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Hey /e/Im a brainlet prole that recently got a scholarships to university, and Im wondering if there are any resources that you could recommend to improve general academic skills with an emphasis on essay writing. I've done a general scan for books and courses on libgen and TPB. But I wanted to get some advise with a left perspective. When I say brainlet I mean dyslexic and when I say prole I mean any unskilled job I can land (bar work, kitchen work, construction, etc.) My degree is in healthcare and administration.


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Its a fence sitting degree that allows me to specialise during or take a masters/honors in nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, or go into medicine.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2v3uiCBUZfERemember to make quotations and use language correctly, and following a framework like this will make it easy for the examinator to give you a good grade.


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Thanks. Nice and easy-to-remember essay structure.


I recommend reading Writing without Teachers by Peter Elbow. I would upload it here but for some reason this is the only board where you can't post PDFs.


There is actually a book by the horror author Steven King, On Writing. I've seen lots of praise for it even by people who are not King fans and I also read that the advice in it is not specific to just writing fiction.


>>438>>473I'll give these both a sus.


>>474Sorry but not everyone agrees with your first pick, English As She Is Spoke.




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Part of good writing is simply writing a lot. The more you write, the more mistakes you will catch, and the more you will learn to recognize those mistakes before they happen. Writing a lot is all about developing good approaches and habits towards writing. I work in a science and I have atrociously unproductive habits towards writing and I found this short, easy-to-read book helpful.


i'm about to take a job in transcription and would also like to know how to write things better


I can't concentrate on writing. I'm not interested in writing novel but I'd like to write a few essays and yet I can't concentrate for shit. Any tips?


a good university should offer free writing workshops, either as an official program for the whole faculty, or as smaller, student-driven initiatives by individual departments. also, make friends with people in humanities degrees that involve a lot of technical writing - tutoring is essential to seriously improving your skills.


File: 1608528371836.pdf (59.84 KB, StrunkWhite.pdf)

Also .pdf
maybe start transcription thread on >>>/edu/


Are these available?


File: 1608528372088.pdf (11.06 MB, Peter Elbow-Writing Withou….pdf)



Awesome. thankee


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File: 1608528372968-2.pdf (1.3 MB, Accelerated Learning Techn….pdf)

File: 1608528372968-3.pdf (3.53 MB, B005CX3H3C_Manual.pdf)



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File: 1608528373241-2.pdf (1.55 MB, HowLearningWorks-Ambrose.pdf)

File: 1608528373241-3.pdf (18.33 MB, Learning and Memory A Comp….pdf)



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File: 1608528373440-1.pdf (1.5 MB, Ready, Set, Organize - A W….pdf)

File: 1608528373440-2.pdf (478.62 KB, SQ3R Study System.pdf)

File: 1608528373440-3.pdf (5.05 MB, Study Skills Strategies, R….pdf)



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File: 1608528373724-1.pdf (1.5 MB, Ready, Set, Organize - A W….pdf)

File: 1608528373724-2.pdf (3.61 MB, Training Your Brain For Du….pdf)

File: 1608528373724-3.pdf (3.78 MB, v00001How to Study for Suc….pdf)



done, hope it helps comrade


Niceu dess ne.
Thank you anonysan


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I like this one.

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