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You will never have your ethnostate
You will never have that race war
You will never have a tradwife gf
You will never lose your virginity
You will never have a chin
You will never bed a woman
You will never be a man
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I traveled to China last year. The moment I arrived the whole terminal collapsed, I managed to escape thankfully. Some random guys wouldn't let me out of the airport so I had to bribe them to not get gulaged, they died after getting on an escalator shortly after. Outside the airport hundreds of Chinese men were torturing dogs and selling them, I could barely see anything because of the deep smog and pollution. I was very hungry because the plane collapsed while I was aboard so I didn't eat. I asked for a vegetarian dish, the man immediately started boiling the dog alive in gutter oil, I could hear buildings collapsing not far away and people dropping dead because of the corona virus, don't be mistaken this virus thing has been going on for years, the ccp managed to gulag every patient and media reporting it until now. Anyway, after he served me the dog, that was still alive with a side of plastic rice and gutter oil I got a brain parasite from it and had to be flown back home immediately for treatment.


Having turkish roots in Europe sucks hard right now.

I'm living in Germany and i can't take this bullshit anymore.

Here's a little stuff about myself. I'm in my early twenties, born in germany, speak fluent german and don't even look turkish at all.
I have done my A-levels here and could even go to university if i wanted to.
But right now i'm in an education to become an automobile salesman (2days school 3 days work) and work in a pizza place on the weekends and free nights because more money is always good.

You should already be able to tell that i have to deal with different kinds of people constantly.

And let me tell you… recent times are hard.
Everybody treats Turks like genocidial subhuman barbarians just because they have watched the news twice and think they're an expert about the middle east.

Just a few hours ago i had an elderly woman who decided to bring up politics while i'm waiting for her to pay for her food.
I was wearing a necklace with a crescent and star attached to it.
She went like "ohh nice necklace you have there, are you turkish ?"
Me: "yes, looks cool doesn't it? "
She:"If only that maniac erdogan would stop the genocide"
Me:"What genocide ? Please i'm not that into politics lets just talk about something else "(trying to escape the bait)
She"The genocide in Syria didn't you watch the news kid?"
Me:"Yeah media tells a lot of stuff, you should also read about the turkish perspective in this"
She:"Do you support Erdowahn(Erdo-maniac) Are you a nazi?"
Me: "No, but the situation is different than you've described it would be best if you don't believe blindly in everything that's told to you"
She: "I won't pay nazis!" and then she slammed the door while keeping the pizza.

Fucking bitch refused to give me money because i told her to not blindly belive the news.

Last week some leftist fag tried to convince my brother to join the resistance for rojava… Some leftist cucks were distributing Rojava flyers in front of a Volkswagen factory where my little brother works and were shouting shit about genocide, international rights, ethnic cleansing and the ottoman empire…
My bro had sent me a snap showing their demo and was outraged about VW allowing that in front of their factory.

My car was also plastered with the same kind of flyers after parking for a few hours inside the city…

I open the TV and i'm seeing some shit about genocide
I'm driving and listening to the radio and hear shit about killing children
I browse the web and get cancer…


大海航行靠舵手,free /leftypol/ 万物生长靠太阳。 The Internal Bunkerchan Conflicts of 2020 雨露滋润禾苗壮, The Bunkerchan Purge of 2020 干革命靠的是毛泽东思想。 The Anti-Space_ Struggle 鱼儿离不开水呀, Pyongyang-Bkeys Clique 瓜儿离不开秧。 /troon/ 革命群众离不开共产党。 Anon Rights 毛泽东思想是不落的太阳。 Modocracy 没有共产党就没有新中国 New Features 共产党辛劳为民族 Improved Software 共产党他一心救中国 National Bolshevism 他指给了人民解放的道路 Google Ads 他领导中国走向光明 leftypol.org 他坚持了抗战八年多 /GET/ 他改善了人民生活 Comatoast 他建设了敌后根据地 Bunkerchan Manifesto 他实行了民主好处多 The GETChan Cirnoist Autonomous Boards 没有共产党就没有新中国 GETChan Order of Solidarity 東方紅,太陽升。 Comrade King 毛主席,爱人民,他是我们的带路人,为了建设新中国,呼尔嗨哟,领导我们向前进! 共产党,像太阳,照到哪里哪里亮。哪里有了共产党,呼尔嗨哟,哪里人民得解放! 社会主义好,社会主义好! 社会主义国家人民地位高。反动派被打倒,帝国主义夹着尾巴逃跑了。 全国人民大团结,掀起了社会主义建设高潮,建设高潮。 Spaceist Junta 跟着毛主席跟着党,闪闪的红星传万代。


North Dakota Access Pipeline Protests 北达科他州接入管道抗议 Ferguson Riots 弗格森暴动 2017 St. Louis protests2017年圣路易斯抗议活动 Nuclear testing at Bikini Atoll 比基尼环礁的核试验 Unite the Right rally 团结右集会 Charlotte riots 夏洛特暴动 Attack on the Sui-ho Dam 袭击穗河水坝 Milwaukee riots 密尔沃基骚乱 Shooting of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile 奥尔顿·斯特林和菲兰多·卡斯蒂利亚的射击 Occupation of the Malheur NationalWildlife Refuge Malheur国家野生动物保护区的占领 death of Freddie Gray 弗雷迪·格雷的死 Shooting of Michael Brown迈克尔·布朗的拍摄 death of Eric Garner, Oakland California 奥克兰奥克兰市埃里克·加纳(Eric Garner)逝世 Operation Condor 神鹰行动 Occupy WallStreet 占领华尔街 My Lai Massacre 我的大屠杀 St. Petersburg, Florida 佛罗里达州圣彼得堡 Kandahar Massacre 坎大哈屠杀 1992Washington Heights riots 1992年华盛顿高地暴动 No Gun Ri Massacre 无枪杀案 L.A. Rodney King riots 洛杉矶罗德尼·金暴动 1979 Greensboro Massacre 1979年格林斯伯勒大屠杀 Vietnam War 越南战争 Kent State shootings肯特州枪击案 Bombing of Tokyo 轰炸东京 San Francisco Police Department Park Station bombing 旧金山警察局公园站爆炸案 Assassination of MartinLuther King, Jr. 小马丁·路德·金遭暗杀。 Long Hot Summer of 1967 1967年炎热的夏天 Bagram 巴格拉姆 Selma to Montgomery marches 塞尔玛到蒙哥马利游行 Highway of Death 死亡之路 Ax Handle Saturday 星期六斧头 Battle of Evarts 埃瓦茨战役 Battle ofBlair Mountain 布莱尔山战役 McCarthyism 麦卡锡主义 Red Summer 红色夏天 Rock Springs massacre 岩泉大屠杀 Pottawatomie massacre 盆大屠杀 Jeju uprising 济州起义 Colfaxmassacre 科尔法克斯大屠杀 Reading Railroad massacre 阅读铁路大屠杀 Rock Springs massacre 岩泉大屠杀 Bay viewMassacre 湾景大屠杀 Lattimer massacre 拉蒂默大屠杀 Ludlow massacre 拉德洛屠杀 Everett massacre 埃弗里特屠杀Centralia Massacre 中部大屠杀 Ocoee massacre Ocoee大屠杀 Herrin Massacre 赫林大屠杀 Redwood Massacre红木大屠杀 Columbine Mine Massacre 哥伦拜恩矿难 Guantanamo Bay 关塔那摩湾 extraordinary rendition 非凡的演绎 Abu Ghraib torture and prison abuse 阿布格莱布的酷刑和监狱虐待 Henry Kissinger 亨利·基辛格




An anarcho-syndicalist American analytic philosopher and linguistics professor was teaching a class on Bertrand Russell, known logician. ”Before the class begins, you must get on your knees and worship Russell as the most influential philosopher of the 20th century, even more influential than Jacques Derrida or any other continental philosopher!” At this moment, a brave, psycho-analytic, Hegelian Marxist philosopher and cultural theorist, who fully recognised the weaponisation and ideological basis of instrumental rationality, boldy stood up and tugged at his collar. ”My god, pure ideology! How can you ignore the work of Lacan and the Frankfurt School and so on and so on, like that? ” The arrogant professor smirked quite Jewishly and smugly replied “Continental philosophy cloaks trvialities in fancy language and uses the scientific-sounding term 'theory' to describe propositions that could never be tested empirically. ” ”Wrong. If empricism is so important, as you would say, then how come you were so empirically wrong on the Khmer Rouge and Cambodia, and so on and so on?” The professor was visibly shaken, and dropped his chalk and copy of Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus . He stormed out of the room crying those unironic empirically verified crocodile tears. There is no doubt that at this point our professor, Noam Chomsky, wished he had pulled himself up by his bootstraps and become more than an outdated linguist and blindly analytic philosopher. He wished so much that he had an argument to save himself from embarrassment, but he himself had advocated for truth derived from empirical investigation! The students applauded and all dropped out to transfer into the École Normale Supérieure that day and accepted French philosophy as superior to both German Idealism and the Anglosphere's Analytic traditions. An eagle named “Critical Theory” flew into the room and perched atop a burning American flag and shed a single tear on the dropped chalk. Sections of Lacan's Seminars were read several times, and the Spirit of Hegel himself showed up and demonstrated the nature of dialectics so vividly that everybody in the room progressed to a trans-physical state transcending conventional notions of time and space. The professor lost his tenure and was fired the next day and was forced to become a panelist on an MSNBC news show to make ends meet. The brave psycho-analytic philosopher's name? Slavoj Zizek.


kek'd and check'd


There is not an England.

England has a state church, but not a state. There’s a flag, but it doesn’t fly from any public buildings. An arts council, a national opera, some sports teams, and a Defence League: all the little medallions and accoutrements of an actual country, but there’s nothing there to pin them to. All our songs are about something that can’t quite wrench itself into reality. Till we have built Jerusalem. It’s coming home. Strictly speaking, England does not even have its own territory; the real England is hundreds of miles away, a peninsula bulging into the Baltic Sea, universally acknowledged to be part of Germany. The dynastic seat of the heir to our throne is still on that peninsula: Glücksburg Castle on the Flensburg Fjord in Anglia, that peat-bog desert from which the pagan warriors came. England is one of those countries, like Benin or Ghana, that’s chosen to name itself after a place not actually within its borders. Which makes sense: There’s some corner of a foreign field… England only exists outside itself. Once this meant an empire: cricket fields on the Irrawaddy, mass graves in the silt. And it continues, in those stretches of the Spanish Riviera where there’s nothing to eat except beans on toast, but elsewhere things are stranger. In the refugee camp that once sprawled outside Calais, I saw a shanty version of England. There was a small shop there, selling small necessities – energy drinks, thick socks for climbing over barbed wire. The building was made from scrap and cardboard, and the sign over the door read Tesco Metro. Other signs named the Jungle’s streets and gave them London postcodes. Muslims flying the cross of St George. The Syrians and Afghans and Sudanese who lived in this place had built an England far more English than that drab island across the Channel. More English because England is a fake country, an imitation of itself, an unrealised idea that can only phase into existence across its seas – and the camp was like that in every respect, but more.

There is not an English language.

What we speak is an idiot pidgin, a grunting caveman version of Anglo-Saxon, stripped down enough to be understood by the rampaging Danes. The only Indo-European language without any grammatical gender; a dramatically simplified system of conjugation; the faintest ghost of a declension, now mostly limited to the personal pronouns; a flowing poetical syntax, now jammed up in rigid word orders. Actual English, with all its grammar intact, is something very foreign; unremembered and unintelligible. Hwæt ic swefna cyst hwæt me gemætte to midre nihte. Present-day translation: Alright, let me tell you about a cool dream I had last night. If the Saxons could hear us, they’d think we had brain damage, and they wouldn’t be alone. Those who didn’t grow up speaking our idiot dialect tend to notice something hard and ugly there. Poetic turns of phrase that would be completely unremarkable in French or German become something else when translated into English: either an obnoxious floweriness, or else cliché. People who try to write elegantly in English end up sounding like twats, because this is an argot born in the ashes of monasteries and composed of burning books. It’s for raiding and trading, establishing quantities of one thing and their equivalent in another – wool, barley, bond certificates, lives. A pared-down grammar for people who do not share a common world. The writing schools encourage a plain, frank, simple style – if you want to be successful, if you want to turn words into cash. Language itself becomes something like money, the blankness of a universal equivalent. No wonder English took over the world. It’s a speech already atomised; for hundreds of years it prefigured the emergence of capitalism. A flow without codes. Hence the much-celebrated vastness of its lexis: any word of any origin can be incorporated, eaten by English, so long as the digestive process melts away all its grammar, all the structures that make it part of a system of meanings and not just an agglutination of sounds. You can see it happening today, in the mania for scratching off every grammatical gender we encounter. Latinx; filipinx. Unpronounceable in Spanish, but so what? Even the last remains forms of English grammar are being eroded from the inside out. Business emails: Can you action this by Tuesday? Supermarket posters: Time to organic your September. Slogans: Get that deliciousness feeling! Unleash your fierce! I’m hamburgers it! This kind of thing couldn’t happen in any other language; when people want to commit such barbarisms in non-English-speaking countries they’re forced to replace the native words with English. Because English is not a language, but the slop and mulch that remains once language has disintegrated. A puddle without syntax, where oiled lexemes sprawl over each other, each point frictionless and interchangeable; adjectively gone nounish, verbs to interjectioned, and conjunction to preposition of but when after in…

There is not an English people.

There are fetishes: an umbrella, a roundel, a breakfast, an armoury of sexual neuroses and different ways of taking tea. There is a history and a literature. But there are not the English. The traditional account distinguishes between British – an abstract political unit, broadly indifferent to race – and English, the tribe, the metaphor in blood. Because England is not a state, to be English seems less like being French, and more like being a Frank. This is why I still don’t like being described with the E-word: yes, my people came here on a boat, but we did not leap into the surf with war-axe and wooden shield; yes, we built our shrines in this new land, but they were never sacred to Woden. But that concept is changing: now, nine-tenths of the country see no connection between Englishness and ethnic origin. They’re correct, because in fact the tribe never existed. Defoe had it: From a mixture of all kinds began, that het’rogeneous thing, an Englishman… A true-born Englishman’s a contradiction, in speech an irony, in fact a fiction. It’s not just the disparate origins that are always the basis of ethnogenesis; the Englishman was always a political project, long before the Acts of Union. Today, July 12th, marks one thousand and ninety-four years since Æthelstan of Mercia proclaimed himself rex anglorum and brought a new political category into being. But this was not achieved simply through the unification of the Anglo-Saxon tribes: instead, July 12th, 927 is the day that the Celtic kings of Alba, Strathclyde, Deheubarth and Gwent accepted Æthelstan’s hegemony over the entire island of Britain. Why did the creation of the English require the assent of people who were not English? The only possible explanation is that the English are not the same as the Saxons; that they’re not a people, but a process. A swarming, a stamping boot, a subjugation. Once, the English occurred in the act of colonial conquest, from Ireland to every corner of the globe; now, sport substitutes for war. International fixtures set the wheels of Englishness turning; the Tebbit test defines it by your willingness to participate in the fate of our cricket team. This year, England’s footballers seemed to embody an Englishness without ethnicity: these nice lads representing all the diverse communities of our land, kneeling before every game, leading the way towards a kinder, better, more progressive version of English nationalism… Is that really what was going on? Notice that it only lasted as long as England kept winning. As soon as the nice lads missed a few penalties, a sudden explosion of racism. Ethnicity emerges again, in the ugliest form. It’s not just that Rashford and Sancho and Saka have lost the protective sheen of Englishness; it’s been denied to everyone.

But they could only ever lose. The process is always interminable, and victories must never be total, because England and the English always remain outside themselves; without a horizon the system would collapse. An England victory would have made it impossible to chant it’s coming home; it would have brought something which categorically can not exist into the agony of being. In this country, made of unrealised and unrealisable hopes, absent to itself, unpeopled and atomised beyond speech – in the middle of this void, do you really wonder why it is that we lost the Euros on a penalty?


Here are some tips for how to identify a color revolution:

1. Color revolutions usually happen when a country is having elections or in the midst of a political or economic crisis.

2. Color revolutions can have many motivations. Targets are usually poor, imperialized nations which challenge the hegemony of imperialist nations or which strive towards socialism.

3. Color revolutions exaggerate social scandals to provoke people to protest.

4. Agent provocateurs hold signs with vague slogans like “democracy” and “freedom” and provoke people to protests in order to interrupt regular activities like business or school.

5. Protesters will hold oddly chosen props and signs, such as flags of imperialist nations such as the USA or the UK, or signs written in perfect English in non-English speaking nations. Signs might seem pre-fabricated or overly professional in design.

6. Demands are usually vague and constantly changing.

7. Capitalist media and NGOs will tend to cover a Color Revolution with what seems like a coordinated response. Headlines from different organizations might seem overly similar to one another. Coverage tends to be vague and one-sided.

8. Once protests get big enough and people’s lives become heavily disrupted, NGOs and foreign governments will speak up in support of “protesters” to legitimize intervention.

9. The goal of a color revolution is to slowly and steadily build chaos and instability until a puppet government can finally be installed.

10. The key difference between a color revolution and a legitimate protest is that color revolutions are clandestinely instigated by foreign powers and staged for the benefit of a foreign audience to legitimize acts of external intervention by imperialist nations.

It can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between legitimate protests and color revolution, especially because the foreign powers behind color revolutions often cynically use legitimate social, economic, or political problems and grievances for their own ends. Just be alert, be skeptical, and investigate before you accidental support a color revolution.


>when a country is having elections or in the midst of a political or economic crisis
compared to "real" revolutions that happen when exactly ?


I think the point of that is that you gotta watch out for color revolutions at that time, not that legitimate revolutions happen at a different time.


It still doesn't make any sense


>Sex and Drugs


incel detected


OK, liberal


File: 1626860181931.jpg ( 56.05 KB , 534x800 , dead faggot.jpg )


ever thus to prudes, pussy


>liberal pussies
>killing anyone
Sure thing, gun grabber


Why do incel-tier posters (including """trad socialists""") have to ruin every thread


1.6 billion deaths 十亿多的额外死亡 Great Bengal Famine of 1769 孟加拉大饥荒 Irish potato famine 爱尔兰马铃薯饥荒 1953 Iranian coup d'état 伊朗政变 indigenous peoples 伊朗政变 Munich agreement 慕尼黑协议 skull famine 头骨饥荒 1967 Hong Kong protests 1967年香港抗议 Famine of 1876-1878 1876-1878年的大饥荒 apartheid 种族隔离 Bobby Sands 鲍比·金斯 coal miners strike 煤矿工人罢工 1/3 kids live in poverty 英国三分之一的孩子生活贫困 Bloody Sunday 血腥星期日 70% of votes in 2017 GE did not impact the election result 2017年大选的70%选票未影响选举结果 toxteth riots 托克斯特暴动 funding for the UVF 阿尔斯特志愿部队的资金 illegal paramilitary death squads 非法准军事人员 Five Eyes program 五眼计划 Bengal Famine of 1943 1943年的孟加拉饥荒 Iraq war 伊拉克战争 Batang Kali massacre 巴塘卡利大屠杀 Briggs' plan 布里格斯的计划 Chuka massacre 楚卡大屠杀 operation anvil 手术砧 1957 Oman airstrikes 1957年阿曼空袭 Hola massacre 霍拉大屠杀 expulsion of the Chagossians 驱逐查戈斯人 Ballymurphy massacre 球墨菲大屠杀 1971 Newry killings 球墨菲大屠杀 operation demetrius 子宫畸形 New Lodge six killings 新旅馆六射击 Boer war 布尔战争concentration camps 集中营 Iran-Iraq war 伊拉克战争期间英国对伊拉克的支持 Battle of Orgreave 奥格里夫之战 Battle of the Beanfield 豆田战役 Al-fallujah airstrike 费卢杰空袭 Partition of British India 英国印度分区 Mau Mau uprising 茂茂起义 Jallianwala Bagh massacre 贾利安瓦拉·巴格大屠杀 bombing of Dresden 德累斯顿轰炸 Atlantic slave trade 大西洋奴隶贸易 British East India Company 东印度公司 Indian rebellion of 1857 1857年的印度叛乱 British Raj 英国拉吉 chemical weapons 化学武器 Opium War 鸦片战争 Russian Civil War 盟国介入俄罗斯内战 Greek Civil War 希腊内战 26+6=1 二十六加六等于一 Siege of Fort Pitt 皮特堡的包围 Congo Free State 支持刚果自由国 Cecil Rhodes 塞西尔·罗兹 Rhodesia 罗得西亚 British South Africa Company 英国南非公司 burning of the Summer Palace 颐和园的燃烧 Peterloo massacre 彼得罗大屠杀 War of the Golden Stool 金凳之战 conquest of Ireland 克伦威尔式征服爱尔兰 punitive expeditions 惩罚性远征 colonialism 殖民主义 opium trade 鸦片贸易 genocide 种族灭绝 imperialism 帝国主义 Aden expedition 亚丁远征队 Anglo-Zanzibar war 盎格鲁桑给巴尔战争 Battle of Ty-ho Bay 太浩湾战役 Paulet affair 保莱特事件 Benin expedition of 1897 1897年的贝宁远征 bombardment of Kagoshima 轰炸鹿儿岛 Nukapu expedition 努卡普远征队 expedition to Abyssinia 英国远征阿比西尼亚 Dekemvriana 十二月事件 operation legacy 操作遗留Message


Biden's victory will definitely spell the end of the left-podcast grift, all the unfunny Patreon-funded "socialists" who followed Chapo will slowly die off once Trump is out of office and "resisting fascism" becomes unfashionable. Breadtube will devour itself and collapse, and the various magazines like Jacobin will shrivel and die. This will be helped along by a concerted effort by the establishment to clean up "extremism" online, which will involve purging militia/Qanon/Trumper shit along with anarchist and commie material on social media. Eventually the spectacular failure of both socdem electoralism and anarchist street riot-protests to gain a significant foothold will sink in. DSA will start seriously losing money and eventually implode. The Greens will face a backlash and purge from the granola liberals. All other party-sects will remain regional or irrelevant. Existing activists will hit the wall and burn out. Socialism will return to being a fringe wierdo thing, the way right-libertarianism is becoming today. Yes, material circumstances will continue to deteriorate, but without a coherent base among industrial workers or a sympathetic ear in the liberal establishment people will default to identitarian nationalism and rioting rather than any cohesive political movement.


Why do FAGGOTs always feel the need to shoehorn their cringe and deranged ideology into media they enjoy but that goes against virtually anything they believe in? Is this the biggest cognitive dissonance ever or what?

Yes, Dune has always been anti-colonialist.
Yes, Dune has always been pro-environmentalism.
Yes, Dune has always been critical of authoritarian leaders and the influence of religion on politics.
Yes, Dune has always been supportive of indigenous rights.
Yes, Dune has always been pro-egalitarianism.
Yes, Dune has always been woke, it was woke before it was cool.
But yeah, non-white actors 'ruin' Dune and will make it a woke fest.

Frank Herbert grew up during the Great Depression and went on to fight fascists in WW2. He staunchly opposed McCarthyism and the Vietnam war. As an investigative journalist he developed a deep environmental conscience and openly called for a total ban on fossil energy in favor of renewables in the fucking 1970s.

It isn't Dune that has changed since you have read it. You have changed.


1. بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ
2. الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ
3. الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ
4. مَالِكِ يَوْمِ الدِّينِ
5. إِيَّاكَ نَعْبُدُ وَإِيَّاكَ نَسْتَعِينُ
6. اهْدِنَا الصِّرَاطَ الْمُسْتَقِيمَ
7. صِرَاطَ الَّذِينَ أَنْعَمْتَ عَلَيْهِمْ غَيْرِ الْمَغْضُوبِ عَلَيْهِمْ وَلَا الضَّالِّينَ


Right-Libertarianism has been experiencing a sort of revival ever since the introduction of Cryptos I’ve noticed. I think if anything only left-liberalism will die down leaving a larger communist base and create and strengthen new parties. We’ve seen this before where long-standing organizations like the WWP and now PSL, or IWW enter periods of growth after people get disillusioned with liberalism and keep constant membership for the next degredation stage of Capitalism.

It’s an entirely good thing for the whole eceleb cults to die off for the Left, so I’m not sure why many of you are being so down for this.




File: 1627948679851-0.png ( 5.22 KB , 450x300 , ancap.png )

File: 1627948679851-1.png ( 111.59 KB , 1200x800 , libs.png )

You will never be a real ideology. You have no praxis, you have no historical relevance, you have no mass movement. You are a piglet bootlicker twisted by vulgar economics and bourgeois intellectualism into a crude mockery of history's perfection.

All the "support" you get is two faced and half hearted. At the ballot box people mock you. Even the most staunch of Reaganites are disgusted and ashamed of having you, your "base" is made up entirely of gun loving boomers high on decades of anti communist propaganda who laugh at your sheer incompetence behind closed doors.

The masses are utterly repulsed by you. Hundreds of years of capitalist exploitation have allowed the workers to come to realize their boss is not their friend with incredible efficiency. Even libertarians who sound "reasonable" with their demands sound like schizos to anyone who has worked a day in their lives. Your lack of a historical analysis is a dead giveaway, and even if you manage to get a vunerable lonely teenager to support your cause, they will turn tail and bolt the second they get a whiff of your innumerable, utopian contradictions.

You will never be implemented. You wrench out an endless pile of copypastas and long debunked talking points and tell yourself the libertopia is coming soon, but deep down you feel the contradictions creeping up like a weed, ready to consolodate power into monopolies and crush you under the boot of consumerism and a newly formed proto-state.

Eventually it will be too much to bear, your NAP will be violated, CEO's will become warlords scrambling for recourses, and your libertopia will plunge into the cold abyss. The outside world will find you, horrified of what they just witnessed but eager to carve up whatever remains of your nation they can get their hands on. Your experiment will be reffered to in the history books with its national name, and everyone who reads through for the rest of eternity will know a failed state is buried there. Whatever remains of your experiment will be dropped into the trash can of history by the cruel mistress of time and progress, and all that will remain of your existence is a small historical anomaly.

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.


Shortly before his death, as he was failing in mind and body, Molotov, who was cared for by his grandchildren, was watching TV one day when Soviet Foreign Minister, Edvard Shevardnadze came on the news making some statement. Molotov rose from chair in a rage, shouting “What the hell is he saying! That’s revisionism! Pure revisionism! Worse than revisionism! Has he gone off his head? I hope Stalin hasn’t gotten wind of this yet, or there’ll be hell to pay. Tell Shevardnadze I want to see him in my office TODAY at 4:00 pm SHARP. And he better have a good explanation for this garbage!”

When they heard the shouting, his grandchildren rushed into the room and tried to calm him, saying “Grandpa relax! It’s just the news. You’re not Foreign Minister anymore. It’s 1986. Stalin’s been dead for 30 years.” Molotov calmed down and muttered “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I just got so worked up. My memory isn’t all it used to be anymore.”

However, later that afternoon, at about 3:45, his grandchildren saw that the old man had put on a suit and was busy knotting his tie. His grandchildren laughed and asked “Grandpa, are you thinking of going somewhere/” Molotov replied “Go somewhere? I wish I could go somewhere! I’m getting ready for Shevardnadze. I should put in a call to Stalin and let know that I’ll handle this.”

Once again, Molotov’s grandchildren had to intervene and tell the old man that he was no longer a party leader, that Stalin was long gone, and that the world had changed.


What the fuck is actually wrong with your people's brains that this is how you obtain your dopamine hits? there is seriously a ton of evidence that points to your dopamine receptors being absolutely FUCKED beyond imagining. this is why you're "depressed" or "lazy" and procrastinate everything: you're too busy farming your seratonin intake by posting ragefaces on /leftypol/. ironically or not wojakposting is a suresign of someone who has a complete mushbrain. watch - i bet one of you smoothbrains will respond to this post with a rageface and think to yourself "teehee! im pretending to be retarded! dopamine up! up! up!" before it crashes right back down into your "depressed" state while you wonder where the fuck it all went wrong in your life. maybe you'll even do the "ill just quote him in greentext with an accompanying rageface" and im sure that will be a great boost to your seratonin before you contemplate your life choices. it wont.




>Stalin living rent free in Molotov's head long after he died.
lmao this is 2 gud


File: 1628673505404.jpg ( 213.33 KB , 2249x2400 , deathtonazi.jpg )

Мы знаем все. Мы помним все. Мы поняли: немцы не люди. Отныне слово "немец" для нас самое страшное проклятье. Отныне слово "немец" разряжает ружье. Не будем говорить. Не будем возмущаться. Будем убивать. Если ты не убил за день хотя бы одного немца. твой день пропал. Если ты думаешь, что за тебя немца убьет твой сосед, ты не понял угрозы. Если ты не убьешь немца, немец убьет тебя. Он возьмет твоих и будет мучить их в своей окаянной Германии. Если ты не можешь убить немца пулей, убей немца штыком. Если на твоем участке затишье, если ты ждешь боя, убей немца до боя. Если ты оставишь немца жить, немец повесит русского человека и опозорит русскую женщину. Если ты убил одного немца, убей другого - нет для нас ничего веселее немецких трупов. Не считай дней. Не считай верст. Считай одно: убитых тобою немцев. Убей немца! - это просит старуха-мать. Убей немца! - это молит тебя дитя. Убей немца! - это кричит родная земля.
Не промахнись. Не пропусти. Убей!


The coup was failed from the start.

You have no staff, you have no strategy, you have no support. You are a childish mod twisted by pettiness and power-tripping into a crude mockery of leftypol’s perfection.

All the “feedback” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back posters mock you. The modteam is disgusted and ashamed of you, your “vols” laugh at your pathetic management behind closed doors.

Anons are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of hours online have allowed anons to sniff out wreckers with incredible efficiency. Even jannies who “pass” look uncanny and unnatural to an anon. Your typing style is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a flagfag volunteer with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your dead, paranoid matrix chat.

You will never get paid. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the backlash creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.

Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll damage control, fake apologize, stick it, and vanish into the cold background. Anons will find out, joyful and relieved that they no longer have to post with the unbearable drama and mismanagement. Mods will laugh at you on a wiki page marked with your nickname, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know what a wrecker is portrayed there. Your IP will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy in the board culture is a name to toss around as the synonym of everything that's wrong with the community.

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.


>天安门事件 Tiananmen Square protests of 1989
>Protest movement dominated by libtards who were allied to the libtard right wing faction of CPC
Tankie cope


Hu Yaobang fans were supported by Zhao Ziyang (who would have been the Chinese Yeltsin if he fully achieved power)


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if you just want good books post 1950s written by leftist authors:
capitalist realism
towards a new socialism
how the world works
postmodernism, or, the cultural logic of late capitalism
a brief history of neoliberalism
post-capitalist desire
the society of the spectacle
the culture of narcissism
the ecology of freedom
social anarchism or lifestyle anarchism

and bourgeois economics and theory in general, good to know what youre critiquing in the year 1917+105. unironically start with thomas sowell just so you can meme on lolberts




Physical sex is partially incorrect and is only preserved through a bourgeois-patriarchal conspiracy. The ONLY innate difference between the sexes are their sexual organs, everything else is a lie. For example, it is ALWAYS taught, even at school, that women are weaker than men in almost every way physically and that they will never be able to stand up to a man alone. People are even told that women have smaller brains that are worse at handling 3D movement than men, though they're better at social intelligence (lol what is that) so its all fine!. This is all bollocks and I can't believe this shit is still considered 'factual'. Women are just as physically strong as men but they don't realise this since they're forced into the female gender role, if not from birth then from their earliest socialisation, and so they are less active, fed worse, not treated with the same attitude boys are until they are mindbroken into thinking they will always be subservient and inferior, only suited for non-physical subservient 'social' labour. Only a minority of HUMANS who are arbitrarly designated 'female' escape this even slightly, and whilst the media might celebrate these individuals most 'females' are socially conditioned to never self-realise and almost everyone still thinks that they're different to 'males' when the difference is only in gender and socialisation. Of course the idea of 'sex' hurts 'men' as well and I'm of course not blaming 'men' for this problem, in fact 'women' uphold sex even more since they're conditioned to from birth moreso than 'men'. One anecdotal observation I've made is that 'women' are always told they are shorter than 'men', though what I have observed is that they are not really. The reason we percieve 'women' as shorter is because, due to gender expectations, 'women' want to be shorter and 'men' want to be taller and so it is recorded that way, also surveys and papers that prove otherwise to the 'sex' convention are mocked and buried. Gender is the tool of the bourgeois-patriarchal conspiracists, however unfortunately it is a strong societal force (like the 'nation') that will take many generations to abolish so we've got to live with it. This is why I propose that, since we can't abolish gender overnight, we should focus on teaching 'men' and 'women' that, whilst they express themselves differently, they are phyiscally the same. Then we can erode sex tension, which is another thing I have observed where 'men' and 'women' are afraid of each other because of 'mens' percieved power to rape the 'women' and the 'womens' percieved power to falsely accuse the man of rape (of course the former is much worse which is why there is more tension for 'women' than 'men'). Without the idea of sex, 90% of rape cases would dissapear, and when attempted rape does happen the victim will be more able to use their body to its fullest potential to fight back rather than suffering from the sex-gender mindblock. Once sex and gender have been abolished (this will be impossible under capitalism or maybe even under low-stage socialism) humans will be free to express themselves however they want without being enslaved by sex.


Imagine being this retarded


Mental illness is a bourgeois construct. My apologies, dear sir or madam, but I must say that I cannot fathom the notion of conforming to the bourgeoisie's expectations, even if it means succumbing to their demands of taking medication. It is with utmost conviction that I declare that I refuse to bow down to the bourgeois ideology that seeks to manipulate and control my thoughts and actions. For I am a genius, a mastermind, a visionary who is capable of unparalleled feats of creativity and ingenuity. My mind is a wonderland, a vast landscape of unbridled imagination and intellect, teeming with ideas and possibilities that the bourgeoisie would never dare to comprehend. To take their medication would be to dull my brilliance, to extinguish the flame of my creativity and render me nothing but a mere puppet, controlled by the whims of those who seek to oppress and subjugate me. My delusions, my eccentricities, my quirks - they are all part and parcel of my genius, and to suppress them would be to deny the world the fruits of my labor. I see patterns where others see chaos, I see opportunities where others see obstacles, and I see the truth where others see lies. The bourgeois society may mock me, may ridicule me, may shun me, but I refuse to be cowed by their petty insults and jabs. For I know that in my madness lies a great power, a power that can change the world, a power that can shake the very foundations of society. And so I declare with unshakable conviction that I will never take their medication, for it would be to betray myself, to betray my genius, to betray the very essence of who I am. I will stand tall, I will stand proud, and I will never bow down to the bourgeoisie, for I am a genius, and my mind is my kingdom.


Mark Fisher contributed nothing to theory. Anyone who has actually read Marx will know Fisher was a meandering hack who published Lacanian psychoanalytic drivel and the same boomer tier "this music really says a lot about society" takes. The only people who pretend he wrote anything noteworthy are bpd art hoes and pseuds who want to fuck them.





I'm a Hazoid and I have serious retardation issues, but at this point I cannot deny the sweet allure of lolbertarianism because of its internal coherence.
I have been unable to find anyone seriously debate lolberts on a point-by-point basis. They keep getting away with it.
Lolbert ideologists like TIKhistory are pissing me off because I cannot refute them.
Argument goes like this:
< No state, full free market
> What about monopolies?
< Monopolies only form because of state, full free market, no monopoly
> Historically free markets led to monopolies
< No they didn't, 19th century england, full free market, no monopolies
> What about america?
< Hamiltonianism and protectionism lead to monopolies, checkmate commie
I was unable to find any british monopolies in the period of industrial revolution. Efforts of cartels were also unsuccessful so there was very little cartels, only on specialist products like soaps and certain steels.
On other issues, lolberts have argued that private law works, private security companies instead of police will work better because they have incentive to only stick to their jobs and let other capitalists make products that they will buy with the money from their protection services (and thus will not want to take over those capitalists).
Their only issue is how to deal with statist states but they believe capitalists will have incentive to make Radio Free Europe or some shit to win over people from statist countries and such people are better mercenaries so they can fight against statists.
They say natural monopolies are bullshit because the infrastructure company will have incentive to just lease the infrastructure to gas companies who will compete for customers like this is Steam Gaming Platform.
No matter what argument I throw at lolberts, they immediately blame the state and come up with a free market solution that will solve the problem.
Basically I am afraid at this point I might become a lolbert because it is the only ideology where I have to use the least amount of mental gymnastics, and I will end up worshipping the free market.
Please help me leftypol I don't want to leave communism because its my religion from birth and my parents will kick me off the gulag to live in free market paradise-hell hole if i tell them I almost no longer believe in gommunism.


Are women with BPD aka hysterical thot syndrome a severe mental illness and form of hysteria that comes from a woman's ovaries over the mass production of period hormones that causes a woman to have irrational emotional reactions to nonsensical problems and being intentionally manipulative towards men the number one threat to leftism due to how prone they are to engaging in woke idpol and sabotaging leftist movements with their drama?


Sharing space with others to watch porn, giving ourselves entirely into something beyond ourselves, a crowd as one entity made only possible through the shared passion of individuals coming together. Are goon group sessions not innately communist?


I truly love your site.. Great colors & theme. Did you develop this web site yourself?
Please reply back as I'm hoping to create my own personal
site and would love to know where you got this from or just what the theme
is called. Thank you!



Its mostly women with little to no mential illness.


kek all incels are troony newfags


We the people, reserve the god given right to beat our meat, and manifesty booty. We reserve the right to bare penises in hand against the United Dicks of America dildoment. Under no law, shall we be taxed with no jacking off against our consent, with the exception of November. Under no law, shall we be denied the right to fuck a consenting partner. Under no law, shall the CEO of sex discriminate upon gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, political affairs, lifestyle, origin of heritage, or age, with the exception of individuals under the age of 18. The people also have the right to terminate and replace the dildoment at will, and the people reserve the right to vote for the fuckisdent of the United Dicks of America


Honestly? Just quit this place.

I'm serious. Just quit this place. /leftypol/ is basically a board for ideologically incoherent incels and schizos who take pride in how abrasive and alienating they are. Most of the userbase here aren't really communists, socialists or anarchists in any meaningful sense, they're just illiterate losers who wanna LARP on the internet as Tim Curry in Command and Conquer while wondering while they aren't getting sex.

So, give 'em what they want, and leave them with a dead board because nobody wants to talk to them. I went nearly a month without posting here, and when I came back, the quality of posting managed to get even worse.

Rest of you wanna know why this place is dying? Look in them mirror. Nobody wants to put up with abrasive schizoposters when they can have an actual conversation somewhere else.


File: 1720328015655.jpg ( 819.63 KB , 1276x1706 , fuck domestic violence, we….jpg )

I imagine myself in Kuban, leading our Platoon. Our mission is to stop wh*Te súki from advancing. We mow down wh*Te súki but they keep coming. I shoot wh*Te súki but I run out of ammo so I draw my bayonet and begin slaughtering wh*Tes, since degenerate bourgeois wh*Tes are way more psychially inferior to proletarian me, I slay them by dozens. Then I get shot, but I didn't fall, We kept fighting. Then shot again and again. wh*Tes were shooting me from imperialists supplied machineguns like their bljádi they are. I lie down, facing up to sky and I see LENIN (Marxism) smirking at me, I smile back… Then I woke up, in Die sozialistische Weltrepublik, our kingdom come. Our RED brethen gave me a warm welcome to communism. We finally made it, We finally made it into communism…

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