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Appreciation thread for our favorite ex-Yugo, bowling playing, pussy slaying comrade.


worst gta


Shit taste.




Um…what makes Nico a comrade?




He saw his socialist country get destroyed by sectarian ethnic strife, was sold out with the rest of his friends for money, went to America to experience its decadence first hand and saw his cousin's petite-bourgeois lifestyle get him and everyone he cares about in trouble. I'd imagine that'd have radicalized him somewhat.
Indeed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20Ww6lzrmzg




>2nd pic
Glad to see you've dressed him the only objectively correct way.


he speak with funni accent


Isn't Niko kind of a slav equivalent of a gusano? He left his home country to go be a degenerate piece of shit in the US.


he was looking to avenge the death of his Balkan village that got genocided. wasn't on vacation


He left his country because of war and lack of opportunity to become involved with the Russian mob and only then went to the US. Going to the US and the degeneracy were incidental, plus he clearly dislikes capitalism and can observe and display contempt for the enhanced alienation of the cosmopolitan libs he encounters in Liberty City (which is basically NY)


he's a lumpy, stalin robbed banks too


Based. Comrade Bellic will lead the revolution.


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