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So much hate is coming for America. I don't think it's that bad. So how about a thread of positivity? Life is not all about dating anyways.

I like the infrastructure
I like innovation culture – as if our future lies in our fate
I like social safety nets that allows one to live dreams (some works some doesn't but at still its good we have it)
I like the weather in some parts, especially the seasons
I like the peace and the order
I like it being quiet
I like the value of work – maybe not for material gain – but that Americans are looking for mastery
I like the products that come from here
I like most people here, really, even some females are good people too

There's a lot to like about America. I have to admit this is still one of the best countries in the world.

I think the natural environment is hard to beat in America. You can find a wide variety of stunning scenery and environments everywhere. Asia is very polluted and dirty. Even when you go to natural preserves around Asia there's a general feeling of neglect.

Customer service and goods. It's good to be a consumer in the U.S. because businesses generally make sure the consumer is satisfied. Plus there's a wide variety of products that can be purchased at a price much cheaper than the rest of the world. Apple products, quality furniture, cars, etc.. are all much cheaper in the U.S. Developing countries tack on outrageous import taxes to everything.

Real estate value. Some people may disagree with this but I still find U.S. real estate to be amongst the best values in the world. The subprime thing was due to scams in the financial sector but per sqf U.S. real estate is hard to beat. There are some markets where things are pretty overpriced but the amount of land and the quality of the houses you get is better than most countries in the world.

Social mobility. It's still pretty easy to map out a path to middle class if you're a poor immigrant who has some motivation and ability to learn. It's probably not better than let's say Sweden but it's pretty good when compared with the rest of the world.


America is not good for socialisation or upward mobility.
But I think part of why Americs is not as good is becauae it oversells suburban living and family planning.

And the urban planning.

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