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File: 1617655547553.jpg ( 354.23 KB , 762x1100 , PP030.jpg )


Who did it? Soviets? Nazis?
Why were the polish officers killed? What was the motive for the massacre? Were they preparing a revolt?

Are the documents fake? Whose investigations are trustworthy?

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cadres from Leningrad trial with the nazi war criminals (1946) including Arno Düre, who was accused of war crimes against the polish officers in Katyn


the nazis had a motive but the NKVD version is very well documented


Nazis, anyone telling you otherwise is one themselves.


>very well documented
The only "proof" I've ever seen is Closed Packet no.1, whereas the evidence the Nazis did it is considerably stronger. https://www.revolutionarydemocracy.org/rdv16n2/katyn.htm


>whereas the evidence the Nazis did it is considerably stronger.
well, with the soviet version we at least know that the POW camps existed, we know who worked there.
In the case of the version with germans being behind the crime, we have no single document that took the POW camps, or that they created new ones (so called ON camps mentioned in the Burdenko report), we have no proof of existance of the supposed commanders of these camps.
After Burdenko comission the soviets never even attempted to do another investigation, they didn't even try to find the supposed nazi criminals who did the massacre. The only nazi who was ever put on trial for Katyn was Arno Düre who was supposedly burying the dead officers but he was released from prison in 1954 and when he returned to Germany he claimed that he was forced to make this testimony.

so even if we completely disregard the version that NKVD did it, we still don't know what actually happened. The only proofs for Katyn massacre being done by nazis are those brought by Burdenko commission, which is also not much.

File: 1625600284260.jpg ( 7.28 MB , 2920x4336 , east.jpg )


Anyone have any good texts on the development/history/culture of the Central Asian republics of the USSR? Seems like a fairly overlooked area compared to the European and Caucasian republics.

File: 1625707689828.png ( 1.9 MB , 1045x791 , ClipboardImage.png )


It arrived. Anyone else read it? I'd like to know what to expect. Also, this is now a Baudrillard general for discussing hyperreality, sign value, reversibility, and the contents of any of his books.

File: 1625541159781.jpg ( 230.03 KB , 768x972 , Social-Progress_Marx-Diale….jpg )


I'm tired of people overstating Hegel's influence in Marx's theories and then fucking recommending secondary books because they "make Marx understandable by getting rid of all the Hegel stuff". You REALLY do not need to know Hegel to understand 99% of the stuff Marx wrote.


Absolute worst offender in this regard is Tony Smith and his book "The Logic of Marx's Capital"




Hegel is a philosophical encyclopedia. There is philosophical jargon that I didn't understand from Marx until after having read Hegel, and that's just a bit of Hegel.

File: 1608528384265.jpg ( 169.33 KB , 1200x525 , hegel anti idpol.jpg )


There are people who spend their entire lives reading Hegel and still manage to come out empty handed.

ITT we discuss the great thinker, Karl Marx's teacher, and he on who's shadow we walk:

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

1. What are good things to read/view to get an understanding of Hegel from a philosophical neophyte?

2. What service can Hegel's philosophy provide us today?

3. What an be done to make Hegel more accessible to the masses? Why is it so unpenetrable?
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AW is a massive cunt.


Introduction to Dialectics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_zOcp6PIBs
Logic and Dialectics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwsZwtdFu3k
Hegel's Philosophy of History https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rhxw51cdHTE
Religion as Anthropology https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kC0TB8HC5g
Religion is the Opium of the Masses https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4aKI66j9hw

Only 2 hours and 45 minutes all together, under 2 hours at 1.5x. A+++


Since Hegel is in vogue, here's the dedicated Hegel thread.


You will never fully understand Hegelianism unless you understand Leibnizism and Kantianism.
Let that sink in.


Thats not that bad, you learn Kantianism in regular philosophy anyway and having that foundation will let you study anyone.

File: 1625183433243.jpg ( 383 KB , 1028x1600 , Plato-portrait-bust-origin….jpg )


Is there a website where I can learn philosophy? A website that leads your through and explains to you all larger categories and questions in philosophy? I know there is plato.stanford.edu, but it's an encyclopedia and doesn't lead you through the topics in a didactic manner. I didn't want to learn philosophy by reading a bunch of books, because I have several dozens of books I'm already intending to read.
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Idk what the deal with this publisher is. Are they leftist or not?


idk and i don't care i read this book in german and looked up the english version


Start with a supplement to the pre-socratics


If you care about putting Capital in context, understanding his relationship to other socialists of the period is arguably more relevant

File: 1608527957129.jpeg ( 92.79 KB , 1214x697 , 5aad0c9117db7.jpeg )


This is not a debate thread. I encourage debate on this topic to happen in /leftypol/, as it would have anyway. This is an /edu/cational thread only.

Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the third and highest stage of communist theory, was synthesized in 1982 by the Peruvian Communist Party (known in bourgeois sources by the epithet "Sendero Luminoso"). Here is the document they published concerning this: http://library.redspark.nu/1982_-_Maoism._On_Marxism-Leninism-Maoism
Parties and organizations that uphold MLM theory in the modern day include:
>Communist Party of Ecuador – Red Sun
>Peru People’s Movement (Reorganisation Committee)
>Communist Party of Brazil (Red Faction)
>Red Faction of the Communist Party of Chile
>Maoist Organization for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Columbia
>Revolutionary Nucleus for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Mexico
>Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist
>Committee Red Flag, FRG
>Maoist Communist Party, French State
Red Flag Collective, Finland
>Committees for the Foundation of the (Maoist) Communist Party of Austria
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Just thought I'd throw these sources in here into a slower thread so they can be on hand for when the
>muh baby boiler
brigade show up again:


>The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in Peru is usually cited as an example of how capture–recapture methods can help improve our understanding of mass violence from incomplete observed data. Using 25,000 documented death records, the TRC estimated a total of 69,000 killings, and that the Shining Path was the main perpetrator, in contrast with the raw data where the Peruvian State appears to be responsible for the most killings. One feature not often noticed is that the TRC applied an unusual indirect procedure, combining data on different perpetrators and lumping together missing perpetrator data in one group. I show that direct estimations with strict stratification by perpetrator and accounting for missing data do not support the results of the TRC’s indirect approach. I estimate a total of 48,000 killings, substantially lower than the TRC estimate, and the Peruvian State accounts for a significantly larger share than the Shining Path. Rather than an example of correcting biases in the observed data through capture–recapture methods, the TRC actually introduced further distortion.


>Even after President Alejandro Toledo increased the number of commissioners to twelve from seven (adding Ames, Arias, Lay, Antúndez, Morote, and the observer Bambarén), the commissioners still reflected elite sectors of Peru least affected by the violence. All were residents of Lima, all were urban dwellers, only one spoke Quechua, only one understood it, and none self-identified as Indigenous or campesino. As Commissioner Carlos Iván Degregori later commented, “even the composition of the CVR reflected the gaps in the country” that underlay the political violence

>It is crucial to remember that survivors of the violence made decisions about what they would and w
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Does anyone have a PDF/epub of the 1995 document 'Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism'?


bumping for this >>5950


Do you think Shining Path had enough support from Peruvians to consider its efforts as a failed revolution? Mao won many hearts and minds, it seems that Gonzalo did not.

File: 1611251405201.jpg ( 291.88 KB , 600x389 , Thread 1.jpg )


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Where the hell is volume 38 in that Lenin magnet???


>tfw so much based content itt but your toaster is full



>Yi Yi?
Hardy left wing, mostly about how that Japanese guy had good business ethics and fucking him over was bad. Platform is a better Asian movie on the topic of communism and Chinese relations
Also seed it


it's bullshit that people say when they say that storage is cheap

File: 1624024345339.gif ( 48.76 KB , 207x350 , The_Making_of_the_English_….gif )


Does anyone have any recommendations for books or resources for studying the history and conditions of the English (or British, in the current sense) working class?

The two I know of rn is 'The Making of the British Working Class' by E.P. Thompson and 'Conditions of the Working Class in England' by Engels.
I've been told they are classic accounts but they unfortunately only cover the very early period of British capitalism and working class history.
If anyone has any good books and resources that cover past the period these two cover (so anything covering the 1830s and beyond, please post them here.


Here's some I found myself


i found these on libgen


meacham standish- A life apart: the English working class, 1890-1914

Worth, Rachel- Clothing and landscape in Victorian England: working-class dress and rural life

Working-Class Girls in Nineteenth-Century England: Life, Work, and SchoolingVolume:
Author(s):Meg Gomersall, Jo Campling
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


You should read Thompson anyway because it will set you up well for what is to come as well as introduce you gently to Marxist humanist historiography

File: 1624417353677.jpg ( 2.58 MB , 2112x3167 , Jordan_Peterson_by_Gage_Sk….jpg )


>"This means that creative individuals remain in contact with the extra information constantly streaming in from the environment," says co-author and U of T psychology professor Jordan Peterson. "The normal person classifies an object, and then forgets about it, even though that object is much more complex and interesting than he or she thinks. The creative person, by contrast, is always open to new possibilities."
>Previously, scientists have associated failure to screen out stimuli with psychosis. However, Peterson and his co-researchers - lead author and psychology lecturer Shelley Carson of Harvard University's Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Harvard PhD candidate Daniel Higgins - hypothesized that it might also contribute to original thinking, especially when combined with high IQ. They administered tests of latent inhibition to Harvard undergraduates. Those classified as eminent creative achievers - participants under age 21 who reported unusually high scores in a single area of creative achievement - were seven times more likely to have low latent inhibition scores.
>The authors hypothesize that latent inhibition may be positive when combined with high intelligence and good working memory - the capacity to think about many things at once - but negative otherwise. Peterson states: "If you are open to new information, new ideas, you better be able to intelligently and carefully edit and choose. If you have 50 ideas, only two or three are likely to be good. You have to be able to discriminate or you'll get swamped."
<being a skitzo is good
<t peaterson


>uses a measurement for how much of an upper middle class white man you can be.


File: 1624620913061.mp4 ( 11.96 MB , 256x256 , peterson clean my room.mp4 )



a big fat benzo buzz sounds good right about now.


Plenty of mental illnesses today used to be evolutional advantages back then.

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