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File: 1608527973613.jpg ( 994.87 KB , 1550x2417 , manifest-995k.jpg )


How do you take your notes? Do you take notes? Use this thread to discuss methods, tips, and anything else related to how you take notes.
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cute girl, i like it better already


Yeah if you're taking notes for a class I don't think the Zettelkasten method is really what you're looking for. It's more meant to be an overall knowledge management system.

Cornell method is decent. It's really not so important to follow one particular method as it is write things out in a way that isn't too rushed, is easy to understand later, and is in your own words (so that you actually have to understand it).


I don't really see the point of having designated places for keywords and summaries.


Search time optimization.



File: 1630817287335.png ( 2.55 MB , 1080x770 , ClipboardImage.png )


I want to read every good about the pop culture and political climate of the 60s
Fiction, Non Fiction

Whatever book that takes place during these eras 1950-1970
Especially the vietnam war


File: 1630823089000.jpg ( 55.78 KB , 825x1024 , zdzislaw-beksinski-paintin….jpg )

The reason it's so hyper focused in popular culture is that the nixon administration and the USG have had to work very hard to paint the 60s as nothing but drug taking beetniks and hippies in order to white wash the, very active, new left and anti war protesting that was going on at the time.


But practically every 60s media ever always talks about the new left and anti-war protest moment

I don't think the puzzle of hyper focous on 60s is really solved
Maybe it's just me but it feels like that decade is always the poster child for "change" and "new world"


The Tutnese language was by created FBAs to communicate secretly on plantations, according to the fairly scant information on it. The purpose of this thread is to practice speaking Tutnese or dump guides to rules of Tutnese. The video that's embedded here goes into some more details of using Tutnese.

File: 1630191848556.png ( 342.03 KB , 603x704 , ClipboardImage.png )


I plan on hosting an online book club with some friends and covering Leftist texts. My hope is to give a general survey that's not too aggressively edgy, but still looking at what "real" post-leftists "actually" think and do. Any suggestions on things to add to the list?


>post left
lmao you better go to .org, you fucking lib


File: 1630199701473-0.pdf ( 1.1 MB , 208x300 , Tom Nomad - The Master's T….pdf )

File: 1630199701473-1.pdf ( 1.03 MB , 220x300 , monsieur-dupont-nihilist-c….pdf )

File: 1630199701473-2.pdf ( 254.96 KB , 67x118 , baedan-bdan-1-journal-of-q….pdf )

File: 1630199701473-3.pdf ( 4.84 MB , 194x300 , fredy-perlman-against-hiss….pdf )

Some more texts

fuck off


Nihilist communism is quite an interesting book, good luck with your reading club


Sounds interesting. Can you give me a summary about it? Kinda getting to this point.

File: 1628816053504.jpg ( 13.45 KB , 400x400 , tiddly.jpg )


What does /edu/ do for knowledge management? Does it work? How important is it? Experiences?

I am starting a Tiddlywiki and plan on doing the zettelkasten method. The way I understand it, I just take notes and link them to each other with tags or something? Seems straightforward yet quite useful.
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Excuse my barbarian nature, but "personal knowledge management" sounds like something invented by entrepreneurs or life coaches, and looks like fachidiotism. It's basically a brain prosthesis which leads to a disuse of that part of your mind.

I just write down things in a few digital text files like a primitive, then have to exercise my brain to remember what's in them. Paper would be even better, you have to think before you write, no virtual text on a screen to manipulate to infinity and scan through with complex regex patterns.


They call it second braining


you can't store any complex enough data (over years say) like this

if its just for current use then maybe
and for even more complex things you already need other tools, like spreedsheet editor, scientific note pad or what ever

txt files fork well for ideas dumping and probably some writeout


*work well


also it is more of a personal wiki

File: 1608528013658.png ( 1.93 MB , 1920x1304 , communebarricade.png )


The Paris Commune successfully establishes socialism in France. What now?
ITT: Post and speculate about alternate history.
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What would a Medieval America be Like?


Their fighters were mostly former soldiers, so it would probably devolve into a junta. After the Prussians leave, they would have to go back to normal to unite with the rest of the country and France would probably become a republic.

So, nothing would really change.


What if the French and Italian communists started armed revolts in their countries immediately after WW2


Soviets win the war in afghanistan
Do they still fail like the americans or not?


Afghanistan gets a coup after the USSR falls

File: 1622563868932.png ( 307.81 KB , 1200x951 , D09677CA-04B9-41B3-8278-CE….png )


Is there a book I can read on the economy of the Roman Empire and the social classes of the time? Anything that goes into deep analysis or extensive stuff.
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File: 1628783443869.pdf ( 22.13 MB , 212x300 , Geoffrey E. Maurice Ste. C….pdf )

This work is a marxist classic mostly on Ancient Greece but it also talks about Rome.


roman empire had bread laws (free bread)

also daily reminder ancient egypt had planned economy with fixed prices, it was also known as the richest state of ancient world (unparalleled at that time)




>also daily reminder ancient egypt had planned economy with fixed prices, it was also known as the richest state of ancient world (unparalleled at that time)
I can't help but think this sounds anachronistic as fuck, kinda like saying the wild west was irl ancapistan.


i don't get it. you think its only possible to plan your economy and have fixed prices after 1900 AD? but what stops you doing that before that day?

File: 1628891798854.png ( 66.49 KB , 284x177 , ClipboardImage.png )


Any readings on what characterises a socialist state. I know dictatorship of proletariat but how do we know if there is actually a dictatorship of proles or not. I consider Maoist china to be the most clear cut example of a socialist state right now.


I asked characters of a socialist state not a revisionist one.


'Critique of the Gotha Programme' by Marx and 'State and Revolution' by Lenin discuss similar topics. In Gotha there is the discussion regarding the actual functioning of a lower-stage communist mode of production. State and Revolution discusses the nature of the State after the revolution and rise to power of the proletariat. The simple answer would be: if the interests of the revolutionary proletariat are being upheld and the state is withering away, then you're in the right path. Your example of China had instances of that for sure, as did the USSR in its early days. A proper critique and understanding of these has to go beyond simple 'definitions' of a 'socialist state'.


File: 1618117051275.jpeg ( 256.1 KB , 1210x855 , cbf6LemmruzBmccWgVtIHg.jpeg )


I want to get into easter/soviet marxism

What authors should I read?
Why is eastern marxism so obscure for us?
What are some ideas developed by eastern marxist thinkers I should know of?
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>Legal Theory
>Obscure Subject

Is it now? That's news to me


>Giving a marxist theory of LAW is an obscure subject.

Edvard Kardelj, Reminiscences: The struggle for recognition and independence of the new Yugoslavia, 1944

Edvard Kardelj: Democracy and socialism

Edvard Kardelj: Problems of socialist policy in the countryside


Edvard Kardelj: Self-management and the Political System

Tito: https://www.marxists.org/archive/tito/1939/x01/x01.htm




I mean just read Lenin and Stalin's main works as well as Mao and his contemporaries.

As for why some of it is obscure? Because there are pragmatic policies that ignore moralistic outcries that Western Liberals don't like and do their best to suppress or attack if they cannot suppress it.

File: 1628643922285.mp4 ( 56.91 MB , 640x360 , 20110201_5. Molecular Gene….mp4 )


So I got drawn in this Stanford course, a lecture without homework, a conferrable thing. But it made me thing about a lot of stuff.
The teacher is great and even though he doesn't understand the first thing about marxism he's a very scientific dude constantly referring his marxist colleges who tried hard, he gets the materialist thinker part at least.
You can watch the course there, it's fascinating really.


File: 1628657308151.jpg ( 33.27 KB , 623x411 , io2wfyaydvb71.jpg )

Go to 1:40 for the chin theory

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