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Hi /Games/. Tired of being the same kind of talky-talk board? Want to be a Get Shit Done Board like the imageboards of yore?

Why not help in creating a leftist post-apocalyptic community for Catacylsm:DDA, a singleplayer roguelike-like survival game? It could act as propaganda, that is to say nothing obvious and not just having the communists as the good guys but that could leave players walking away thinking 'huh, maybe some of my ideas about leftism/communism were wrong/unfounded.'

You don't need any knwoledge to help, just your ideas and a willingness to learn simple markup ( JSON ) if you would like to write data.

Mostly right now I am looking for Lore, how the group came together, interesting leftist characters, backstories, mission ideas, anything.

obviously we will have to add our mascot as a character so what kind of stats and proficiencies would Alunya have? If she cannot have cat ears what would be next best thing? Wolfs?


Oh, and C:DDA is the best Survival game out there. Prove me wrong.


I really wish I could get into Roguelikes, but the Byzantine controls have always been a huge turnoff for me.


In Cata:DDA you just hit '?' and type the command you want to do and it will show you the button. it's real easy!


wait, are we trying to get involved with the mainline game or are we just making a mod? as of right now a lot of the central development is around the mechanics they want to create, and they are going to build the lore around that after they are done (post-0.F). Making a mod will be easier, but narrative stuff is harder to make engaging because you either have to leave it in narritive text (often unread) or NPC dialog (a lot of people don't even play with NPCs).


Yeah, you need the entire keyboard, both lower case and upper case, to play CDDA, but it really isn't that bad once you get used to it. Some maniacs even play it on mobile.
I think the idea of a revolution by The Commune against the traders is a good idea, or maybe just a total rework of how the commune is established. Or just a brand new additional quest line where you build a communist society. I think a nice non-sectarian theme of it would be tankies and anarchists working together to build this new society, and a realization that when faced with real problems in a real world, their differences shrink.
This is all quite big in scope though, some smaller quests given by random NPCs would be easier.


File: 1608528363688.jpg (15.43 KB, 300x314, alunya_by_maurofonseca_dbs….jpg)

Im going for mainline but if it has to be a mod it has to be a mod, at least we will try to get something that cant be mainlined into one of the bigger mods.

if it's not lore breaking then mainline should be accepted. I see no reason not to.

>I think the idea of a revolution by The Commune against the traders is a good idea, or maybe just a total rework of how the commune is established.

Spoke about it to guy who wrote Commune and we spoke about a power struggle between different factions as to who the Commune ends up joining. Maybe that will be the best avenue if we build a leftist commune. Once we have a basic faction mapped out one of the basic workers with only small dialogue will start adgitating and asking you to help them organize the workers against the Free Traders (who as faction lore progress i hope to make more into ideological laiz-affair types).

Agree with big scope and smaller quests and NPC's but i quite experienced with JSON and writing this stuff. Alunya could be a random NPC that could be found randomly in world or randomly in a building if you have any ideas for her backstory. I have a vague idea myself but would like others to come up with some things first as i feel liek writing an NPC is an easy one to help us all work together. :)


File: 1608528363947.png (85.44 KB, 698x656, cata-01.png)

What is she good or bad at?
What is her history before the apocalypse?
What did she do as hobbies?
Where is she when you find her?
How did she get there?
What could she want from you as the player?
Would she offer any missions? If so what?

I feel like once the faction is in you will take her there. But please feel free to answer any of the above questions!


>What is she good or bad at?
Melee, blunt weapons, dodging, survival, lock picking, and health care. All the essentials needed for rioting.
>What is her history before the apocalypse?
Laid off worker that participated in the riots, separated from Rodina and wants to find her
>What did she do as hobbies?
Girls, hiking, general delinquency, and organizing local programs like food drives.
>Where is she when you find her?
Maybe a special building that can generate randomly out of town like an abandoned industrial building where she has barricaded the lower floor and made a crib up in the catwalks and rafters.
>How did she get there?
It was her workplace before it was shuttered so she knew where it was and why it was abandoned. She broke her leg in the riots and her car broke down just as she got there, so she can't go out alone and survives off the surrounding wildlife and woodlands.
>What could she want from you as the player?
First finding Rodina, then getting seeds and dirt to make a roof garden, then rebuilding the lower section of the building and finding new NPCs, making a small community in the old factory sorta parallel to the refugee center.


File: 1608528366184.png (114.51 KB, 573x325, 1*x4hWQOnEiOjrvfQvi6UHyQ.png)

Some of these I already had as ideas for another character i wrote and have already written into another faction so how you feel about these changes:

>What is she good or bad at?

All these seem good to me, except maybe with computers, because of below.
>What is her history before the apocalypse?
I had this idea that she was some office-worker for some shitty corp and when the riots started happening and the corp closed.
>What did she do as hobbies?
no changes from me here.
>Where is she when you find her?
Once her former employees offices closed, she could no longer afford rent and the riots started getting bad, she started to just sleeping in the server rooms beneath he offics assuming it's safe there, this is where you could find her. With her cat
She was there the night of the cataclysm, resting from the last several days rioting and the dead raising, etc. She's hunkered down ever since, sometimes going out to get small amounts of supplies from near by.
>What could she want from you as the player?
Like the first part but I want there to be a larger leftist faction that you have the option of convincing her to join later on, maybe with her office then even becoming an extension of that. (there is another faction she might join that i already wrote but that is a secret ;).)
I have some ideas for missions I think could be good for beginning:
1. kill zombies on other levels of building,
2. get her a hammer and screwdriver. followed by: 2.5. bring her planks of wood and nails. - essentially ripping up furniture in the office - to baricade windows and doors.
3. get * amount of cat food to feed her cat.
4. Kill a snake that has gotten into the server room through a vent.

Most of these wont give direct rewards. I am avoiding personally in things i write 'do thing for person, be rewarded for it' kind of quests as a design philosophy point but idk what other people think about that and it's a huge digression.

Can all change in order or be rejected or changed or whatever, with others added. :)
Wanted to do later quests with her slowly getting more cat mutations, like getting a tail after a certain time and having to deal with that.

Oh and the being around her cat during the cataclysm is what caused her to mutate the ears.

Image related makes me really hope that blood type stat got implemented!

If you are used to the game can you give any ideas on what clothes are in game and what she would probably be wearing?


also, we should consider if we want to go with the mainline DDA fork or the Bright Nights fork, or both. DDA is more near-future where bright nights is sci-fi.


I was considering the same. I'm thinking mainline for now and hopefully we can add extra content for BN. Also i'd like to see some more basic factions in vanilla and for BN to become more developed first and become more refined even if it means sticking with vanila lore.

Can you guys tell me how Alunya could be as a person? so i can choose traits and make the dialogue i write for her right now feel less wooden. Character traits, etc?


File: 1608528366755.bmp (5.93 MB, 1920x1080, Catalunya.bmp)

I accidentally made her male, but here's a sketch. Maybe no cooking and some survival. And there are plenty more cat perks to add if you want, though I'm not sure how catty she is. Need a furry in here asap to offer advice.


Great. Yea, i will add more cat mutations as time goes by and if you do quests for her, get her to the larger faction base, etc!
Do you think she should start with tail and ears or just ears and they'll mutate the tail fairly early on, such as after first or second mission?
The latter was my thoughts anywas.

Can you send me over the JSON file or just post it here? I dont think this thread will get much interest but if it does we can use a free file sharing service like: https://cryptpad.fr/ Or just github to share eachothers things. :)

I'm working on dong the building she start in at hte moment and will be nice if i had base of character layed out.

I think she will be kind of cagey about her role in protests unit you get to know her more or have high speech/perception. What do you think?


Wrote her first quick quest, havn't checked yet but honestly want to just get them out and refine/bugfix later. What is her cat [KITTY] called? I think some kind of non obvous reference to her ideology or leftypol here could be quite nice.

"type": "mission_definition",
"name": { "str": "Find some cat food for Alunya." },
"goal_condition": {
"and": [ { "u_has_items": { "item": "catfood", "count": 10 } }, { "u_has_items": { "item": "catfood_dry", "count": 5 } } ]
"item": "catfood_dry",
"count": 10,
"difficulty": 1,
"value": 0,
"end": { "effect": [ { "npc_add_var": "npc_alunya_catfood", "type": "dialogue", "context": "Alunya", "value": "yes" } ] },
"origins": [ "ORIGIN_SECONDARY" ],
"dialogue": {
"describe": "We've been doing okay sharing what I can scavange for now but [kitty] really needs something that will last.",
"offer": "Great, It's a simple task, I just need you to keep a look out for some cat food on your travels. We might as well stock up so Ten cans of cat food and 5 bags of dry cat food should be fine.",
"accepted": "[WRITE]",
"rejected": "[WRITE]",
"advice": "Nothing to say, there's no hurry though, she'll survive for now.",
"inquire": "How is it going? Do you have them?",
"success": "Thanks! Now [KITTY] will be super well fed… I'm pretty sure they put kitty nutrience in these… Anyway, I don't really have anything to pay you in right now, I hope you don't mind…",
"success_lie": "Well… where are they?",
"failure": "…"


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