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This thread was on .org when it split from bunkerchan, and it seemed to help. Lots of people just check and see nothing they want to respond to, well you have to respond to this (it says so in the subject field) so you will always make at least one post when you visit.
Consider it the random thread of /b/, the most random of all spork wielding penguins of doom
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Why is he crying?


Thats EDP445 he was caught by pedo sting vigilante operation


File: 1713041110405.png ( 33.99 KB , 964x183 , ClipboardImage.png )

least unhinged redditor


What a weirdo


"groomers" never have their lives permanemtly ruined.
At least, prominent ones dont.

Irony is, its only the nobodies whose lives are over if theure caught in sin.





Least scummy Eagles fan


File: 1714168758581-0.png ( 1.97 MB , 2550x6000 , cambodian truth.png )

Let it be known


File: 1714522107111.mp4 ( 52.99 MB , 640x360 , 167530993304153722.mp4 )

Kuomintang is pronounced co-ming-tang


File: 1714723982006.png ( 265.95 KB , 640x360 , 167530993304153435.png )

Minutes turn to days, I look at the clock, 1 pm, I look again 2 pm, I look again 4 pm, Days are empty and they go fast, Its almost been half a year and its still going faster, Its rushing to age me, I can feel ageing hitting me harder as i rot, I am now 24, In a split second ill be 25, Then 26, 27,28,29,30, Then i will be a wizard, Its truly peculiar how this is, Were born to die, And for what?


File: 1714729270395.png ( 413.35 KB , 577x879 , Vernon Hill, The Elfin Kni….png )

You won't necessarily be a wizard.

What are you doing today?

>We're born to die, and for what?

I can answer that question if you'd really like to know.

If you do, here are the answers:
1. To die. You've answered your own question.
2. To emerge again in the cycle of life and consciousness, a hellish accident.

You see, a man dies, but life does not end until life ends. Like goes on, ever recycling 'dead' parts back into this horrific stream of living existence. In reality, the stream is what exists; you are a product of imposed limitations, a consciousness bound to a limited form, programmed to see itself as separate from all which surrounds (and enters) it. This is ultimately a delusion, but it's a delusion which is imposed upon matter by life itself, and there is an extent to which, so long as you breathe, it is a necessary delusion to your being. However, to recognize it for what it is is also necessary; it is a delusion.

When you die, you will not be fully immune to the cycle. Myriad forms will spring from the remains of your flesh, eventually, and those too will gain consciousness. Your best bet here it to try to ensure that your remains are sealed in something fully weatherproof somewhere that no one will find them. This will at least buy you some time away from the cycle, and you should perceive this as valuable; the longer that you are dead, the more relief you will have from this miserable agony which you call life.

However, you can also choose to apply your understanding of living subjective existence, this ever-flowing stream, to the way in which you live your life. Consider the fact that 2000 years from now, it is most likely that nobody will know you ever existed or care about anything you do today, and yet the actions you take today may still affect them. There are millions of people today who are in the exact same situation; their shadow looms large over the lives of all who come after, even if no one would ever be able to identify them. You shape the very waters of this river of recurrent consciousness. Should you decide to undergo the effort, this can be heaven, and no one will have to live like you.


>we're born to die
You are born to live you faggot.


File: 1714753672744.png ( 271.08 KB , 801x800 , 167530993304153542.png )

What Would’ve Happened Next?


File: 1714761864133.png ( 281.97 KB , 930x713 , drakemor's-world.png )

God I wish someone would make a competent libre alternative to Warzone already that isn't trapped in a web browser. Used to have so much fun with before they ruined everything with ad spam. There's some fantastic user-created maps that ditch with the boring traditional Earth maps to make some really unique strategy experiences. They need to be liberated to a Risk clone that everyone can control.




File: 1714860404698.png ( 1.23 KB , 80x80 , 171476186413.png )



File: 1714860896237-1.jpg ( 496.18 KB , 640x640 , FB_InNoutBurgerFries_4.jpg )

I pay tons of my hard earned cash to buy a "meal", and what do I get? A few microscopic scraps on a plate. And it doesn't matter *where* in the food court I choose to buy my lunch. Almost *all* of the places give you diddly crap in terms of *mass*, even though they take a huge chunk of your money.

I think fast-food should be made ILLEGAL until there are laws in place to prevent this crime against humanity - starving hungry people


I thought I was tripping when I noticed food portions becoming smaller


File: 1714862474806.jpg ( 91.6 KB , 640x729 , 1714862460028.jpg )



Guo Min Dang


France Surrenders


File: 1714886402487.mp4 ( 826.63 KB , 480x360 , videoplayback.mp4 )

Sum Ting Wong


We're born to do both.


>utopian socialist and sex radical Charles Fourier
Didn't this guy create a utopian commune or something? How come this guy isn't considered a sex pest?



How dis whole thread get moved here?


File: 1714914113788.jpg ( 261.75 KB , 1125x1306 , r kelly v hugh hefner.jpg )



kek jannies


File: 1714929039132.jpg ( 243.36 KB , 1144x1144 , 34fd6353-63a8-4a07-b06c-94….jpg )

i like hambaga


File: 1715354232230.jpg ( 11.87 KB , 361x94 , BERNIE_BACK.jpg )

is Bernie our guy again?


tfw everyone forgot about Afghanistan


>there's people who weren't alive during certain happenings


File: 1715528986331.jpg ( 56.26 KB , 563x562 , mrw reaction when.jpg )

>people born after 9/11 can now die


No, he's voted repeated to throw money at the Ukraine proxy war for two years now. He can go fuck himself.


Are you an NPC if you eat at regular times?


Why is there no female Hasanabi / Hasan Piker?


They all have penises




They are transformers


>tfw someone took your clean laundry out the dryer and put it in a dirty basket
fucking retards


>not keeping an eye on your shit in a public laundromat
uygha just set a timer


I was taking a walk and misjudged when I would be back


I just want muscle girl streamer who is also leftist


Darn I wonder what they thought of/ what happened


colord tv… colored people.. its all connected


File: 1716387930118.jpeg ( 102.72 KB , 1080x958 , 7xqyuo0tty1d1.jpeg )

>skibidi toilet character


Based αs.


File: 1718976711289.jpg ( 43.98 KB , 740x491 , Aurus limousine 067a6149-5….jpg )

What would you do if you called an Uber and these two pulled up?


tfw i photoshopped myself as one of the heads of communism


Put your trip on Eugene


Why is Brazil so based?

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