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Are the MGS games based and REDpilled and Kojima /ourguy/?I know Peace Walker placed Che and the Sandinistas in a positive light but 3 and 5 had some very red scare opinions on the USSR


>>2696the 3 and 5 'red scares' can easily be taken as a criticism of Stalinism and State Capitalism. Don't you agree?




File: 1608527852372.jpg (15.22 KB, 480x360, tomokazu_fukushima.jpg)

Play Ghost Babel and you'll realize anything anti-imperialist in the series came from pic related




>>2700Four adds in that link jesus


>>2701>MMXIX>Not using ad blocker




>>2696He's a lib.


Its the closest you can come to class politics and leftism while still being liberal. MGS is still at its core pretty liberal though, as you can see about how the characters break apart on the whole "Boss' Will" thing and the solutions that they come up with, Big Boss being the only one that comes close to actually good for the world (MSF/DD being an army for 3rd world nations to fight off imperialism, like how they protected Nicaragua and Costa Rica from US meddling), while Zero basically opted for Cyber-dystopia and Skullface opted for mass-genocide to preserve language. And the real answer of the Boss' Will as per MGS4 is just let people decide their own fate for themselves which, alright, but the world is practically destroyed from the war economy, mass-refugee crisis have come out of the endless war, and the world is relapsing into it by Revengence. It's because the series still needs war to drive the plot but it is funny how the liberal solution of the entire plot just admits that it promotes what the Patriots did naturally, in reality the Patriots never needed to control the economy like they did to build up this coordinated war economy.


>>2705Big Boss and his army are more Ancap than socialist


>>2706I'd say Miller is ancap, Big Boss is mostly in it for the fulfillment of the Boss' will, and the individual soldiers are in it for the legend of Big Boss and the promise for a home for soldiers in Outer Heaven. Because otherwise they end up going back home and suffering the shit treatment that veterans usually get after being used and abused in war. Then the side characters usually have different motivations of their own to boot, so it's a ragtag bunch of people that is only really held together by Big Boss, as you can see with MSF dissolving after Ground Zeroes and Outer Heaven going after both of the Big Bosses do. And BB's vision of the Boss' Will is probably the closest to any of the mostly dogshit interpretations, which itself is basically a utopian socialism take on how the world should be.


I'd be surprised if he's anything more than a generic liberal, pro-Sanders at best.






>>2709>>2710simple, all you have to do is keep moving and keep firing the missile launcher


can anyone do a marxist analysis of death stranding? I don't have a ps4


>>2712It's basically capitalism collapsed into neofeudalism because of ecological catastrophe. Yeah it's some metaphysical catastrophe, but in the setting that's a part of the environment. The main plot is trying to diplomatically rebuild the US empire after the collapse reduced it to neofeudal city states. The political situation and plot isn't that complicated from what I've seen discussed. It's just weird for weirdness's sake.


>>2712>>2713I think it also had themes of reconnecting/getting past alienation from each other and seeing new ideas and traditions of the world without bias, since the game's goal is to go and "reconnect" America in a literal and metaphorical sense after the collapse. That might just be reading too much into the game though.


>>2711Yeah I did make it with a an imitation ps2 controller, it was a pain to equip with the xbox controller because r2 is deep, I'm at the end in mgs3 now.


>>2714>reading too much into a Kojima gameis such a thing even possible?


>>2716>is such a thing even possible?clearly you've not seen some of the worst examples.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6xoS6vdeuM


Then why not saying Stalinism and State Capitalism instead of communism?
As for example, at the end of MGS3, The Boss said that she wants a world without capitalism nor communism. Was she trot/left/ancom or simply both anticap and anticom? If so, then what the fuck does she really wants?


I honestly think Kojima is kind of an idiot savant who has some legitimately good ideas, but also a lot of bad ones and absolutely no ability to tell the difference between the two


>This is either madness, or brilliance.
>It's remarkable how often those traits coincide.
-Pirates of the Caribbean

Being able to think outside the box allows you to think of things other people never would, and stumble onto obvious solutions that most people miss. That's what people see as "genius." A very mad, irrational person will necessarily be thinking outside the box, so they are likely to notice the more obvious things that the average person is missing. And usually those things people miss are a direct result of socialization that teaches them to miss them.




Or he just watched too many 80s B-Movies and will soon add a They Live plot, if he has not already.




Yep. Just too much obsession with american b-movies.

I mean.. At least Tarantino had a better sample variety!


I think the Boss fundamentally just wanted a world without antagonisms, so probably like a utopian socialist



I wish they made a remake or a novelization. The story of Gindra, its colonization, the ethnic groups and such seems really interesting.


Just trying to identify the variations and leitmotifs for Snake in TPP. "V Has Come To" (normal theme) & "Behind The Mirror" (mirror punch/truth/"demon" theme) for Venom and also the motif for the real Big Boss most notably used in the motorbike scene. Using this playlist btw: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwbD-t-58o7lbz0KrrKA89Erwfy0sXUIU

>Venom - Quiet's Arrival [BTM at 0:55 and later half from 2:16.]

>The Last Road - OKB Zero [BB at 1:01 leads to VHCT at 1:16. Ends with BTM at 2:56 after Sins Of The Father piano.]
>The Other Shadow - Motorbike Scene [I'd say BB starts at 1:10. The prominent 3-note climax at 1:25. Other renditions of this motif usually has a simpler 4-note build up before the climax you can hear in The Last Road or the Ground Zeroes alert with Paz.]
>Behind The Mirror - Truth Theme [Obviously, BTM from 1:28.]
>Disembark [VHCT from 0:41 onwards.]
>Regret And Acceptance [Interesting unused track. Parts of The Other Shadow (minus BB motif) are present in the first half. Turns into BTM from 2:31 with an unusually heroic climax.]
>Mother Base [VHCT at 0:24, sneaky 3-note BB at 0:49 followed by BTM at 0:56 and another VHCT at 1:26. Diamond Dogs motif around the later half.]
>Let The Legend Come Back To Life [VHCT at 0:44 and 2:29. Maybe just me, but the four notes of VHCT coupled with the swell at the end sounds similar to the full BB motif.]
>Fight For The Future [VHCT at 1:00. Possible sneaky 3-note BB from 1:44 to 1:49? Ends with VHCT.]

That's all for today.


>is basically a utopian socialism take on how the world should be
For one niche class, the mercenary, as long as his band gets to play war games the rest of world can be sunk into degeneracy and exploitation. Same mentality as a porkie.


Not precisely, Outer Heavan is just the singular, niche part of the Boss' philosophy he interpreted, and it's not exactly a utopia for the soldiers as much as it is both a home for soldiers disillusioned from their countries of origin, and generally acts as an anti-imperialist force in the world. Outer Heaven is a part of a bigger plan of opposing the Patriots, and eventually BB does realize the totality of the Boss' will, but that happens right as BB and the Patriots mutually destroy each other. If Outer Heaven didn't get destroyed, BB was probably angling to become a major geo-political force in the world to try and curtail the Patriot's influence and stop them from creating the MIC of that universe and prevent the implementation of things like the nanomachines son in every soldier. Fighting the Patriots was basically the express goal of BB post-Peace Walker, and as MG1 and 2 showed he wanted to do so on a global level.


Second batch.

>Factory Grounds - Nzo Ya Badiabulu [VHCT at 0:03 with a delay between the 2nd and 3rd note. Another at 0:45. Ignoring the horn, 1:09 to 1:24 might also be.]

>Shabani's Fate [VHCT at 0:18.]
>Vengeance - Skull Face Death [3-note VHCT at 0:12. Extended BTM at around 1:04 to 1:22. VHCT again at 1:49 but gets interrupted.]
>Target Area Infiltration Africa [Seems to have VHCT scattered around. 4-note at 0:46 which has the same darker tone of Factory Grounds and Shabani's Fate so I'm wondering if they are a different motif after all. However, 1:40 sounds like the first 2 notes of the VHCT motif. The two 3-notes that follow it might also be from VHCT (listen after first three notes) but they also sound like the six notes before the full BB motif you hear in The Last Road. Related?]
>Concerning The Infection - Wolbachia [The track seems to be based on VHCT. I think 0:32 and 1:12 is the ticking clock segment of VHCT before the climax. 2:01 sounds like BTM.]
>A silent Vow - Quiet Navajo speech [3:29 - 3:45 VHCT?]
>Deterrence - Nuclear DisarmamentEnding [1:29 - 1:36 VHCT??]
>Outbreak [BTM at 0:55 and 1:35. 2:14 is same as Concerning The Infection so VHCT if I'm right.]
>Ecaping The Villa - Rescue Code Talker [4:40 VHCT??? Also appeared at 1:48 but gets drowned out by other sounds.]


I've heard that guy wrote the best parts in the series or something.


File: 1608527855797.jpg (70.53 KB, 1000x563, MGSV-The-Phantom-Pain-E3-2….jpg)

>wow big boss is a dick for being fine with placing an entire hospital under fire and turning the dude who saved his life into a mind-clone puppet of himself just to cover his ass
>it's fine tho
>ocelot said it's what he would've wanted


I only played MGS2. It had a lot of good points.

The series is basically Rambo: the video game, and is very critical of the military industrial complex, war, militarism, fascism, "the deep state," etc.

MGS2 goes off the deep end with a lot of conspiracy theories and "how do I know what I know is real." But it really predicted the post-truth presidency and was prophetic in a lot of respects. It also had some good commentary on when Bush stole the election from Al Gore, and criticism of the sham that is America's "democracy."

MGS3 was critical of the CIA and followed similar lines. MGS4 criticized America's PMCs and involvement in intervening in places like Iraq.

MGS5 was an unpolished disaster and destroyed the developer.


Not only do I not have a PS4, but the game looks extraordinarily boring in the gameplay clips I've seen. It just makes me want to go hiking IRL, because that would be a hell of a lot more fun and I might see animals for real.

Am I missing anything?


File: 1608527856174.mp4 (2.52 MB, 1164x600, kojima was right again.mp4)

relevant here


File: 1608527856339.png (1.16 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20200716.png)

Kojima has reportedly read authors such as Mishima and works like Coin Locker Babies. He is also said to have received copies of works by P.W. Singer who is the author of Corporate Warriors which is a work on PMCs. It's like MGS4 foretold the atmosphere in the Middle East after the Arab Spring just a few years before it.


LOL this thread is old


I bamped it on /hobby/ before it was moved over here shortly afterwards. I wanted to call attention to the influences that hadn't been mentioned from the likes of literature and the sort.


Kojima is a genius unparalleled


Based Metal-Gear anon


File: 1608527878549.jpg (115.66 KB, 1024x428, 7536018950165.jpg)



>The Other Shadow - Motorbike Scene [You can actually hear the build-up right before the climax so BB is 1:20 - 1:29.]

>Occupying Forces [1:16 - 1:34 is the same part/variation of VHCT heard in Concerning The Infection and Outbreak.]

Third batch.

>Facing A New Dawn [0:56 sounds like VHCT before developing into something else.]

>Kill Them All [Builds up to BTM at 2:56.]
>Demon - Venom Snake Hallway's Scene [BTM all the way.]
>9 Years - TPP Trailer in GZ Ending [VHCT at 0:37 and 1:08.]
>Paz Is Dead [Parts of BB throughout. I think it's clear at 0:08, 0:57 - 1:04 and 2:20 - 2:42.]
>Is This Cipher [The VHCT var. again at 0:29.]


>and absolutely no ability to tell the difference between the two
Which is what gives him his unique charm. I know it sounds like I'm saying "it's bad on purpose!" or something, but MGS wouldn't be what it is if Kojima wasn't kind of batshit and tone-deaf.
Besides, as a game designer instead of a writer he is genuinely very talented. He thinks up interesting gimmicks and secrets, uses level design to complement the story without having the player interact directly with the plot, fills the game with details, etc. Part of what makes MGS so cool is little things like how items or environmental details have unexpected uses in specific situations and you're intended to figure them out on your own by thinking about what would be realistic in the scenario. Or how you can defeat The End in MGS3 by just waiting for him to die of natural causes. They're small one-time features but they really elevate the series and turn it into something special.


File: 1608528012194.gif (315.79 KB, 303x280, 1488684887608.gif)

Also whoops that post is from eight months ago
Interesting stuff, I'll check some of this out. Coin Locker Babies sounds like my kind of book.


File: 1608528069621.jpeg (184.51 KB, 1365x2048, WORDS THAT KILL.jpeg)



>that article
And the idiocy continues


This actually has been tested by a recent study that looked at particle aerosolization in coughing vs various speech volumes. They used multiple common languages including English and found no significant difference between them.



This is like that joke from the USSR about capitalism, wherein first they'll make you buy water, then buy the right to talk and then buy the right to breath clean air. It's the Lorax movie all over again, except with serious social consequences.


Metal Gear used to be the hypest shit along with Halo and Mass Effect, yet is being rapidly forgotten… why is that?


You're getting old and they stopped making games in those series. The average zoomer looks at metal gear like a boomer relic they're dissociated from.


>why is that?
Kojima got fired in the middle of the development of MGS5 and then Metal Gear was turned into a pachinko.


a mix of stealth-action generally being on the decline plus the lead who gave it soul (and retardation) in Kojima has been booted by Konami.


File: 1608528118803.jpg (1.54 MB, 1859x2560, A1FBBIIeFlL.jpg)

Should I play Metal Gear Rising?


Yes, but not because it has MG in the title, but because it's a super fun, high-quality curayzee Platinum Studios action game and it has the hypest music.

Also you will finally be able to appreciate Armstrong memes.


The game is worth playing because of Kojima's insane obsession with making Raiden very cool and not at all gay alone


File: 1608528134514.jpg (88.77 KB, 700x520, fuckinginvincible.jpg)

It's great for the memes, Jack.


Kojima didn't work on MGR
That's why it is actually a good game




Top kek


I think Kojima still wrote the plot and character interactions.


File: 1608528146709.jpg (40.4 KB, 435x750, ae1.jpg)

never be game over


Post your favorite conspiracy theories


he didnt directly write it but I think the writing team consulted him on a few things to make the game as lore friendly as possible


Metallic Archea are literally real. Google bacterial nanowires.


anticommunist shite


if you or any other anons here played mgs2, you'd realize that you all are hopelessly brainwashed


isn't everybody


Are you saying I should construct my thinking about the world and myself around an interactive toy


Hey why not, those great charming people down on /v/ did it.


>I love Che!
>and hate Guantanamo Bay!
>anyway, here's why invasion of Afghanistan was bad, and let's do missions for the CIA


A lot of the anti-nuclear stuff in mgs1 did not age particularly well going back to it. Besides the allegory with metal gear most of it was centered on hysterical environmentalist concerns.


I mean, big boss at that point is an amoral ancap just selling wetwork services to whoever so I don't think that necessarily reflects kojimmy's thoughts on the matter.


To be fair, BB would later turn into the antagonist


Because he fought unita?


File: 1615325219225.gif (186.44 KB, 678x422, venom.gif)

>It is no nation we inhabit, but a language.


Skull "Kill All Anglos" Face did nothing wrong


Also on one map you fight the Soviets in Afghanistan and on the other you fight UNITA in Angola. So you can kinda view the game as generically anti-imperialist (fighting Soviet puppets and CIA puppets), or as 'balanced' in that way.


File: 1615350833758-0.jpg (49.52 KB, 459x508, damn.jpg)

File: 1615350833758-1.jpg (17.91 KB, 640x340, gay suicide guy.jpg)

in Metal Gear 2 he was insanely doompilled but then in MGS4 he mellows out


Worth noting that modern videogames are huge mass market commodities that require huge funding, unlike in the SNES era (or even the PS2 era to an extent), so there are lots more creative limitations nowadays and arguably ideological controls


File: 1615424094731.jpg (51.87 KB, 656x456, giwtwm.jpg)

There's also the fact that Big Boss became Kojima's husbando after MGS3, which might have played a part into wanting to redeem him a bit.


Soviet Solid Snake (COD BOCW) more better. You can't change my mind.



He killed Stalin tho


File: 1615529878603-0.png (146.34 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2021-03-12-00-1….png)

File: 1615529878603-1.png (189.7 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2021-03-12-00-1….png)

File: 1615529878603-2.png (187 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2021-03-12-00-1….png)

Fuck, that's right. It's hard to remember all the little details in this boring ass game.

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