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Anyone here like any game streamers?
I don't mean people like Ninja who are interactive advertisements, but more the people who play strange and obscure games and are entertaining in their own right.
I like Jerma, Vinesauce Vinny, and Vinesauce Swedish Vinny.


I prefer to actually play games than listen to some youtube/twitch attention whore who has shit tier vidya skill.


My physical and mental health has been shit for the past 2 years and I've been watching a lot of videogame streams.

My take is: don't watch streamers unless they're your friends (actual ones).


i put vinny vinesauce on as background noise because i like his voice


Supergreatfriend is as good as he is virtually unknown. His best known work are lps of deadly premonition and illbleed, but nowadays he mostly does streams. I take a lot of pleasure in his dry wit, nonchalance and lack of pretense.


same, I used to watch let#s plays when my parents wouldn't buy me any games but these days I just play everything myself


I rarely watch twitch, however I do quite like The Lorerunner who does live reviews of different games and generally is quite wholesome to listen too.
Though from what I gather there is a rumor that he once ate pizza


I watch lp'ers for games that I wouldn't wanna play myself but which are otherwise amusing. Like the mentioned deadly premonition and illbleed.


File: 1608527741892.png (881.8 KB, 640x644, xvcb2ne6t2v31.png)

I sometimes watch ludwig, I find him funny


>My physical and mental health has been shit for the past 2 years and I've been watching a lot of videogame streams.

There seems to be a correlation between depression and watching game streamers, isn't there?


Nah, I believe game streaming is the third lowest form of entertainment there is… right before conspiratorial punditry and reality tv.


Nice that there'll be a vacuum in the streaming market after the allegations are over.


What allegations fren? against whom?
I am curious as I truly have no idea what you're talking about.


Twitch (along with the gaming industry itself) has it's own #metoo going on right now with a lot of popular streamers allegedly being rapists/sexpests.


File: 1608527749978.png (1.29 MB, 1909x916, Trovo.png)

huh, neat.
guess that's why Tencent's starting to push this right now


I can already imagine the seething Gamers will do if they beat twitch.


I think so yeah.
Most "power viewers" I've spoken to tend to be either children, or friendless losers as is my case.


>they copies twitch's shit gui
oh nonono


I watch Northernlion


sometimes I watch people play games I am otherwise not good at playing, it sometimes teaches me how to be better at the game and get into it myself.


File: 1608527764394.jpg (15.94 KB, 300x302, Reckful.jpg)



I never really watched him but RIP.


>multi millionaire
>play video games all day
Woe is me. S.


he looked better with hairs


I only watch professional CSGO and now Valorant players. Generally if I'm watching a streamer it's because I'm too tired to play after work and want to learn a little from them.


I hope it fucks twitch to death.


This honestly. Can't stand big streamers who bitch about how terrible their streaming job is. These are the kind of fags who'd suicide a week into a common low end job.


I only use Twitch to use Grand Theft Auto roleplay as background noise.


But he's not funny


>Not feeling suicidal while working a retail job full time



That I can understand. But not feeling suicidal over "working" at home playing videogames on flexible hours.


Hashinshin got permabanned today, that was the only channel I ever subbed to back in 2017 even though I stopped following in 2018.

Kinda surreal seeing a gargantuan channel like Destiny pay attention to a guy I knew as a rather obscure league player who picked offmeta stuff.


I watch Vinny's Sunday streams.


his forced laughter is grating


Does anyone else know about SGF?


vinny? forced laughter? wtf, I wouldn’t say that about vinny like… at all.
I prefer joel, but I’d still criticise joel over vinny. But only because joel has a tendency to run a joke into the absolute dirt


>run a joke into the absolute dirt
Listen here bucko, it was hilarious when he just kept going for an hour shitposting after the five minute nintendo direct.
At least it was hilarious for half an hour which is impressive enough before it actually started to get grating lol

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