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Hi, Does anyone else here play LCS?
I am working on updating it and would appreciate it if i could throw ideas around here, take suggestions and ask people to test out some of my changes?

Original game can be found Here: http://lcs.wikidot.com/

Please report me any bugs here, too as there are currently no other active developers. Would be great if other people wanted to be involved, too.


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File: 1608528106349-2.png (32.69 KB, 896x379, lcs2.png)

Is the character gen here better and more up date than the original? Where it shows what options give is just for my debug mode.


New features added:
Field Hospital: kind of acts the same way as the clinic does but in the future you will a chance arrested if you go to the clinic after committing a crime.
-Option to sneak out of a siege. This is difficult and depends on the stats of highest and lowest member of squad.
-If not in siege, popular and been active 1+ year pretty decent members will come and ask to join your squad.


more things to do in there undercover day jobs. This needs to be expanded even more but i started with a couple.


revamped original 10 chargen questions but added one more; the 'my experience with reaction' one in pic. Needs to overhaul this to add more and lower base stats at birth.


I haven't played it in years but it's fucking based. Glad to hear you're working on it.

Your spelling and stuff is a bit questionable, also I kinda liked the 'mischievous' tone of the original game's writing, it's hard to think how to change the game to be more unironically pro-left though without losing the charm.


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File: 1608528107394-1.png (24.3 KB, 444x203, lcs5.png)

Cheers anon. i just quickly threw in the texts so i had something to test with the actual code i wrote. i figured i'd edit and check it all after this portion is done fully.

I have been thinking a lot about this too, not only how it should retain it's humour but actually how it should add more.

Do you have any ideas? In this version im basingg of off the president is in there (you can go to the whitehouse,) So i thought there might be some comody to be had there. And i was thinking of updating the random things like pickup lines, interogation lines, wisdom lines, etc.

If you have any ideas. :)


Play LCS, faggots. :(

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