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File: 1608528081530.jpg (46.64 KB, 388x463, e2bf601305ecb4e832621d0b22….jpg)


What are some similar writers to Kaczynski, Ellul and Zerzan?


File: 1608528082020.jpg (24.09 KB, 680x383, grug.jpg)

Caveman wall drawings.
Semi-serious answer: Jacques Camatte, Fredy Perlman.


Elliot Rodger

File: 1608528076288.jpeg (4.49 KB, 194x259, indir (1).jpeg)


Can anyone explain to me what Georges Sorel was about? I don't have means to get any of his books in where I live and I don't have much information about him other than Wikipedia.


Can you not, look online? The only things I know about him was that he was a big theorist in the pre WWI Syndicalist movements and believed in like Voluntary Marxism but later a Nationalist of sorts and a supporter of the Bolsheviks. He was an odd fellow who inspired people from Lenin, Gramsci to Hitler and Evola. Again I'm sure you could find his writings online.


File: 1608528079462.pdf (1.25 MB, (Cambridge Texts in the Hi….pdf)

Sorel is usually seen as a heterodox thinker because he has been influential in radical movements which are politically very desperate. This seems strange to a lot of people, but once you study his work it starts to seem perfectly natural. He has a whole thing about the importance of myth and the warrior ethos. Similar to what Plato advocated in the Republic in some regards. I think his most influential point though is the one which kinda pops the "oh so mysterious" bubble around him. He wrote a pretty solid and widely read defense of political violence called "Reflections on Violence". Naturally, any movement seeking to justify street violence will point to this, since it has name recognition and is only vaguely tied to any one political alignment.

I have attached a pdf of the aforementioned book. Unless you live somewhere with limited internet such that you can't access Russian servers though you definitely have access to Sorel's work (as well as most other books in general). Library Genesis is your friend.


woops, meant disparate

File: 1608528078121.jpg (108.81 KB, 786x546, cms-image-000013897.jpg)


Any good books on the events of May '68? Hopefully from a modern day perspective. Documentaries are also welcomed.

I was looking into The Imaginary Revolution: Parisian Students and Workers in 1968 by Michael Seidman, but couldn't find any pdfs, so if you have one that you could share that'd be great.

File: 1608528072276.jpg (106.59 KB, 1200x630, Jeremy-Corbyn.jpg)


Hello anons, as you could guess from the title of the thread my question is:
Assuming Marx's LTRPF is true, in a moment in which low profitability gives birth to crisis can't the government (acting in an MMT framework) simply act to employ the unemployed with good wages thereby raising in this way demand for consumer goods and then the rate of profit via price increases? Or is there something am i missing?


personnaly, I think that one big limitation to this may be natural ressources (or its lack of).

I don't think marx thought of that, as states were at his time in history, not at the size (or economic power) they have now

File: 1608528074890.jpg (80.91 KB, 524x468, 5ed5b0c5d268c748b6a488d463….jpg)


I know asking this is futile due to how comprehensive it is, but what are some good philosophy books to get a well rounded education on Philosophy? It could be anywhere from college introduction textbooks to actual works.

inb4 start with the greeks!


Does anyone have documents showing any historical inaccuracies or other inaccuracies in "Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat."


and thats all you need


File: 1608528056175.jpg (49.47 KB, 550x367, here-we-are.jpg)


this is bunkerchan
anybody knows how people build a bunker
can you make a diy bunker by yourself
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>who has the keys for bunkers like these?
>Is there someone employed by municipalities that administer bunkers?
Does it even matter?




File: 1608528058349.pdf (18.92 MB, nwss.pdf)

Nuclear War Survival Skills is supposed to be the best civil defense manual out there. PDF attached.


>Live in a house with a large basement
>wall's should be Three standard bricks / paver's thick and go up either till the ceiling if the celiling itself is concrete / brick / stone etc or fully enclose the top with more bricks / paver's if the roof of you're basement is anything weaker then that
>Should be large enough to have a bed / bag for each person whose residence is at the dwelling food and water and anti EMP shielded electronics


An apartment building with a subbasement should be good enough, and most 60s era buildings usually had an area that was designed to be used as a fallout shelter, and even though most public fallout shelters have been decommissioned and the supplies have expired and been thrown away and the room repurposed, the rooms or areas themselves are usually still there and their thick walls will protect you from radiation, you just have to bring your own supplies.

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