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File: 1627223538185.png (1.97 MB, 2550x6000, cambodia.png)


Did the Cambodian Genocide happen? Is picrel true or full of shit? If it happened, was it justified? Was Chomsky right to deny it at the time? Will this OP reach 200 chars? So many questions, so few answers.


I can't speak of Pol Pot's "achievements" and whether he's worth defending or not, but Michael Vickery is legit and anticommunists have certainly inflated the death toll while trying to whitewash the damage they themselves caused in Indochina.




vickery is an anticommunist too

File: 1633867853108.png (1.09 MB, 970x1326, ClipboardImage.png)


Who this dude
Mexican Revolution seems so big with a lot of alliances and shit

Who were /ourguys/?


He is, or was, Emiliano Zapata, the leader of the Southern Revolutionary Army. He lead mostly an army of peasants and workers in the southern part of Mexico, mainly in chiapas and Oaxaca.
If you ever heard the slogan "Land and Liberty" it was actually made by him, or his army. Also he was pretty based as far as I know, he wanted to redistribute land and end thw cacique and hacienda system, which was like slavery but with extra steps.

He was murdered by the carrancista army and the southern revolutionary army disbanded along, this was due a buncj lf factors, mainly because Carranza wanted to consolidate its power after the Decena Tragica, in which Francisco I. Madero was also murdered, by I cant quite remembrr his name.

At the end, the murder of Zapata and Villa left the revolution under control of the carranzista forces.


File: 1637483777375.jpg (48.71 KB, 300x352, RFloresMagon.jpg)

>Who were /ourguys/?
Duckduckgo Ricardo Flores Magon


Magon was more of an anarchist of I am not mistaken. But he was pretty based actually :^).

File: 1635358285118.jpg (12.27 KB, 180x280, abolition.jpg)


On Friday, 2021-10-29, at 21:30 EDT and 18:30 PDT, a friend and I will be reading "Abolition of Work" by Bob Black[1]. We last read "Civil Disobedience" by Thoreau and criticized it from leftist perspectives.
What is the best platform for hosting the discussion on to share it with leftychan? We're currently using Discord[2] because it has less problems than Zoom/Facebook/Google but has better moderation tools than Jitsi Meet. Discord is also more accessible for "the general public" than Matrix, etc.
Also just generally paging for interest I guess

[1] - https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/bob-black-the-abolition-of-work
[2] - https://discord.gg/7JG3Usr6Jv

File: 1626398984365.jpg (149.39 KB, 600x389, Thread.jpg)


Things to share: Movies, documentaries and mainly books.
Anything related to socialism, anarchy, communism and so on.

>Absolute beginner material




>More Marx and Engels


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File: 1635279730704-0.jpg (5.47 MB, 4453x6000, 1634121849541-0.jpg)

File: 1635279730704-1.png (639.65 KB, 3081x2025, 1634121849541-1.png)

File: 1635279730704-2.pdf (123.93 KB, 67x118, 1634121849541-2.pdf)

Title: General history of architecture. Volume 12. Book 1. Architecture of the USSR.
Original title: Всеобщая история архитектуры. Том 12. Книга 1. Архитектура СССР.

In-depth 750 page history of architecture in the USSR from 1917 to 1970. Book is divided into four sections, 1917—1932, 1933—1941, 1941—1954, and 1955—1970. Attached are sample images from the book and an English translation of the introduction.

MEGA link: https://mega.nz/file/n4xiRThb
Key: EdYeER6XTUKskZQIxB_eFmbN_jBtslMcc4teGXyhqnc


File: 1635279935202-0.pdf (833.9 KB, 232x300, 719d82d049d12e8bc927f5c692….pdf)

File: 1635279935202-1.pdf (1.16 MB, 184x300, 1635272748004.pdf)

File: 1635279935202-2.pdf (12.44 MB, 213x300, che.pdf)

File: 1635279935202-3.pdf (4.66 MB, 398x300, mini manual.pdf)

File: 1635279935202-4.png (332.81 KB, 1280x720, Untitled-1.png)



File: 1635280111967.pdf (3.94 MB, 67x118, Mao Tse-Tung On Guerilla W….pdf)



File: 1635280344644-0.pdf (178.99 KB, 232x300, Carlos Marighella - Sua Vi….pdf)

File: 1635280344644-1.pdf (16.98 MB, 389x300, AK-47 - Operator's Manual.pdf)

File: 1635280344644-2.pdf (2.51 MB, 67x118, AK-47_Army_203rd_BW.pdf)

File: 1635280344644-3.pdf (1.38 MB, 67x118, How to Start & Train a Mil….pdf)



File: 1635280654388-0.pdf (29.65 MB, 225x300, Fry The Brain The Art of U….pdf)

File: 1635280654388-1.pdf (89.02 KB, 67x118, IRA Green Book, Volumes 1 ….pdf)

File: 1635280654388-2.pdf (454.46 KB, 375x300, IRA Volunteers Handbook - ….pdf)

File: 1608528335857.png (12 KB, 171x158, leftypedia logo.png)

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Hello everyone, we have received the results of our project proposal topic, and I'm delighted to announce that we are teaming up with 'leftypedia' to deliver our planned 'argument/talking point resource' idea. In case you don't know, leftypedia is the current version of the old abandoned 'marxistpedia' which was a project started by leftypol users back in the day, so I think this is sort of like a homecoming in a way.


Anyway, if you have a look at the leftypedia site you might be able to tell that they have a much more formal and 'encyclopedic' tone than what we're planning, just like wikipedia, but the admin is going to create a separate 'category' for our new content that will be called something like 'rhetoric: topic' rather than just 'topic', this will also feature on the frontpage much like the encyclopedic content. As a tenplate, I'd like you to feast your eyes on these pages which someone on leftypedia already made (albeit only on their personal userspace for now).


I'd like to ask if anyone can come up with a slightly more catchy name for our new section than 'rhetoric', cause that sounds a bit cumbersome to me even though I came up with it, so yeah, open to suggestions.

So, since that isn't implemented yet, I'd like you all to try familiarise yourselves with the site for now, maybe take a look at the articles that are already there and improve some of them if you feel able. Unfortunately the site currently has only edit by approval so you will have to wait for any changes you make to be approved, this is because of a persistent spambot problem and I hope that we will be able to work out something to change this to normal editing as on wikipedia and the like, please just bear with it for now.

If you have an answer to a 'common question', or you have an effortpost you'd like to archive and save, then please post it in this topic for now so that we can work on it together until we can figure out how to categorise our new section of the site.

Thanks for your attention!
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Does anyone want a Canada article?


Yes, please do make one


sure ill work on it. hopefully my newspaper hoarding hobby will help out


Great! The more people participating in the wiki is good.



File: 1608528091138.jpg (96.19 KB, 1920x1200, 1589137529016.jpg)


The history of space travel. I want all material, factoids, trivia, books on space. From Sputnik to the recent Crew Dragon and further beyond


File: 1632007582490.pdf (27.57 MB, 231x300, Asif A. Siddiqi - Challeng….pdf)

Haven't read (big one) but have heard it's THE book covering the Soviet side.

File: 1608527973613.jpg (994.87 KB, 1550x2417, manifest-995k.jpg)


How do you take your notes? Do you take notes? Use this thread to discuss methods, tips, and anything else related to how you take notes.
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cute girl, i like it better already


Yeah if you're taking notes for a class I don't think the Zettelkasten method is really what you're looking for. It's more meant to be an overall knowledge management system.

Cornell method is decent. It's really not so important to follow one particular method as it is write things out in a way that isn't too rushed, is easy to understand later, and is in your own words (so that you actually have to understand it).


I don't really see the point of having designated places for keywords and summaries.


Search time optimization.



File: 1621869990082.jpg (14.53 KB, 201x302, Juan_Posadas.jpg)


/posadism/ general

Any posadist literature in english? I wanna see if there is any method to his madness or is it just shizo rambling.
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Is there an epub of this?


General /ayyyylmao/ thread? Anyone have any suggestions for books on the trans-dimensional theories? I've read Valleé and liked it but this was years ago and he never really articulated a theory.


File: 1621891672967.pdf (161.81 KB, 67x118, JP-Flying-Saucers-JP-final.pdf)



File: 1621909814993-0.pdf (84.18 KB, 67x118, FutureOfHumanity.pdf)

File: 1621909814993-1.pdf (1.07 MB, 67x118, 1_THE REVOLUTIONARY STAT-4….pdf)

File: 1621909814993-2.pdf (420.76 KB, 232x300, Juan Posadas - Flying Sauc….pdf)



I just read an interview of this guy who wrote the book

I was going to search the book he wrote until i realized that I already downloaded it from this very thread lol

File: 1630817287335.png (2.55 MB, 1080x770, ClipboardImage.png)


I want to read every good about the pop culture and political climate of the 60s
Fiction, Non Fiction

Whatever book that takes place during these eras 1950-1970
Especially the vietnam war


File: 1630823089000.jpg (55.78 KB, 825x1024, zdzislaw-beksinski-paintin….jpg)

The reason it's so hyper focused in popular culture is that the nixon administration and the USG have had to work very hard to paint the 60s as nothing but drug taking beetniks and hippies in order to white wash the, very active, new left and anti war protesting that was going on at the time.


But practically every 60s media ever always talks about the new left and anti-war protest moment

I don't think the puzzle of hyper focous on 60s is really solved
Maybe it's just me but it feels like that decade is always the poster child for "change" and "new world"


The Tutnese language was by created FBAs to communicate secretly on plantations, according to the fairly scant information on it. The purpose of this thread is to practice speaking Tutnese or dump guides to rules of Tutnese. The video that's embedded here goes into some more details of using Tutnese.

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