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Post video recordings of lectures and announcements for online lectures.

>inb4 schitzos like peterson or other rightwingers

this is /leftypol/ faggot
>inb4 Richard D. Wolff
all his lectures i have seen so far are just very basic stuff if you find some more advanced stuff post it

I want to focus this thread on philosophy, history and political economy on an academic level.


Marxian Economics Econ 305 by Professor Stephen Resnick

Capitalism: Competition, Conflict and Crises by Professor Anwar Shaikh


Reading Marx’s Capital Volume 1 by Professor David Harvey

Reading Marx’s Capital Volume 2 (plus parts of Volume 3) by Professor David Harvey

Reading Marx’s Grundrisse by Professor David Harvey

Marx, Capital, and the Madness of Economic Reason by Professor David Harvey




The Myth of American Exceptionalism by Professor Howard Zinn


On the Complexity Order of Economic Planning by Doctor Paul Cockshott


Hegel’s Concept of Time by Professor Dina Emundts


Real Economic Analysis: A Theoretical and Empirical Alternative to Economic Orthodoxy by Professor Anwar Shaikh


Historical Foundations of Political Economy by Professor Anwar Shaikh


The Labor Theory of Value by Doctor Asatar Bair


File: 1624119998268.pdf ( 500.76 KB , 67x118 , koch_five_lectures_about_h….pdf )

Five Lectures About Hegel by Professor Anton Friedrich Koch


Don't Talk to the Police by Professor James Duane


The Darker Myths of Empire by Doctor Michael Parenti


Master Class on Frantz Fanon by Professor Lewis Gordon


The Myth of the "Clash of Civilizations" by Professor Edward Said


The Assassination of Julius Caesar: A People's History of Ancient Rome by Doctor Michael Parenti


On The Palestinian People by Professor Edward Said


The U.S. War on Yugoslavia by Doctor Michael Parenti


Orientalism by Professor Edward Said


Crisis in the Periphery: Africa and the Caribbean by Doctor Walter Rodney


Michael Heinrich: The bourgeois state: class domination on the basis of freedom and equality


The Imperial Paradox: Ideologies of Empire by Professor Ellen Meiksins Wood


Visualizing Capital by Professor David Harvey


Ba'athism: Ideology, History, Revolution


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