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File: 1608528291142.png (2.43 MB, 2134x4810, 1595627890381.png)


How accurate is it?


I wikipedia this you wikipedia that
based /his/ chart nonetheless


>nazis and soviets get high wackiness quotient
>"our guys" and everyone else don't


The Canadian got 90%

File: 1608528081729.jpg (5.34 KB, 238x212, download.jpg)


What if I wanted to read more or less "contemporary" philosophers like Sartre, Beauvoir, Adorno, Deleuze, Zizek, Badiou, etc.. but don't have the time and, dare I say, sufficient interest to go through Kant, Plato, Aristotle, and all the other classical authors of philosophy? How much do I have to lose? I'm willing to spend a couple of months reading Plato, but I think I'm only willing to go through secondary sources for Aristotle. Same goes for the philosophers that predated the "contemporary" ones mentioned above. I'd be willing to read a history and primer on German idealism and maybe even read primary enlightenment texts if I have to.

So how much do I have to lose? People who are good at philosophy please answer.
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t. theorylet
without philosophy there is no Marx


>political economy
So shitty philosophy?


File: 1608528403659.jpeg (424.24 KB, 2000x1200, d&g.jpeg)

This might be better in a separate thread but whatever.

Would it be a bad idea to learn French by reading the untranslated works of Deleuze and Guattari? Perhaps I should stick to the existentialists.


Thanks for the material in this thread guys, really good stuff.


I think it's good to practice any skill just on the threshold of difficulty, so my guess is that if you're in the process of learning French D&G might be not ideal. (They are, after all, often regarded as infamously unclear.) That's why my own French reading at this moment is just newspapers and popular histories. But if it works for you go for it.

File: 1608527944532.jpg (65.54 KB, 604x381, nigelaskey.jpg)


This guy Is called nigel askey, and is apparently a legitimate historian. He published a paper debunking TIK's claim that the K/D ratio of the soviets during WW was 1/1.6, instead claiming that the soviets lost over 4 more times as many combatants as the Germansduring WW2. Here is his paper. I'm not a qualified historian and I dont have access to acrhives or time to research, so I can't debunk him.


I checked out his website and alsthough he does seem to be knowledgeable, he makes certain ridiculous claims that the "Vicors write history" in WW2, and the allies covered up how technologically and tactically inferior they were to the germans.
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I've read that 1.3:1 irreplaceable casualty ratio is also what US and British forces had fighting against Germany.


Where did you see that?


Post some more Wehraboo arguments and get to debunking them!


&ltLe epic "Muh poor Warsaw unhelped by evul Stalin"
What is with /pol/ and putting their ideology into everything including porn?



Some archive documentaries

Also can anyone help me find an old documentary about Nazi atrocities? I remember it distinctly because among the footage used were filmed portions of Belarus villages and a literal piles of baby corpses torched alive by the nazi scum.

File: 1608528392715.jpg (231.02 KB, 750x915, 1606319516057.jpg)


Penguin Random House Parent Company buys Simon & Schuster
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I'm jelly of first worlders, they can get books for so cheap. Everything here is expensive, even used books in tatters.


Does that mean the Penguin classics catalog will get bigger?


They should burn all the Chodehouse books if they are going. Chodehouse is baby crap. I don't read it and I don't need it shoved down my fucking throat cause manbaby will pee pee his pants if you don't read it.


unfortunate word choice


I truly can't stand hearing about Chodehouse. Try talking about something I actually care about. Even just one page. Everyone here backs me up too. They don't want to hear some fat geek recite his favorite Chodehouse gags. Try to read and discuss somethin I fucking care about. Chodehouse peeves me off to no end.

File: 1608528083877.jpg (68.21 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


What can you guys tell me about "Time Travel"?
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In a way, going to the future is possible if you move at relativistic speeds.
Going to the past would require moving at above the speed of light.




worst movie plot


File: 1608528402593.jpg (55.96 KB, 722x349, b01.jpg)

Here's not much better.


This is the plot of Steins;Gate.

File: 1608528374489.jpg (212.11 KB, 417x498, 1600614433879.jpg)


I can't concentrate when reading on a computer screen, is it a bad idea or nah? Ideally I'm only going to buy cheap used stuff I find.

Another question, should I try to get the absolute best translation and publisher or is does it not matter what edition I get as long as I freaking read something?
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Hardcover is better because the book is far less likely to get torn or the cover itself wear out. Paperback books are known to be cheap because they're shoddy 90% of the time.


Adding to this I'd also get a hardcover if it's a reference work that you're going to be opening often.


Ok, but Realtalk.
I was planning on ordering some Cockshott to read it in physical, but this whole "will be put on a List" is worriesome


tbh cockshott is very low risk. It's basically all computer science, maths, planned economy shit, as opposed to 'let's kill and maim every land owner' and so on


me too anon. used bookstores/op shops are great, and if your area has based unions they occasionally have some prole literature.

File: 1608528254863.png (16.87 KB, 466x280, ES.png)


>Let's talk about a hard truth about voting and community networks….
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>These three rules will help you OVERTHROW CAPITALISM! [Dialectical Materialism Part 3]


>3 Ways To Hold A Communist Meeting


Book drop @ >>4317


File: 1608528399239-0.png (336.75 KB, 640x550, s9yr7oHZRpY-2VFWMuS68V6DKF….png)

File: 1608528399239-1.jpg (49.98 KB, 599x603, er7i7sw89t161.jpg)

File: 1608528386684.jpg (48.58 KB, 620x413, university_of_toronto_1_1.jpg)


I feel like the busywork is college is draining my desire to live. How do people make it through four years of this?


You don't.


Just deal with it, you don't want to be struggling to survive if you have the chance to get an education to get a better job and therefore more money for praxis. Think of it as your mini long march of your individual life to become less of a wage slave, assuming your degree gives higher salaries. Many proles work jobs, raise kids, and also do college, so you can too comrade. I hope you are finished on time good luck


that’s what I thought at first, and now I did so poorly that I’m doing it in 5 years


Had the same thing but I managed to scrape through with the grade I wanted in the end.
I like this though
>Think of it as your mini long march of your individual life to become less of a wage slave
But it'll depend on what motivates you. What motivates you comrade?


Same as >>4515 and I also owe my university a lot of money, so chop-chop if you don't want to end up like me.

File: 1608527956261.jpg (906.18 KB, 2472x1612, RPG A.jpg)


A thread for informative content of all types
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File: 1608527974448.jpg (173.68 KB, 1181x1670, 9765e9b6a0d72e3beb114b5e67….jpg)



File: 1608527975997.jpeg (166.07 KB, 750x929, freetrain.jpeg)



File: 1608528253624-0.jpg (172.64 KB, 1085x751, 6 News Filter.jpg)

File: 1608528253624-1.png (395.58 KB, 800x533, 10 companies own everythin….png)

File: 1608528253624-2.jpg (65.88 KB, 1280x720, african 'aid'.jpg)



Reminder that the rail/train thread is on >>>/hobby/


As is /k/ and the permaculture thread

File: 1608528395970.jpg (20.92 KB, 259x386, Marxism_and_the_Oppression….jpg)


>The author voices concern that the philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels failed to incorporate women's oppression into their critiques of capitalism.
What is "The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State" for $300, Trebek?
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obligatory dumbass tankie post


Not him but what's so dumb about it? And I hope, that you know Zetkin and Kollontai are not Tankies


>Hurr ur tankie
1) That's not an insult except in the minds of childish thorylet ankids and their infantile fantasies
2) There is no argument. Feminism is a goal, not a method, and to practice it is to practice identity politics and therefore, go against Socialism
3) The practical results of the USSR demonstrate success. In the USA the Suffragettes barely achieved anything other than 'voting' and 2nd/3rd wave feminism was mostly liberal contrarianism that porky used to pit men against women creating sectarian divides based on mostly bourg pseudoscience. In the USSR women had maternity leaves and accommodations for them, they could take ANY work they wanted but were also not pressured to choose tradionally masculine labour just to be contrarian. They had equal rights and their place in the labour force appropriately complimented men, just as men complimented them, rather than competing over nothing. Women in the Red Army were usually nurses but NOTHING stopped them from being ordinary soldiers and killing Nazi scum, nothing stopped them from leading factories and being awarded for heroism and labour.

That is real women's rights, and not some imagined whining.


>only "theorylets" dislike MLs


Leftcoms and ancoms who aren't bad faith idealists disagree with MLs and may oppose them, but do not resort to petty emotional "hurr ur tankie", in-part because this argument is easy to flip right back at them and also in part because it is immature and not an argument, as you still don't have one.

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