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Anyone play nations likes Cybernations or Politics and way


I used to, might get back into it


i've played democracy 3 a long time ago, but i found it overly simplistic and heavily biased towards neo-liberalism and a certain threshold of social programs. the only real fun i got out of it was setting up police state or legalizing everything and seeing how long it could last. it has been a while, so i can't be sure how accurate my impressions are.


Cybernations is still around, but it is small compared to what it once was.


Nationstates.net was fun but got boring fast… its useful on occasion however


I have been playing Nationstates for a little over 5 years.


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>only 'very good' political freedom


Nah but j/k, nice nation, very big very big, and interesting leader name


I used to play it religiously as a kid; a friend introduced to me to it way back in 2005. All of my old nations are gone however. The key to having "fun" is getting involved in any region of your choice, which at that point it becomes full larp. I made a new nation not too long ago but I'm not nearly as involved as I used to be. Invasions still appear to still be a thing though which is interesting.




Best game to roleplay an Amish Jeffersonian democracy with Khmer Rouge characteristics?


Dwarf Fortress.



Based game tbh


Pretty sure you can nail the feel better with Rimworld.

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