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Anyone here into the Ace Combat series? I feel it has some good critiques of war.
Also Pixy is /our guy/.


i was surprised at how good the ace ace combat zero story was (for the genre) considering ace combat 5 was already pretty decent. if i remember right, pixy was indeed /ourguy/


Is this series like Star Fox, After Burner, or something else (worse)?


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imagine an anime but the protagonists are all the pilots of fighter jets and other assorted military vehicles. that is ace combat.


Your post has told me absolutely nothing about the gameplay. Am I to assume these are visual novels?


never played afterburner, but it's not like star fox, which is on rails. ace combat is closer to a flight sim (but very arcadey still) with full control over flight path and whatnot. you shoot down other aircraft and also helicopters and ground targets (tanks, fortifications, etc.). it's closer to rogue squadron than star fox.


Maybe the all-range stages in Star Fox 64?


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How big of a step-up is Zero compared to 4 and 5? I played through and enjoyed the latter two, but I haven't snagged a copy of Zero yet. Is it as good as the fans make it out to be or is it just a pretty good game that's very memeable?

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