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See example here.


Premarital sex isnt a 'sin' in Buddhist culture although it's not ideal only after marriage it becomes taboo or a 'sin'.
I heard a Japanese guy say that girls 'belong' to the community but wives belong to their husbands.


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modern culture says that if you don't connect with people like that, then there's something wrong with you. But how do you connect with girls who are totally empty and soulless like that? There's literally NOTHING there. Do you see my point? Why is this such a hard question that everyone dodges? What's the problem? So how do men with Taiwanese girlfriends or wives connect with them? How do normal people connect with them? Are we not normal like they are? Are we supposed to be NPCs and have no soul and be totally fake? I don't understand. Do you? What's the problem here?


In asian culture it is common to believe that love comes after marriage otherwise it's just friendship with benefits and there is nothing binding each other together, but of course this becomes more and more meaningless as there is less pressure not to divorce due to secularism.


>Soulless, empty, fake & impossible to connect with?
This is women in general tbh.


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I remember reading on 4chan that asian women have less empathy hormones than women of other races which is why they can appear cold and uncaring.


>I remember reading on 4chan

what's next, "i remember reading on pol on how a Jewish rabbi gave a speech on taking over the world, and the only source is some (Neo-?) Nazi"


4chan is a highly factual website I will have you know.


>he believes in purring sexual jews




You can't believe that there are people less intelligent than you?


>Asian women are "soulless/empty" bcuz thy no submissive like stereotypes make them out to be.

Entitlememt is strong with you

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