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General for all fighting games and fighting game competitive scenes
2D, 3D, Anime, Tag-Teams, Platform, Shrek Super Slam


File: 1608527545282.gif (33.19 KB, 193x271, slayer taunt.gif)

>another shitty general thread for "FGC" faggots to feel euphoric


SFV is good

discuss and seethe


File: 1608527545480.jpg (18.07 KB, 300x168, shrek_tiers.jpg)

Fuck you, I just want to talk about cool combos with my sick Pinocchio


i wish that was me
between the buttcheeks


File: 1608527545681.jpg (37.7 KB, 591x522, fce3677a658ba1dfd8ba525a14….jpg)

Played the GGS closed beta and was even more disappointed than I thought I would be. Literally everything good about GG has been gutted, the lobby system is so bad it's comical, and even the fucking MUSIC blows. It is an omega, turbo dumpster fire and I hope it goes the way of MVCI.

I filled the survey even though I know it will probably be ignored, but I figured I owe ASW my honest opinion as a longtime fan who developed thick callouses on my thumbs from playing XX in college. I guess it gave me some kind of closure to say goodbye.

Oh well, picking up Skullgirls with my friends now since it has GGPO which makes online playable (even overseas!). The game is bretty cool too.

>Posting bait with a "taunt" pic
Not very effective…


You know you don't [b]have[/b] to play the vile excrement that ASW has turned the Guilty Gear series into. You can keep playing the amazing games in the XX series that never disappeared. In fact you could even fite me on the wingdreams lobby right now.


Well, like I clearly implied, I will not be playing GGS.

Wat that is fam? I'm rusty as fuck but I'm down for some XX one of these days. Only version I played heavily was AC.


Maintains netplay hack for the PC version of #Reload.


Capcom will never reach mv2/3 heights again and all we can do it cope

Also sucks that we'll never have a street fighter in sprite again due to needing 40 costume packs.


funny cuz I remember people hating on mvc3 pretty hard back then, calling it worse than 2, unbalanceable, unfair, unfun, epilepsy inducing (this one is true) and of course the shitshow that was the on-disc dlc fiasco, the stand-alone re-release just a few months after vanilla and no balance patches ever

it's in my top 3 btw, godlike game

>we'll never have a street fighter in sprite again

the final challengers is rather recent


File: 1608527576917.png (213.3 KB, 600x711, download.png)

Skullgirls is seeing a significant upsurge, due to a variety of factors including the coronavirus. Since it has GGPO you can play with people at mid ping comfortably and it's often on sale. But those are just hooks to draw new players: once you start the game it's hard to put it down.

My buddy and I tried it for a while with no commitment but it's looking like we might take time and learn it because it's so absurdly fun to play.


File: 1608527579608.jpg (50.02 KB, 640x401, dims.jpg)

Thoughts on the EVO online lineup?
Not included in the pic: Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath, Killer Instinct, Them's Fightin' Herds, and Skullgirls 2nd Encore


More "current" horseshit that's forced on players by sponsors. Imagine a fighting game tournament that actually featured as a main attraction the fighting games widely agreed to be the best, instead of cancerous hype cows that have long since pissed on everything that was ever good about the series they represent. Imagine a fighting game community that didn't feel the need to constantly consume, forcing a developer culture of endless rejection of good ideas in order to foist needless, unwanted change on the players.


Samsho is in so all is well in the world for me.


all esports is bougie and needs to be dismantled.


File: 1608527583939.jpg (28.27 KB, 303x465, kinoko.JPG)

when's melty
>Imagine a fighting game tournament that actually featured as a main attraction the fighting games widely agreed to be the best
You mean like Combo Breaker or AnimEVO?


File: 1608527584143.png (22.64 KB, 128x114, 677641494500474900.png)

All I read is
Was it mortal kombat?
Because 11 is putrid shit and I am glad it's going to the memory hole


>reading comprehension
What part of "cancerous hype cows that have long since pissed on everything that was ever good about the series they represent" didn't you get?


Did you know Def Jam Fight for NY has a fucking tournament scene?
Watching this shit is like a fever dream.


File: 1608527587941.jpg (72.97 KB, 440x339, wpid-picsart_1373991380735.jpg)

What games would you want to be featured?
Actually, the FGC would probably be the least bougie of all e-sports. It has its beginning in the grassroots, dare I say it is the working classes' esport. Most of these tournamnents were started not in a business meeting, but at someones local arcade. Or at someone's basement. And these kids doing all this were not rich suburbanites, they were kids who only had a limited amount of quarters, and so they either had to be loaded or had to be good in order to continue playing. And I do agree that overtime, it has been co-opted and brought into the more bougie aspects of esports, sponsors, advertisers, and so on. At its core, its all about the grassroots.
>when's melty
Around 12 am, Across the street in the Popeyes bathroom.
Mortal Kombat 11 is having an online tournamnet tho


IMO fighting games are more expensive compared to something like league of legends, which requires a 2012 PC, a mouse and a keyboard, and an internet connection.

Modern fighting games are inevitably vendor locked to consoles due to some exclusivity deal, have DLC up the ass or super turbo editions, and if you grew up in arcades you probably want a stick which even in a poverty setup like shoe box + cheap pieces are costly and niche compared to M+KB that you also use for standard PC stuff.

Unless of course you're a fightcade chad and are content with playing KOF 98 using combo macros out the ass with other third worlders


*makes no point*


The stick obsession is really just a FGC elitist thing, there are players who have competed at a high level with just Dualshocks and shit and because of how most fighting games process inputs in a digital manner a keyboard can be more than serviceable. In fact i'd say even for shit like Smash it's acceptable if you know how to map it properly.
Anyways, fuck ASW, fuck Nintendo, fuck Crapcom and fuck bamco. 80$+ entry price is completely unacceptable for any game and the fact that anyone's willing to defend their bullshit and suck up their rotten milkies is ridiculous. Imagine paying for frame data.


>doing 1frame frcs with delay-based netcode
you'd probably have a better time just trying to run matches with parsec
keyboard is literally the most optimal way to play fightan anon.
idk if i'd call it elitist any more so than using a racing wheel or a twinstick or a ddr pad is elitist. you don't *need* them by any means but these are arcade games and were designed around that method of control so it feels pretty good to play that way.


I can nearly every FRC in #Reload consistently with loads of input lag, it's not as difficult as you think it is. There aren't any 1-frame FRCs. The only one that gives me a lot of trouble still is Dizzy's confusing FRC off of her spike special move. That thing is baffling with or without input delay.


>The stick obsession is really just a FGC elitist thing
Disagree. Humans are creatures of habit, and a great deal of us grew up putting coins on machines to waggle some sticks and smash some buttons so it's only natural we'd want to avoid having to learn a new control scheme to do the same fushu mushus we've been doing for a lifetime.

>keyboard is literally the most optimal way to play fightan
Might be, but again, fighting against habit is a losing battle if you have an alternative to look forward to.
Not even pros who are paid for this shit are able to change controls as easy, just look at how reluctant Daigo is to play even charge characters on his sponsored hitbox.


File: 1608527695227.gif (618.39 KB, 250x196, yee.gif)

>dabs on ur broke dick netcode
sorry about Smash, bro, shit's rough


does anyone have the pirated activated copy of skullgirls? I wanna play online matches


File: 1608527704563.jpg (19.73 KB, 480x360, aaaa.jpg)


Does THIS count?


File: 1608527716972.jpg (42.23 KB, 640x360, aDNN3a7l.jpg)

And the sad part is I'm pretty sure Melee has better net code than Ultimate
Yeah, why wouldn't it


>And the sad part is I'm pretty sure Melee has better net code than Ultimate
no rollback tho


Getting better net soon and was thinking about getting back into fighting games. The only relevant one I have is Skullgirls that i bought a million years ago on steam for peanuts so I'll give that a try if my laptop can play it stably.


Skullgirls netcode is the gold standard. The game is also insanely fun to play and there's a lot to learn. I think the hardware requirements are pretty potato, you should be fine.


it does now


…whom up to play some matches


sorry bro, I'm an ultimate pleb


File: 1608527742448.png (247.31 KB, 805x669, Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at ….png)

Welp, its official now. Melee has better code than Ultimate


it already did, it's just now it has netcode to compete with other games that had rollback


File: 1608527767078.png (17.75 KB, 600x335, Eb9r7xDUcAAUMDJ.png)

Welp, looks like EVO online is cancelled because of sexual abuse allegations against Mr. Wizard


Lol, maybe now DoA can actually get on the main stage assuming the pedo is the one that hated it.


File: 1608527770763.jpg (23.27 KB, 229x279, 23740096f879b1c454780512b2….jpg)

He is. His "core values" are obviously underage penises and fat juicy tits probably made him squirm. The irony is beyond exquisite.


File: 1608527773948.jpg (105.14 KB, 680x561, EcALhBUXsAAUU8_.jpg)

Very happy to hear this.


File: 1608527863670.png (921.8 KB, 1086x591, cammy streetfighter ii.png)

Why is neither Mortal Kombat nor Street Fighter even mentioned here? Tekken or Ninja Storm I get, but those are the most famous ones FFS


MK is kusoge and Duty Fighter 5 is a downgrade from the previous version. Why talk about these bad games, they've already been flamed for ages.

Also Tekken is absurdly popular my dude… not sure how you're grouping that with Naruto lol


>Tekken is popular
True, but not as well known as Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. I also meant all the versions in general, not just the newest ones. I mentioned Ninja Storm cause its also a fighting game.
Anyway the point was that nobody even mentioned these games in ths 'fighting game' thread.


SF is in the OP image and in the third post.

Mortal Kombat is kinda bad.


>OP image
>third post
Eh, not that much milch m8
>Mortal Kombat is kinda bad
Really? I'm not a gamer but when I played th arcade game and years alter the online version it was pretty fun for me.


The block button in MK creates a distinct feel which is imo inferior to normal block mechanics. It dumbs down defense too much and by consequence offense gets powercreeped in order to deal with it. For example, projectiles in MK are kinda degenerate and a majority of the cast have instant teleports, super fast overheads or teleport overheads and also the inputs have been simplified to the point nobody ever drops anything even at the beginner level, removing tension in the process.

I can appreciate the series being both a parody and a homage to cheesy 60s kung-fu films nevertheless, even though X and 11 are pure hollywood schlock.
With 9 they tried to amend both hollywood and kung fu but the end result is kinda weird in the end, still my favorite nü-kombat.

rewrote this because it was nearly unreadable


Huh, ok, that's reasonable. I usually didn't mind those things so I enjoyed the games regardless. Also I find the special-kills (brutalities/fatalities) by the newer characters were cool in the newer Kombats (such as the predator and xenomorph.


File: 1608527887941.png (42.02 KB, 179x202, 76786543567221.png)

skullgirls is great and they did a really good job with some of the mechanics and character designs, or rather how each of their gameplay styles are designed (I really like how they designed grapplers like beowulf and cerebella). too bad their one chance at a revival got screwed over with EVO online getting canceled.

umvc3/mvc3 had some dumb shit for sure and definitely could have used some patches but it was great all around. kinda of ironic about the patches since mvc3 was popular for a long time and got next to nothing while mvci got regular patches till they cut support for the game due to low interest/disney leaving the game to die.


File: 1608527917952.jpg (689.12 KB, 2560x1709, PPSJIIIboxfront.JPG.jpg)

Did anyone else play street fighter on those bootleg flea market consoles?


File: 1608528084793.jpg (555.2 KB, 3500x3500, Jump Force Naruto.jpg)

Someone mentioned Ninja Storm and Naruto here so this is probably the best thread for this question.

Is Jump Force a bad game? I get that it has problems, but frankly I feel like its massively overhated and the bandwagon of shitting on it really ruined the potential of a pan-shonen fandom being formed like for Super-Smash Bros and other such vidya.


I mean, if you're playing it purely to jack off to the franchises then maybe not, but what always kills those games is how utterly sloppy it looks to spectators, the overtly long combos and supers and the overcentralizing burst/vanish mechanics. If you want actually competitive shonen games there's always GNT4 tho


Darkstalkers 3 was goat


lmao no it wasn't


File: 1608528192503.png (3.89 MB, 2700x2000, Z SNK.png)

How is King of Fighters?


mortal kombat gang


Never could enjoy that short hop shit, tapping requires too much finesse for me.


Oh yeah, rise up


It seems like there's going to be a new Bloody Roar, thoughts on the game? Even though I'm not necessarily a fan of fighting games, I really had fun playing BR 3 and 4 enough to try and git gud with one of the characters (iron mole in 4 and the mole in 3)
Jenny and Shina best grills, Uriko a shit


I had probably >1000hrs in "Primal Fury", the gamecube version. Good lord, how I loved that game as a kid.


>Primal Fury
That's the one with the Elephant and the penguin right? I only played the ps1 and ps2 games, the chameleon had some bullshit moves in higher difficulties


wish i could but netherrealm killed the franchise


File: 1608528212061.jpg (282.14 KB, 854x1023, LongHuman.jpg)

Who's making it? As I understand it the rights moved to Konami when they bought out Hudson and because of that (and the disappointment that was BR4) Eighting hasn't been able to make any new ones since then. Primal Fury/Extreme was always my favorite 3D fighting game.


Dunno, I just saw on twitter about it getting new trade mark some months ago, but it doesn't seem to be for a videogame specifically inb4 is pachinko shit

what's wrong with BR4, I though it was fine, career mode could have been flesh out a bit more, but it was still fun


Bloody Roar 4 made it so that you had to drain the beast gauge in addition to health every single match to win, dragging fights out too long.


Oh fuck I remember, I always put the option of just one fight so I didn't have to deal with that.


File: 1608528213673.jpg (282.42 KB, 787x1023, XionHuman.jpg)

Y'all know that Dolphin has pretty good netplay, right? Imagine, playing Bloody Roar with the fans you never had in childhood…


Yes, the penguin was the final boss I think (lol).

Yooo that was my main! The spacebug / cyborg guy! Bro I'm boutta hop on that dolphin…


played the shit out of 99 as kid, pretty good from what I remember

XIII was really combo heavy and coming from SFIV after a long fightan break was tough since kof is a lot more strict with inputs, it was for the better though

XIV on the other hand feels actually dumber than Jive in a lot of ways


I'm trying to get into fighting games more seriously. Currently playing Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R (to play with friends) and Revelator. I could play Skullgirls too if I feel like it. I've never really been good at fighting games but to me playing with keyboard feels better than controller, but still not quite right. Would it be worth it to buy an arcade stick? Would I learn faster?


>76000 in 1
Did they accidentally type two extra zeros?


I play #Reload PC on my keyboard personally, and I'm skilled at all characters. I can tiger knee chemical love -> instant air dash with I-No to get a sense.


File: 1619446053627.gif (143.42 KB, 319x200, zan.gif)



someone did a video on these (jontron?) the games just repeat infinitely and they pretend that's multiple games


File: 1619591931882.jpg (1.05 MB, 1056x1440, __i_no_guilty_gear_and_1_m….jpg)

Anyone thinking about playing Guilty Gear Strive


I'd like to, but since I'm new I don't know what's wrong with newer GG games because apparently they're shit according to this thread


File: 1619618525190.png (308.03 KB, 538x412, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core….png)

Nope, I prefer to play good games rather than dumbed down cancerous trash.


>dumbed down cancerous trash.
explain please


Imagine, you just spent a decade fine-tuning a set of mechanics and a huge roster of characters to create one of the deepest and most balanced fighting games ever made. And then you realize: you're a capitalist. You have to compete with other developers. You have to expand your audience. And so you attempt to do so with another series at first called BlazBlue. This series is effectively Guilty Gear Lite. It shares some of its ideas but it doesn't have its depth. The idea being: only dumb games are popular. Well its experiment was reasonably successful, but that wasn't enough for you. It wasn't enough to have a side series with its own mechanics intended to appeal to its own audience. Development on that series ends/takes a long hiatus and now it's time to discard it and return to Guilty Gear. And now it's not enough to continue updating one of the most celebrated and respected fighting games ever. Now it's time to dumb down that series too. And so you discard over a decade of refinements to the characters and mechanics and make what is basically a mockery of the game and characters the fans loved. And of course, the players, the consumers, and especially the wannabe celebrities, who feel a compulsive need to compete in corporate-sponsored tournaments, are unable to say no and continue playing the superior game. Welcome to the fighting game industry. Where the quality of the game isn't what matters to people, only what's manufactured to be relevant by commercial interests.


>Where the quality of the game isn't what matters to people, only what's manufactured to be relevant by commercial
I think there are still street fighter 2X tournaments


Reads extremely salty but mostly true. One detail you missed is that the Guilty Gear IP was actually in legal hell for years (due to Sega I believe) so they had to pivot to BlazBlue until that was sorted out. Obviously I'm not saying this to excuse the direction they went with on the complexity / systems design.

Oh and despite AC+R being my favorite fighting game of all time and my main game since rollback patch, I won't pretend the game is perfect. There is so much kusoge degen shit it's unreal, and it exists all the way up to the highest level of play. Also the inputs are just absolutely brutal so if you're new you can't even do basic shit with your char. That is one thing that IMO has actually improved with modern games.


>the Guilty Gear IP was actually in legal hell for years (due to Sega I believe)
The claim was a conflict with Sammy, anyway, but I never came across a clear source that substantiated that claim beyond a rumor.

I don't feel that way at all about AC+R. I got into the series with Accent Core myself and I think its layers of depth make it actually highly appealing and approachable for newcomers. Will you be able to face off against a pro with any chance of survival? Of course not. But there absolutely is a large repertoire of basic shit to do with your character, Guilty Gear has very straightforward special move inputs compared to other fighters and quite a forgiving gatling combo input timing chain. The only real execution complaint I've ever had is the unnecessarily tight window on some Force Roman Cancels. But the solution could have been as simple as increasing the frame input window. They didn't need to dumb the game down by removing FRCs entirely.


>There is so much kusoge degen shit it's unreal, and it exists all the way up to the highest level of play.
What do you mean by that?


Probably referencing all the corner combo loops characters have gained since Accent Core. The wall stick and floor slide features and force break special moves really opened up a lot of new possibilities.


File: 1620438107932.jpg (97.08 KB, 725x700, 908885045f3e1d7ba91c38fb07….jpg)

Reminder that grapplerchads run the fucking world.


File: 1620441563796.jpg (361.11 KB, 786x776, Rainbow Buster.jpg)

What's so fun about playing Potemkin is it's basically you vs the game itself. And it's so well balanced that it's actually fun and interesting.


File: 1621384797865.mp4 (8.2 MB, 640x360, Arslan Ash Winning Moments….mp4)

Where were you when this Pakistani chad Arslan Ash defiled south korean pretty boy wannabe model knee?




>infinite combos that you can't escape
>good job with some of the mechanics
Pick one


Fighting games are just scams to sell DLC, and if you play them, you're a fag


I only play king


File: 1621867101119.jpg (214.68 KB, 1069x1049, 1557466759543.jpg)

Waiting for the inevitable "definitive" edition of Strive that makes the current game obsolete before I buy it


based furry


Finally, some respect


forgot link


File: 1623162486696.jpg (532.37 KB, 2048x1535, i.jpg)

well Strive is out


Tell me why I shouldn't play it anon


File: 1623172795576.png (308.03 KB, 538x412, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core….png)

Because a better Guilty Gear already exists.


Can't I just play both though?


What the fuck is VF? 3 buttons and joystick wiggle mechanics?

literally rock-paper-scissors with graphics


i am not seething that a generic mishima made it in and not a chad grappler like king


I'm getting into fighting games and if Strive is the "dumbed down" version, there's no way I could get into something like that.


Pretty much every arc fighting game is the same tbh


File: 1624906342915.mp4 (5.08 MB, 1276x720, I can’t believe this is re….mp4)

oh god I'm cooming


they removed some button presses from some combos,that's it,it's not dbz fighter tier where you can auto combo or anything like that.
I don't even know who is whining about it outside of autists on imageboards.


Wtf? Puss >>>>>>>>> Donkey, Shrek,Cyclops, Quasimodo

Fiona >>>>>>>>>> Gingerbread Man

Luna >>>>>>>>>>>> Robin Hood, Dronkey


that's a weird tier list.


Such a misinformed tier list
RRH has an easy infinite combo, she is in her own tier of her own.


Yes I know RRH is stronger than everyone else combined, but I meant to reply to the character positions in this tier list here:


Puss is way better than Donkey, Shrek, Cyclops and Quasimodo, hell maybe even some A tier characters in that list too

Fiona is much better than Ginger

Luna is much better than Robin Hood and Dronkey


i want to get into these games but man it looks like the FGC devs are stuck a decade behind, literally asking you 60$ price tag for the base game + more dlcs every season that cost ridiculously high

and the worst part, all that for a dead game with a declining playerbase


Unfortunately, the FGC almost requires you to play offline if you want to
a. play at all
b. to get better
c. to win money

Some games have rollback net code, which is MUCH better than the standard of yesteryear.
And if you don't want to pay for dlc, you won't be able to lab that annoying ass character in most games.

Now I'm not a sweaty anime player, but I think Skull Girls is an indie FG with no dlc, and rollback netcode.


>Skull Girls is an indie FG with no dlc
oops, looks like they sold out


File: 1627340543901.mp4 (4.36 MB, 600x338, ROLLBACK.mp4)

>muh rollback
Getting about ready for this retarded meme to die. Rollback isn't, in fact, a new idea (emulators have been doing it for decades), and it's not a magical panacea to netplay problems.


Crapcom uses fake rollback. GGPO is our lord a savior.


It is 100% real rollback, they just tacked it on to an existing engine and expected it to work perfectly rather than developed the game from the start to integrate it.


Strive, Melty Blood and KoF back to back
We eating good


But why a pretzel motion?


>Rollback isn't, in fact, a new idea
No one said it wasn't. The fact that it's been around for years and isn't standard is a shame in and of itself.
>It's not a magical panacea to netplay
No shit. The point is that good (not poorly implemented dogshit like sf5's) rollback is far better than delay netcode.


should i pick up strive?
game's kinda alive atm and the artstyle and ost are nice


It's crap, just play the XX games.


Depends. It's one of the top active fighting games right now, has good netcode, and is the most accessible GG to date. But if you prefer a GG game that's more demanding skillwise and also has good netcode than there's +R on steam. Though far from dead the playerbase for it is considerably smaller compared to Strive.


>just play this dead game with a shit netcode and non existent community


+R has rollback and has a decently sized community for an old game.


File: 1627405168757.jpg (11.9 KB, 350x350, Slavery.jpg)

It's really too bad they crippled +R with Steam bullshit, I was really looking forward to a PC port of it. Guess I'll be playing #Reload forever.


bros i'm not even a coomer but i have to make a confession that ramlethal's thighs must be worshipped


It's important to note that since it has a smaller player base, it will most likely have a good player base, and it probably won't be very conductive for learning fighting games in general


File: 1627409608555.jpeg (113.08 KB, 1920x811, consume.jpeg)

That's some incredible consumer whore logic you have there.


Meet me on Tekken 4 emulator netplay, and I'll show you the power of legacy skill (which is all I was getting at anyway)


I'd say +R has a decent amount of new people getting into it since a lot of people didn't get into it until around the time it got updated with rollback and covid had locals getting shutdown.


why would you ever fucking play on pad, if you don't even have a $600 stick with cherry switches and ahegeo faces, are you really playing to win?


>Using a stick
>Not a hitbox


DP on Ps4 pad is terrible


That's cheating
The ds4 is okay but the dpad will wear down quick. The ds3 lasts longer, but I feels too mushy to me.


just use a keyboard what's wrong?


File: 1630195118012.jpg (368.38 KB, 1080x1778, arswole ash.jpg)

What have you done during quarantine?


I learned how to handstand and am getting close to one-arm pushups. I haven't improved at a single fighting game because nothing good has come out recently and the consumerist whores in the "fighting game community" have abandoned all the good games.


Learnt how to eat pussy

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