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File: 1608528334473.jpg ( 3.3 KB , 71x90 , adorno-theodor.jpg )


Frankfurt School Thread.
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Is that Yoko Onna?




Based Frankfurt Schoolians:
>Walter Benjamin
>Erich Fromm
>Herbert Marcuse
>Ernst Bloch
did I forget someone?


"Repressive tolerance" was kinda cringe, tbh

File: 1608528237639-0.png ( 662.08 KB , 1920x1080 , leftypol absolute begginer….png )

File: 1608528237639-1.png ( 898.82 KB , 720x2160 , leftypol marxism .png )

File: 1608528237639-2.png ( 1.34 MB , 3400x6800 , reddit soicalism starterpa….png )


I made these charts recently, if you have any ideas of new charts or charts of your own drop them here.
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File: 1608528363822-0.jpg ( 669.28 KB , 1844x2348 , 390bc0fc19f4bbc37efcde8170….jpg )

File: 1608528363822-1.jpg ( 950.26 KB , 1350x4400 , dfcb07a5859a6480b37888e619….jpg )

let's revive and add to this thread instead of reeeeeing and screeching "read theory" all the time


File: 1608528364051-0.jpg ( 1.01 MB , 2800x2000 , e6a536def3c85f7dbe382deb49….jpg )

File: 1608528364051-1.jpg ( 1.47 MB , 1352x3404 , e48d804d04fa850a6e7274fd32….jpg )

File: 1608528364051-2.jpg ( 412.87 KB , 1200x1252 , fb9e6739789d6755d9e5f2dcc5….jpg )



>Read theory
&ltWilliam James
Who the fuck made that second one


reddit is for cringe Zionist Neolibs, anon.


File: 1608528366231.jpg ( 404.46 KB , 1310x1300 , old_leftypol_reading_list.jpg )

does this still have value?

File: 1608528322608.jpg ( 106.57 KB , 610x829 , 970bfe0d50c85d105f5ead009f….jpg )


What is your process?
Do you use reading charts?
Do you decide based on Recommendations?
Aside from the obvious Leftist ones, which are the good and which are the bad Publishers?
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Well when I had to start somewhere it was lists and recs from boards. Like one time I came across a quote from Hesse's Siddhartha on 420ch and ended up reading a bunch of his work. Or I'd visit what I've heard is canon/classic, so I did that and would then see where the text ramifies out to, like contemporaneous or within the same nation (e.g. enjoyed Dostoyevsky, went on to Tolstoy and Gogol). It's much easier to decide where to go next when it comes to philosophy and theory.


File: 1608528327362.gif ( 1.71 MB , 235x150 , 1515085058382.gif )

He's not even considered a good writer in Russia. No, in fact he's an atrocious writer and his pretentious attempts at inventing his own neologisms, meandering prose with no rhyme or rhythm, and endless exposition dumps with ambitions of a wannabe 20th century Leo Tolstoy constantly fall flat on their face. All the bullshit aside. Don't know what to think of the rest of the list from this.


Solzhenitsyn's One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich is an excellent book.
>…inventing his own neologisms, meandering prose with no rhyme or rhythm, and endless exposition dumps with ambitions of a wannabe 20th century Leo Tolstoy constantly fall flat on their face.
This does not describe the book at all.


>What is your process?
When I had access to a university library + a lot of time, I searched through the library catalog for certain topics then skimmed various books on a single subject, discarding the ones that didn't seem useful and noting the names of the rest for further study.

What I do now (since I only have access to what I can find on the internet) is to do the same thing by searching online using whatever platform is available, plus using authors sources and footnotes to find more books to read.

This is a good way of compiling info on specific topics.


Usually recommendation from friends. But if they got none, I go to boards that make recommendations I'm interested in and I start reading from there.

File: 1608528293024.jpg ( 1.5 MB , 2976x2352 , Great Soviet Encyclopedia.JPG )


The third (last) edition of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia was translated into English for a western publisher almost concurrently with the Russian encyclopedia's publication. Given its obvious significance, it's surprising that not a single volume has circulated online like many other books.


it should be noted however, that the encyclopedia edition is of the 70s




>Given its obvious significance, it's surprising that not a single volume has circulated online like many other books.
It's not surprising at all. Many "official" texts published in the USSR, especially the late USSR, were a mishmash of state-approved ideology and dogma. I tried reading Brezhnev's autobiography (or just biography?) and it was absolutely worthless. It was full of truisms like, "He always works well with others, and always asks for everyone's opinion before making a decision."

File: 1608528077076.png ( 21.43 KB , 331x286 , 1570719182043.png )


Is there any Marxist historians you recommend?

>inb4 Grover Furr
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is it good I've been planning to read it


Jairus Banaji's Theory as History is very, very good; highly recommended if you want to understand the purpose of Marxist historiography in the 21st century.


Franz Mehring



File: 1608527942305.jpeg ( 183.91 KB , 1200x1200 , ggs.jpeg )


What are your opinions on this book? I'll keep mine to myself for now, I'm genuinely curious to see how it is viewed in leftist circles.
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Baby's first book in revisionism. But its an okay book but very over simplified and doesn't really go too much in depth. The author himself is a classic revisionist historian so keep that in mind.


More Marxist than Marx himself.


There was another thread that popped up about this, and it was fairly decent, so I will copy paste the replies here:

There are many critiques of this book, it's very controversial, but good read non the less. I think you should read it and then read some critiques. There are often threads on /his/ about it /lit/ and /pol/ also love to hate it.

You can find a bunch of reviews and critiques of it with a little bit of googling, so I recommend read it, think about it, and read some critiques.


The author himself is not a Marxist, but from what I can gather, the book is a decent layman introduction to the concept of historical materialism and how it can be applied as a lens to assess the comparative development of civilizations. Unfortunately, some of the claims made by the author are backed by research that's more than a bit shoddy, and reactionary critics love to pick on the book for that reason, but it's pretty clear most of their ire stems from the fact that they are uncomfortable with having their racial essentialist worldview attacked so directly.
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While I agree with the other posters here, I think that since no one else has posted about the problems with the book, I will do so briefly. I don't mean to dissuade anyone from reading it, and if memory serves most of the problems are concentrated towards the end:

Ultiamtely Jared Diamond works within a liberal paradigm/discourse, and this paradigm is enamored with competition conceptually. Ultiamtely this stems from liberalism being wedded to capitalism historically and ideologically.

Therefore, the book is rather myopic about imperialism and colonialism (which are logical consequences to coutnries competiting with one another, since being able to extract excess resources from a faraway third region that is colonized gives advantages in war, trade and domestic stability); That certain countries are poor because they have been plundered and continue to be plundered by others does not cross his mind all too much.

Further, that the totalizing nature of competition under capitalism can actually result in constraints on economic development, including on technogical discovery and innovation are mostly passed over.

And this is why the book is often accused of geographic determinism (though i nreality it isn't stricly); That is to say, in order to avoid outright racial or cultural chauvinism, he defaults to saying that the problem is the lack of liberal institutions in poor countries, and that this lack has near exclusive geographic determinants ultimately.

This is the consequence of not having an understanding of capitalism and imperialism as systems with internal logics, combined of course to middle class first world apologia.


I think he's too determinist and doesn't focus enough on economics apart from technology trade. Like sure, Europe based on geography will be in a much better spot than Subsaharan Africa but if we're just going off technology, resources and geography, China would have "won".

File: 1608528052529.png ( 196.98 KB , 389x416 , 0.png )


recommend me books of underground socialist/anarchist movements, files and biographies of people who were involved.


Check'd, Nazi.

Bonnot Gang were just a bunch of gangsters and murderers.


the unseen by nanni balestrini


can anyone recomend books about asian (korea and japan) and western eruopean far left movements in the 70s and 80s


File: 1608527925753.png ( 330.54 KB , 500x340 , f737bcf2490f54fdb7b740bb6e….png )


Please guy
You can recommended book of history of africa ? in pdf format of course
Pls… in spanish much better
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There is a nice book on the country of Burkina Faso (from independence to after the 2014 revolt) called «Burkina Faso: A History of Power, Protest and Revolution» by Ernest Harsch, really good read.




"Libgen" es la mejor página para conseguir libros digitales y gratuitos. Algunos archivos podrían no subirse aquí por estar muy pesados, busca allí por tu cuenta.




Para una historia semi-biografica de Sankara especificamente, el libro de Ludo Martens es muy bien y creo que hay una traducción en castellano.

File: 1608528317812.jpg ( 57.49 KB , 644x858 , money ritualist.jpg )


I'm a celibate man(thus have high brain power)and i want to find the ultimate truth to life.
I have limited time and two options:
>stuyding esotericism,magick,mystic treatises and meditation techniques,the vedas,medieval books etc


>cosmology,neurology,biology,history of life on earth,maths,etc

Which should I devote my time to?
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study logic and scientific critique, then post-critical science shit, learn meditation but as a tool to make your mind sharper thats all, it will give you no knowledge (Except about … meditation), and then get into whatever the fuck u want, u should be insulated from wasting too much time on obvious bullshit if u start out by learning how to think and learn properly.
for "truth of life" tho, read philosophy ffs, all the esoteric stuff is only really appealing to people with inflated egos because you can read whatever you want into it and feel like a genius and like ur learning hidden knowledge. Philosophy (good philosophy…) does the same shit that (honest) mystics and religious figures tried to do, but in more plain language for the modern world


Start with the Africans.


Unironically (whether or not that's in the spirit of this thread) every human should know a lot about a little and a little about a lot. So pick what you want to be an expert in, and read/discuss/investigate deeply in that, but also acquaint yourself with what we've learned more broadly and bring a bunch of different perspectives to bear on what you know best.


Why not both?


One gets you cred on the most mid-wit level boards on 4chan while the other can net you a job, and an actual understanding, albeit still probably reductionist, understanding of the world.


What does /roulette/ think of the markovian view of marxist/althusserian historical materialism presented by the immortal scientist in his review of althusser's philosopher of the encounter, as well as in his book "how the world works".


I thought that picture was a joke? Please don't tell me there are people who truly believe such nonsense.


read the first pdf attached


in order to make the state machine materialist, it would need to have a copy of that diagram for all combinations of relevant material conditions (plus connecting arrows). While it is technically correct, I don't think it is particularly useful.


Obviously this is insufficient as a COMPLETE model, but it's clearly not trying to be. It's expressing the idea that conditions potentially ripe for capitalism more frequently arise than actually do transition to it, which seems largely accurate to me - though of course (1) you could no doubt as mentioned get greater predictive accuracy by adding additional variables and (2) this leaves unexplained what constitutes the different state and why transitions between them should occur. It's not like Marxists have neglected these questions, though, so I think it's worth seeing if FSM-type models can produce anything useful if you noodle around with them.


They can't, this is some horoscope level bullshit.

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