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File: 1608528197604.png ( 105.42 KB , 1200x720 , ddr.png )

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what do the german anons here think of the german democratic republic ?
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We need to spread this to more comrades, it's wonderful.


File: 1608528291937-0.pdf ( 81.79 KB , DDR – BRD im ökonomisch-st….pdf )

File: 1608528291937-1.pdf ( 272.49 KB , Heske. Volkswirtschaftlich….pdf )

File: 1608528291937-2.pdf ( 406.38 KB , Honecker Jail Notes.pdf )

Anyone have more pdfs on based DDR?


I was just about to inquire with some Germanons about how reliable those Heske papers are. Eye-opening if so - makes one wonder where Wikipedia's 1989 estimates of $9.7k and $5.1k (on the same page!!!) are pulled from.


who cares what g*rmans “think”


File: 1608528415265-0.jpg ( 86.73 KB , 540x474 , WOpsPHyl.jpg )

File: 1608528415265-1.jpg ( 34.84 KB , 499x339 , x5l1s4p00qr31.jpg )

1988, West Berlin anarchists flee from a police attack and climb over the wall into East Berlin

File: 1608528197251.png ( 105.54 KB , 829x506 , Untitled.png )


>unironically citing Cauchy

File: 1608528195113-0.png ( 214.35 KB , 1200x1123 , mad scientist.png )

File: 1608528195113-1.gif ( 16.25 KB , 620x466 , entropy.gif )


I want to get good at using math for things and practical issues but I'm kind of a brainlet. If you guys could post math formulas and equations for things, what they mean and how I can use them I'd greatly appreciate it.

EG above
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E = mc²


If you are German I can just send you my analysis script. Teaches you everything you need to know about higher level mathematics.


Introduction to Electrodynamics by David Griffiths might be what you’re looking for. it goes over the math you need for the book and it teaches you all about electricity and magnetism which are very easy to experiment with by just picking up a breadboard and some wires and batteries.


What kind of things do you do? As someone with a maths degree it isn't all that practical. The most useful is probably trigonometry and just knowing algebra well, so you can rearrange equations to find out stuff.


what's an analysis script?

File: 1608528095990.png ( 62.77 KB , 794x648 , eastgermany.png )


Why do so many people have a boner for Germany's old eastern borders? Look at any alt-hist featuring the nation and they still own Pomerania, Silesia, Prussia (East/West) etc. Is it because of aesthetics and looking nice, does /pol/ have anything to do with it, or is it something different?
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File: 1608528189510-0.jpg ( 1014.11 KB , 2000x1200 , 1570025870493.jpg )

File: 1608528189510-1.jpg ( 1.2 MB , 1328x4472 , 1494853971461.jpg )



Yeah, hardcore nationalists still consider it 'Elsaß-Lothringen'.
No one else cares, it's a part of France.


I don't know about the "Sovjet citizens" but the "Sovereign citizens" comparison is on-point.


Because Poland is full of reactionaries and reactionary nationalism, to the point where we prefer the Germans.


"Soviet citizens" are a movement of Russians who act as if the Soviet Union still exists and that they are not subject to the laws of the Russian Federation. Similarly to sovereign citizens and Reich citizens they are also attracted to absurd conspiracy theories.

File: 1608527921634.jpg ( 41.52 KB , 304x201 , cast.jpg )


Does anyone here knows any book or more information, about the socialist revolution, that happened in the Caribbean island of Grenada. And also, what are your thoughts on Maurice Bishop
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File: 1608528193779-0.jpg ( 41.48 KB , 400x286 , forwardever.jpg )

File: 1608528193779-1.jpg ( 30.53 KB , 400x286 , ittakesarevo.jpg )

File: 1608528193779-2.jpg ( 40.33 KB , 400x286 , revoauto.jpg )

>Brothers and Sisters,

>This is Maurice Bishop speaking.

>At 4.15am this morning, the People's Revolutionary Army seized control of the army barracks at True Blue.

>The barracks were burned to the ground. After a half an hour struggle, the forces Gairy's army were completely defeated, and surrendered.

>Every single soldier surrendered and not a single member of the revolutionary forces was injured.

>At the same time, the radio station was captured without a single shot being fired.

>Shortly after this, several cabinet ministers were captured in their beds by units of the revolutionary army.

>A number of senior police officers, including Superintendent Adonis Francis, were also taken into protective custody.

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File: 1608528194122.jpg ( 66.5 KB , 720x778 , redpilledbishop.jpg )

In just 4 years in power:
> Illiteracy rate dropped in 49% in just 2 years
> Over six hundred poor workers received house repair materials through the National House Repair Programme
>Thirty Community Centres opened, others being built
>Numerous communities cleaned up and improved by voluntary work brigades.
>50,000 Grenadians treated by members of the Cuban Medical Workers Team in Grenada
>Social projects Units set up in the Ministry of Communications and Works to provide materials for community work around the country
>More than 2500 new jobs created
>All anti-worker laws abolished.
>Trade Union membership increased to 50% from 30% under Gairy to 80% now.
>Workers protected by Trade Union Recognition Act.
>Maternity Leave Law passed. Major benefits for women in the country.
>Equal pay for equal work established by PRG.
>All forms of discrimination against women outlawed, law passed to guarantee opportunities to the women of our country.
>Secondary School fees reduced to $12.50 per term from $50.00 before the Revolution. In September, secondary education will be free
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File: 1608528194235.pdf ( 2.28 MB , Alister Hughes_Eye Witness….pdf )

One more book on Grenadian history


File: 1608528194314-0.gif ( 48.52 KB , 185x307 , mauricebishop4.gif )

File: 1608528194314-1.jpg ( 30.24 KB , 640x447 , mauricebishop6.jpg )

File: 1608528194314-2.jpg ( 41.52 KB , 304x201 , mauricebishop5.jpg )

Also here is my collection of videos, documentaries, speeches on Maurice Bishop and The People's Revolutionary Government:

> Bishop's speech

&lt An inside on The People's Revolutionary Government
> AP Archive
> Fidel visits Grenada
> Grenada - Revo Documentary
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFiYHj3nAJI (part 1)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6ZBTa47o_w (part 2)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtvGdbg3skI (part 3)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-4WkI3PNoo (part 4)
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File: 1608528194488-0.jpg ( 98.22 KB , 360x244 , mauricebishop7.jpg )

File: 1608528194488-1.jpg ( 82.59 KB , 360x242 , mauricebishop8.jpg )

File: 1608528194488-2.jpg ( 75.99 KB , 299x439 , mauricebishop9.jpg )

Also I forgot some more important links

> Bishop's biography

> List of all Bishop's speeches
> Bishop's writing "Why a newspaper?"


By marxist standards, I do not provide labor, I own capital. From what I understand, the commie concept of wage labor is "exploitation" in the sense that we take the surplus value you produce. Since this board allows non-leftists to ask questions, mine is, why do you think you have the right to the full product/end result of your labor and not just a small compensation?

If I were to pay my wagecucks the full amount, or give them control over my company instead of paying them a pittance, I won't be able to stay competitive and maximize profits.

In capitalist philosophy on the other hand, exploitation requires the use of force. A worker is not forced to work for me for example, they are 100% free to go find a different job or start their own company. I just wanna know your point of view, and why you think you are entitled to your surplus labor.
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I want to say an additional observation, which I think you wouldn't find frequently in Marxist literature. I call this the Golden Law of Socialist Economy:

~ In the condition of good environment, the lower GDP of a socialist country is, the better efficiency it will achieve ~


>Why can't someone start a business though and go from rags to riches?
Such examples are rare, but in any event even if they were more common that would not be the relevant point. An enterprising peasant in the Mughal empire could become a zamindar - whether people change the positions they occupy doesn't change whether those positions are exploitative.

>The market values assets because of demand, and if you are able to fulfill this demand, you get rewarded

This might be a plausible account of CEO pay - that investors pay CEOs much because they know they're so good at their jobs. (There are of course other explanations, but we're not worried about that issue right now.) However, when you buy a company's assets, you're not buying the CEO's time - you're buying the assets. This can be seen most clearly in the purchase, valuation, and payoffs of securities which don't have to be actively managed at all. (If you're a Nazi this is proof that bankers don't do "real" work but factory owners do, but if you think through the logic of the market at all you'll see that people who own shares of each sector are collecting rent on it in similar ways.)




File: 1608528188980.jpg ( 60.59 KB , 664x627 , 1587972799704.jpg )

>In capitalist philosophy on the other hand, exploitation requires the use of force. A worker is not forced to work for me for example, they are 100% free to go find a different job or start their own company.
Man, you have got to read Marx.


>A worker is not forced to work for me for example, they are 100% free to go find a different job or start their own company.
Good job outing yourself as a high schooler. Literally no adult with a mature brain believes in that myth.

File: 1608527940709.png ( 347.86 KB , 680x730 , tmp_14091.png )


Dark edition.
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anyone know sites with good history boards?


How can anyone rationally believe that when the easier answer is that you only learn European history in school?


It’d be good if we had more people.


I sexond this one


File: 1608528189129-0.png ( 439.62 KB , 589x752 , 1585360081179.png )

File: 1608528189129-1.png ( 39.88 KB , 300x196 , thumb_damn-bitch-you-live-….png )

File: 1608528189129-2.jpg ( 263.53 KB , 1078x939 , 1585514052845.jpg )

File: 1608527918833.jpg ( 117.32 KB , 776x749 , 1574834893361.jpg )


Is this man the only good youtube historian?
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I like how in his latest video he was clearly butthurt about clever political maneuvering by Tito at the expense of the british LMAO


sometimes right-wing idiots can still make good content. See TiK vidoes before he came out as a libertardian


He's fun to listen to but a British nationalist so I don't take him seriously on anything related to the UK.


"Denying Hitler was a socialist means denying the holocaust happened"


If you are into medieval weapons and martial arts scholagladiatoria blows them all out of the water and is not a retarded right winger:

File: 1608528184141.jpg ( 59.06 KB , 457x640 , 313e9201c1d65497c1fe54ac55….jpg )


Why some marxist use historical determinism as a pejorative and how can someone be marxist and reject determinism?


Marxists acknowledge that contradictions are inherent to all things in themselves across all times. There is no such thing as an absolute harmony which can be disturbed or reach. Hence dialectics are anti-determinist at a fundamental zero-level.


Historical determinism is often used to mean the belief that history is outside the control of humanity and instead happens to them like the weather.

Meanwhile Marx claimed that humans are capable of consciously changing their material conditions (by "revolutionary activity").

File: 1608527998653.jpg ( 1.33 MB , 1820x4348 , V3j_b1VqNW0XCtMToOg5Tuc5jd….jpg )


And which should I skip?
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Pynchon is very fun to read


My personal favorite is 77


It’s not a book about ideology per se, however it’s an incredible book. It’s a story about childhood’s end, fear, anger, nostalgia, with some midlife crisis stuff thrown in. It’s great


File: 1608528187979.jpeg ( 4.25 KB , 229x220 , descarga (71).jpeg )

>my gf's favorite book


She just thinks Nabakov was the century's finest prose stylist.

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