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What does /edu/ do for knowledge management? Does it work? How important is it? Experiences?

I am starting a Tiddlywiki and plan on doing the zettelkasten method. The way I understand it, I just take notes and link them to each other with tags or something? Seems straightforward yet quite useful.


Fuck, wanted to post links for curious anons but I clicked enter by accident.

Zettelkasten intro:

Good video on tiddlywiki + zettel:


I found this video helpful as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFZHuWLA09M


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Zettelkastens are great.

I've posted about my setup before at >>>/tech/6207. I take notes in Emacs's Org Mode, using Org Roam to add zettelkasten functionality. My setup has changed a bit since originally posting since Org Roam has gone through a global redesign, but the core idea is the same: leverage the absurd extensibility of Emacs and Org Mode to achieve a setup that is powerful yet incredibly simply to use.

Org Mode is a very powerful markup language, simpler than markdown yet supports seamless integration with LaTeX functionality such as bibliography management. I would recommend this vid for a brief introduction/overview https://youtube.com/watch?v=SzA2YODtgK4


Looks really cool, but I'm already setup with tiddlywiki and I'm not not nerdy (i.e., smart) enough to fuck with emacs tbh.


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I just write notes in org-mode. I used to do these list based outlines but then switched to writing summaries, they are harder to write but I like to believe that it is a "desirable difficulty". Plus they are much easier to read than the stupid lists I used to do.

I don't do zettelkasten because it is too much work. You are not taking notes but building an encyclopedia. You are supposed to extract and isolate every idea in what you are studying and make a self-contained entry for each. That in itself kind of sounds fun but you have to give titles to the entries which is just too hard.

> I'm not not nerdy (i.e., smart) enough
You most probably are. Don't get spooked by "intelligence".


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back in the day i used mind mapping software

now usually only cherrytree and a bunch of .txt files, and i organize this into project folders


Excuse my barbarian nature, but "personal knowledge management" sounds like something invented by entrepreneurs or life coaches, and looks like fachidiotism. It's basically a brain prosthesis which leads to a disuse of that part of your mind.

I just write down things in a few digital text files like a primitive, then have to exercise my brain to remember what's in them. Paper would be even better, you have to think before you write, no virtual text on a screen to manipulate to infinity and scan through with complex regex patterns.


They call it second braining


you can't store any complex enough data (over years say) like this

if its just for current use then maybe
and for even more complex things you already need other tools, like spreedsheet editor, scientific note pad or what ever

txt files fork well for ideas dumping and probably some writeout


*work well


also it is more of a personal wiki

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