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File: 1608528415776.mp4 (3.47 MB, 814x464, ezgif-4-8af54bdc69a6.mp4)


Do you agree with her?
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high school biology


Mental disorders are real but only in relation to society. It only truly becomes a disorder once it negatively impacts your functioning in daily life. If big pharma and corpos didn't dominate medicine, you'd see more of a focus on treating the disorder as a symptom of coping with social life rather than a problem inherent to the patient. Most psychologists and psychiatrists otherwise accept a nuanced biopsychosocial model of mental behaviour.
There will still be mental disorders under socialism, but different kinds and frequencies. Hopefully they will be treated differently as well.




Leftwing moment.
Tell us more how hearing voices telling you to murder someone isnt a real illness.


>TFW your massive effortpost got deleted by Melons autism on bunkerchan months ago

File: 1627502618732.png (93.12 KB, 606x324, pilot wave.png)


I have absolutely no understanding of physics, so if anyone who understands it can tear me apart I would be grateful.
Suppose I imagine space as a pool of water. Suppose I push a toy boat across the water. That boat will create waves in the water as it moves, and it would appear that the boat follows the waves. If the wave is affected by some other object, it will change shape and alter the trajectory of the boat.
Wouldn't this show that wave-particle duality isn't really a contradiction? Alternatively, is this sort of the idea behind pilot wave theory? Or (more likely) am I oversimplifying shit way too much and missing a lot of basic knowledge?

File: 1624130771203.jpeg (77.51 KB, 960x634, weg mit gott.jpeg)


Attention! • Achtung!
Asshole! • Arschloch!
I won and you lost, haha! / I got this and you don’t, haha! • Ätsch!
Owee! • Aua!
Stand up! / Wake up! • Aufstehen!
Tidy up! • Aufräumen!
Open the door/window/whatever! • Aufmachen!
Close the door/window/whatever! • Zumachen!
Encore! • Zugabe! (shouted ZU-GA-BE to keep in synch with the others shouting it)
Colloquial greeting that sounds like a question. • Na?
Don’t act cocky like that! • Nanana! It basically only exists in spoken form. Some writing attempts use spaces, but that’s like writing Zu ga be.
I’m rating this game/movie/situation/whatever two stars out of five. ★★☆☆☆ • Naja. It’s also a filler word similar to “well“.
Boaster! • Angeber!
Give it! • Gib! (order addressing a single person)
Sit down! • Hinsetzen!
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>Great and/or horny! • Geil!
If i say: "Ich bin geil" (if that's even correct to begin with), would i be saying that i'm great or that i'm horny?


Depending on context, could be either.


Note that list is mostly about the meaning in self-contained pseudo-sentences. Great is mentioned first because that is the most likely interpretation if you just shout that one word and the horny thing is mentioned because this is the meaning it sometimes also has and it would be wrong to not tell that the learner.
>Ich bin geil.
99 % horny interpretation.
>Der/Die/Er/Sie ist geil.
This one really can go both ways. It can be mean that person is really cool and makes you enthusiastic…
>Ich bin geil auf…
This means I am really enthusiastic or horny about something and whatever follows should greatly reduce the ambiguity. Also, if you are horny, you usually don’t announce that to the world, so when somebody says the word with many people hearing it, it is unlikely to be meant in the horny sense.

Conceptually related: There is the word die Lust, which (as you probably have guessed) can refer to sexual appetite, but also just that you just really want to do something. Of course, this also exist in English, like with the formulation lust for life, a difference is that Lust has a far higher frequency in German use. So with this mental bridge, I guess geil is not that mysterious after all.


>>6602 (me)
Forgot to explain why the first-person version of the sentence leans so strongly into horny territory compared to the third-person version. People sound really phony (or ironic) when they say about themselves that they are very cool, so that interpretation option gets basically deleted.


Ja, ich sieth jetzt.

Danke für deine erläuterung. Deutsch bist ein viele fascinating language.

File: 1626631828537.jpg (67.56 KB, 800x800, 84e7853.jpg)


Can attention spans be repaired? I regret ever being introduced to Twitter or Facebook or any of that. I feel like I can't work without looking something up a few minutes later, and then becoming distracted for an hour. I don't wanna completely abandon those social media sites, memes and cat pics are butter for my real life social relationships. Any tips?
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Do this. Block all those damn sites and seriously consider deleting them. You can stay in touch with your friends by texting, so they fullfil no real use case


File: 1627207642033.jpg (85.18 KB, 1200x800, 1626801183025.jpg)

Literally, OP, stop using them. Start making effort posts, reading, and even blogging. I have a gemini capsule and it allows me to write posts thousands and thousands of characters long and it helps me to focus and hone my skills as far as logic and my attention span goes.


Stop using social media, even youtube is a attention span killer. Also, reading and WRITING are good trainers for you attention spam, not to sound too new age but meditation also works. If you can learn to spend a few minutes doing nothing, you can learn to spend a few minutes doing something full focus.


Here are some things I have done to help train my attention span:

I deleted my facebook once and for all.
I kept my instagram to share memes and cat pics.
And I started writing in a journal 20 minutes (minimum) daily.
Limit my time here, focusing on /edu/

Writing has helped me get into the process of reminiscing more, so maybe that's a sign that I'm being more attentive?

It's just the little things.


Also, if you must use youtube to get a source of news, copy down your usual channels, and watch sparingly while NOT logged into google. Do NOT let the algorithm suck you in.

File: 1622811198330.jpg (72.84 KB, 1000x667, rubbo ducko.jpg)


Hello edu, I am a curious yet ADD retard that finds it difficult to grasp anything through reading and I offer you my services;
See some people find it helpful to improve their understanding of a topic by explaining it to someone else. If you are one of these people please feel free to try and explain what it is you are working on and I will try my best to grasp what you are saying though active listening.Win win
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yeah, I hadn't noticed that.
this is a good talk on the subject.

"the interpreter pattern is the only useful patter in the GoF book" lmao.


> "the interpreter pattern is the only useful patter in the GoF book" lmao.
That's a bit unfair, the visitor pattern is pretty cool and so are the strategy and state patterns.


I dislike OOP tbh. I don't use it that much, nor do I do fancy enough shit to merit it.

This Free stuff is nice if your language has a nice type system.


Give Smalltalk a try, it will change your views on OOP for sure: https://mooc.pharo.org/


This would be part of a larger program.
Hmmm I'll look into it. I've never heard anyone use smalltalk for modern shit.

File: 1626409554903.jpg (2.97 MB, 2181x2979, mises.jpg)


Hey friends, I am looking for some good PDFs, videos and takes from you on why the economic calculation problem is incorrect and not a damning critique of socialism.

Please note I am not a libertarian, I am relativley new to Marxism and given what I know as far as I can tell other than the world regressing into barbarism the ECP seems to be the only thing posing a true existential threat to socialism.
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Oh you have interacted with the two?


yes anon, people in academia talk to each other


How the fuck should I know that you are in academia?




There's tacit knowledge that A) is tacit because it just hasn't been formalized and stored in documents and it it's trivial to do that; there's tacit knowledge B) that could be easily formalized like that in theory, but the people who could do it have vested interest in not doing it (keeping their skill set scarce), and then there's tacit knowledge C) where it seems hard to impossible to actually do that, even with people who are both unusually bright and unusually generous about sharing information (for example, I may remember very well how somebody looks like, but communicating that information is tedious). I don't think shouting "tacit knowledge" is really a great argument for capitalism as it actually exists, the rhetoric seems to be focused on a sort of rare Renaissance Man, a fabulous small-business guy who is both engineer and manager. Most managers are not like that. And a capitalist can be somebody who isn't just a bit ignorant about what's going on on the shop floor, a capitalist can be an entirely passive investor. If anything, tacit knowledge should be the buzzword of the syndicalists and not those shilling for the existence of stock markets (which is what they do, even if they rarely bring up the stock market while they make the claim with tacit knowledge, because deep down they know that wouldn't convince anybody).

We have already talked about the issue in the various cybernetic socialism threads. The following problems and ideas for minimizing them are all from older threads:

1. A jury rates products or performances or whatever by average rating. A small dishonest minority can get disproportional influence by using tactically exaggerated ratings. Solution: We use an aggregation method that is less influenced by outliers, the most extreme option here is using the median.

2. Some resource is available in limited quantities and allocated without use of budgets. When the sum of requests exceed the available amount, each request is scaled down proportionally. People can anticipate the down-scaling and make exaggerated requests, which leads to anticipation of more extreme down-scaling and bigger exaggerations and so on. Solution: We either use budgets or another method of reducing amounts which is not sensitive to this exaggeration: allocating one additional unit per agent per round. However, if this method iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1626768276992.jpg (146.59 KB, 856x1662, cecf993689bba2afb82b2dee01….jpg)


Where is it possible to find modern and materialist history of things?
Why everytime i search for something I always have to to through pile of positivist brainlets?
I want a library full of Materialist Analysis of history. Why i cannot find out history of the Mongol Empire and Lamaism without reading through some micky mouse shit about
>lmao they chinks they think like dat
>lmao das tradition mane
>lmao religion says x therfore y happen
why there is no fucking historian who explain the material basis of these thoughts of tradition in the first place? No wonder people are geographically and historically illiterate
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I'm also interested in this


Thank you




Dead board


bumping on /edu/, maybe it will get more responses here

File: 1608528029712.jpg (808.47 KB, 1700x2151, Hegel_by_Schlesinger.jpg)


I'm trying to learn and understand dialectics, but I think getting some direction for this would be helpful.

Which works should I read to understand dialectical (Hegelian, materialist) thinking and in what order?
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long winded rightoid garbage


>4 hours
I think I'll pass, thanks. lol


hilarious. I miss him, comrades. Is he still being insane?

Also, unashamed bump.


best explaination of hegelian dialectics so far
It's in German but with English subtitles just turn them on


>Daoism is the ideology of primitive tribal chieftains, who want to return to the simple time of primitive communism. It's not a accident that the more communist you are, the more dialectical you become

I like to think that about Jesus and his Christianity, but I don't see any evidence of dialectical thinking on his part, except maybe for the gospel of thomas, but I'll have to read that one again.

File: 1626503930324.jpeg (91.28 KB, 393x500, a_aaaamoDeleuze.jpeg)


Give me the TL;DR on him.
I've skimmed through some introductory materials of his writings and they catch my curiosity yet I am too brainlet to actually read them. What exactly is schizoanalysis and how does capitalism relate to schizophrenia?


There really is no easy TL;DR, he wrote about a lot of very different things. You could start with the SEP article, especially the part about his collaboration with Guattari.

>I am too brainlet to actually read them

Just do it, anon. Deleuze himself said that you should jump right into Anti-Oedipus even if you have no background in philosophy.

>The history of philosophy has always been the agent of power in philosophy, and even in thought. It has played the repressors role: how can you think without having read Plato, Descartes, Kant and Heidegger, and so-and-so’s book about them? A formidable school of intimidation which manufactures specialists in thought – but which also makes those who stay outside conform all the more to this specialism which they despise. An image of thought called philosophy has been formed historically and it effectively stops people from thinking.


> Deleuze himself said that you should jump right into Anti-Oedipus even if you have no background in philosophy.

How can one man be so based? Truly the nu-Marx who wanted to arm the common man with reason against capitalist production. I need to finish AO after Vol 3.


Read Jon Roffe's The Works of Gilles Deleuze I: 1953-1969. v02 is set to come out whenever. Avoid Brian Massumi and any secondary lit derived from him as much as you can.




File: 1626756300535.jpg (39.8 KB, 484x397, 1626756296915.jpg)

Schizos are outside rationality and therefore are the site of revolution against the logic of capital.

File: 1625415138085.jpg (51.67 KB, 620x421, georges-bataille.jpg)


is he a schizo? Are his theories specifically general economy compatible with marxism in some form or are at least of some interest?
Does he have a good grasp on dialectics or his rambling lead to Nick Land tier shit?
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File: 1625418142030.pdf (5.29 MB, 198x300, The Accursed Share Volume ….pdf)

You serious bro?


Guy praised Stalin's Collectivization too


Post some more Bataille PDFs blease


File: 1626666816062-0.pdf (2.53 MB, 393x300, Erotism Death and Sensuali….pdf)

File: 1626666816062-1.pdf (5.57 MB, 388x300, The Accursed Share, Vols. ….pdf)

Here you go


thanks anon, if you have any more surrealist pdfs please link. i love that shit.

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