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>be faggy sjw
>have a handful of mental disorders
>believe that basic facts and constraints of nature and biology are oppressive
>demand everyone cater to your wildly naive and idiotic worldviews
>claim that parents are being selfish if they won't let you indoctrinate their kids (but don't want to have kids yourself because muhreasons)
How can we stop people like this from being associated with the left? How will socialism handle people like this?


Identity crisis is a buzzowrd.
Thats caysed by the institution of adolescence.

Also, they wanna ban trans aid for kids yet they do nothing about bullying or compulsory law for schools?

Imo, you have people in "indentity crisis" well into their thirties.

As for the SJW thing, theyre no different from the reacrionaries.

Both sides care less for the young and more for vicarious living


"trans" kids need to be sent to a rehabilitation camp. They need to be forced to socialize and have fun while learning important skills like a basic manual of arms for their nation's small arms. We need discipline and teamwork not more money for Dr. Soystein to chop your cock/tits off


Trans kids and cis kids need to be sent to vocational classes rather than IB or AP classes.

We have so many young people whom did the right thing yet they end up in dead end jobs and student loan debt.

Our elders have failed the youth by banning them from dating, working, driving, free-range play, etc because "muh education".

Theres nothing wrong with some kids wanting to be trans. Also, trans care isnt as readily available to rrans youth as much as you think.

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