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<Where do you stand in a hypothetical civil war between forces led by Elon and Fauci.



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This thread was on .org when it split from bunkerchan, and it seemed to help. Lots of people just check and see nothing they want to respond to, well you have to respond to this (it says so in the subject field) so you will always make at least one post when you visit.
Consider it the random thread of /b/, the most random of all spork wielding penguins of doom
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I started as an IT grunt, got reassigned endlessly and I'm now doing some gaylord data analyst stuff I have no idea about.

>Could you not ask the other guys on the job to show you the ropes?

I've been doing that for a while, but this one dude who got fired was the only one who'd take the time to help me.
Now that you mention it, I did not get health and safety training so that might be a good idea, but I'm not american so I'll have to do some research first.


Sorry I forgot to give you a (You).


The teh sector is taking a hard hit under the current recession. Be prepared for anything.


File: 1670804315091.png (2.89 MB, 1536x1892, craiyon_234441_hitler_kiss….png)



File: 1670851989688-0.png (3.04 MB, 1536x1994, craiyon_123755_hitler_hugg….png)

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File: 1670790637687.jpg (52.14 KB, 800x449, 10thingsjackie.jpg)


is fbi.gov even real?

im in there, and nobody responds

pic unrelated




uygha I pinged you half an hour ago to get vetted, be patient my child.

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File: 1670782215674.gif (4.32 KB, 261x195, HoldIt.gif)

Hey wild leopards, HOLD MAH DIIIIIICK!

File: 1670736171049.jpg (72.99 KB, 750x350, 9-Ways-to-Become-a-First-C….jpg)


What have you guys been noticing lately?

Anything strange or that just makes you say 'huh.' What sort of random observations about the world have you been wanting to talk about but havent quite found the right angle or opportunity to open the discussion?


I've noticed I can shitpost as a /pol/tard on 4chud's hobby boards for as long as I want, as if I were some sort of protected class the jannies aren't allowed to touch.

Works better from IPs outside my house too, probably because the hotpockets can't access my post history to read my posts admitting I'm abusing the system.


Nice digits.
4chan and pol specifically strike my as a giant mossad style glowop. All the 'muh joos' 'omw uyghurs' retardation you can handle. Meanwhile, ask the wrong questions or touch on the wrong subjects, i.e., those important to the continued functioning of ruling regimes, and you get permabanned.


Most news commentators talk very unevenly and have freudian slips all the time. I think the man reading the weather forecast almost said a change in temperature wasn't certain, but corrected himself to say it wouldn't be expected.
I noticed this when I thought I had heard a broadcaster say "authoritarian something". Even if someone said this, almost no one would realize it, because of how news readings are arranged to provoke certain timed responses. You would have to repress any evaluation of the speech and listen for the exact wording to hear any of it.


BAP psyop confirmed

File: 1670478016646.jpg (727.39 KB, 1080x1560, IMG_20221208_123404.jpg)


Why are people, 'leftists' included, so oblivious to the dangerous implications of a 'cashless' society?

Doesn't the threat of the state being able to track literally everything you do while also having the ability to 'turn off' money as a penalty of social/political crimes herald a sort of worst possible outcome of capitalism. Why do so few people seem concerned except schizo Alex Jones types?

>Inb4: 'that doesn't matter [nasally voice]'
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>corruption lives in secrecy

He's got a P.O. box and everything too


>The only real threat a cashless society is is to petite booj which is why they're so obsessed with it.
Having every purchase be a matter of public record is a threat to the purchasers of commodities, as it makes state and private surveilance all but inescapable. It is a level of control over people who are bound to a system where all of the things that they need to meet their needs are only available as commodities.
>No more black labor markets which is the life blood of small businesses, and no more political lobbying.
Small business is already dying, and a lack of cash will do absolutely nothing to stem lobbying. Lobbyists aren't carrying around suitcases full of bills to hand off to politicians in secret. They promise them speaking engagements with six-figure salaries, executive positions that have no responsibilities but earn seven figures, blue chip stock options, donations to slush funds like presidential libraries, and the like, and they do all of that out in the open in full view of anyone who cares to look. Contrary to what >>144973 seems to think, corruption does not live in shadows. It's completely exposed and utterly shameless.
>It will eliminate financial grey markets like payday loans
I don't see how.
>and allow the Fed to directly stimulate the economy via deposits into workers' account with money that expries
I suppose that they can't just have the IRS do that anymore, since the IRS is coming apart at the seams.
>It will also most likely be used to introduce a UBI.
I wonder how long that experiment will run before wildcat strikes cripple the economy. If people don't have to sell their labor-power for access to the means of subsistence, then they just won't do it.


Of course it will. It has nothing to do with the "free market." Rather, by making a currency useless for acquiring particular commodities (i.e. contraband) it creates the necessity to utilize a different medium for the exchange of the commodity. All total transparancy does is to make the currency less useful, which is a lesson that crypto nerds learned too late.


>>It will eliminate financial grey markets like payday loans
>I don't see how.
It will eliminate commercial banks. The Fed will not need any intermediaries to pump money into the economy. Why would the Fed allow 30% interest to be collected on loans when they could collect that interest, or not collect it at all when stimulus is needed.
Commercial banks are starting to realize this which is why the Fed has started saying that there will be a limit to how much money can be an electric wallet. Why in the fuck would anyone open an account with a bank when a CBDC wallet is all they will ever need, businesses included.


With the petit-bourgeoisie dieing out, commercial banking can't be turning the profits that it used to. Letting the Federal Reserve take that over would also give banks the opportunity to finally do away with their retail banking divisions, which have been an unprofitable investment for decades.

File: 1670695878962.png (591.78 KB, 601x1052, dfji5rp-04efdfc0-ebc8-4b56….png)


you are reading this post your will be shortened by 4 inches within 5 years. To undo this you need to c0py this and p3ste it on 5 other boards please forgive me. I Know this may be seem nonsense but not gonna risk


>your will be shortened by 4 inches within 5 years
my what will be shortened, uygha?

I'm not copying shit unless I know the seriousness of this threat


File: 1670775234701.jpg (218.71 KB, 500x860, immunity_doggo.jpg)

File: 1670656192234.png (210.29 KB, 720x948, 1670651266255866.png)


Unsurprisingly, Twitter and a bunch of 3 letter agencies were colluding to suppress Tr*mp from the platform.

Why does this always happen to people on the right, but so rarely for people on the left? I feel ignored and undervalued by the booj. It seems very disaffirming of our revolutionary identities.

But I think I've found a solution, comrades. We must double down on calling Trump a fascist and saying all the same things as PBS/MSNBC. That will once again make the left a serious threat to liberal capitalism!!!
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File: 1670684513940.jpg (42.94 KB, 575x408, FKX8jPvXEAIApNn.jpg)

>Lol, anyone else remember how Google's search algorithms started hiding old /leftypol/?
Or when the Facebook purges started they deleted communist cop monitoring groups first? What's hilarious about this is that leftist content gets censored because it threatens the establishment, while rightist content gets censored because it's schizophrenic/racist/demagogic bullshit. And then they think that they are true freedom fighters, lmao.

picrel is the favorite of OP-type degenerates. They post shit like "kill all jooz" or "covid isn't real" get banned for it, and conclude that they are fighting the jewish-covid cabal.


File: 1670684582211.jpg (91.26 KB, 720x897, db7.jpg)





For real, dog, are you actually advocating for people believing in unsubstantiated claims? In that case I'm the second coming of Jesus Christ and you need to send me all of your money.


File: 1670685112112.jpg (85.34 KB, 732x1024, 1670618420189824m.jpg)

Sauces for days my friend

File: 1670666283830.jpg (61.08 KB, 601x508, fetchimage.jpg)


>be right winger
>post on leftychan.net
>owning le commies epic style by regularly making a fool out of myself
>shit, i just got owned again
>they are laughing at me
>must post cp to divert attention
>that will teach them
>wtf im permabanned
>fucking leftist soycucks
>get another proxy/VPN
It's the circle of life


File: 1670673690420.png (234.17 KB, 350x493, 1668987184333285.png)

It's amazing how determined these people are to remain stupid.


You'd think it comes naturally to them but it does take significant effort. When you are arguing them it's basically as if you were shaking the main two pillars of magical thinking and cognitive dissonance upon which their castle made of bullshit is built and they are screaming "nooooo, I need these, get off your dirty hands off my pretty castle, REEEEEE!"


Does he enjoy being mocked? Is he a masochist?

File: 1670661557634.jpeg (26.45 KB, 477x271, gee lois.jpeg)


>NO FREAKIN WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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