit then who cares about these people because clearly they are just going to change belief systems radically as convenient for contrarian attention seeking brownie points.

all this to say… dasha if you're reading this you WILL be my government mandated gf soon..


>dasha if you're reading this you WILL be my government mandated gf soon
If I got Dasha as my government mandated girlfriend I would send her back.


She's mid but I want her to be my smega cleaner.


And that's lucky for Dasha, because she couldn't even dom a xanax.




>red scare makes me giggle quite a bit.

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