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It is time for us to start the counter-attack, this cannot go on


File: 1608519248896.jpg ( 292.26 KB , 720x1480 , Screenshot_20201020-204508….jpg )



>mirroring nazis


We already have some anons making a based vn


>ironic VNs


>Ironic VNs
why LOL?


The only problem I have with this thread is that we already have a VN thread


I'd like to see the anime-girl version of Hitler rant, not gonna lie.


There are already a few VNs (most of them ironic I think) about communism.
I've no idea if that North Korea parody of Go! Go! Nippon is any good or just retarded clichés+generic porn. Art is pretty fucking good though


I fucking hate ironic VNs


The MajiKoi thread?


File: 1608519269493-0.png ( 208.01 KB , 1122x798 , SSDPRK.png )

File: 1608519269493-1.png ( 80.82 KB , 1121x365 , CBS.png )

File: 1608519269493-2.png ( 82.84 KB , 1120x385 , SWoTR.png )

After checking the page for that VN and a few others by the same developer, I get the impression that they're semi-ironic and semi-serious, and are just milking this kind of subject for money.

Also it appears to be full of clichés as expected.


It would look cute and stupid


>are just milking this kind of subject for money
Just like all le ironic XD visual novels.

There's a large market of tasteless irony poisoned 20 somethings that eat this shit up and even corporations have realized this, like KFC.


>even corporations have realized this, like KFC.
god that was so fucking cringe.

I remember there was an attempt at a satirical otome game set in the Middle East about romancing ISIS members as an American glowie. The creator was an Iranian-American.
Sadly it didn't reach the goal and I don't think the devs have made an update in 2 years.


So I was browsing through the VNDB randomly and stumbled upon Mahou Shoujo Žižek-chan!
I suppose oldfags were already aware of it but tis is new to me lol


You know ironic VNs suck ass when even KFC is trying to cash in on the fad.


File: 1608519300988.jpg ( 508.19 KB , 1920x1080 , KFC marketing Japan.jpg )

Just as reference to the anon's reference


File: 1608519306130.jpg ( 33.88 KB , 500x281 , tumblr_nujt1exqYr1qdyi3xo1….jpg )



LOL what the hell is this from






What about a serious dating simulation for various communists? It's not like there aren't enough things that could be made into in game elements.


This one actually seems somewhat interesting.


Why was this spoilered by the mods? There's nothing NSFW about it lol.


File: 1608519308602.png ( 1.81 MB , 1470x759 , dprk.PNG )

We already launched the counter attack. Did you miss this one?


File: 1608519311675-0.jpg ( 462.88 KB , 1738x1094 , decadent capitalist pop st….jpg )

File: 1608519311675-1.jpg ( 394.7 KB , 1738x979 , dont ask dont tell.jpg )

I actually played through this garbage and gunned for the big booba officer, the writing was unsurprisingly fucking trash and unfunny and every single meme about the DPRK got mentioned at least once.


hatoful boyfriend


>>>/games/1751 VN thread


Visual [b]novels[/b] aren't games.


I mean they are, just a very esoteric one.


Media like Rance count as both a game and a VN.


Not all of them. Stuff like Rance counts as both games and VNs.


Oh great.


VNs are basically interactive CYOAs


Oh neat, thanks.
If Touhou is allowed in both boards I think VNs should be, too. Since some are hybrids and others are kinetic novels that lack interactivity.


I wish I could speak for myself, but I've read this is actually well-written despite it being one of the first "funny" VNs that became popular after being streamed by YouTubers (it probably started the ironic VN fad too, unfortunately making it look like just another meme """dating sim""").
I do have it installed because I play otome, but haven't been got around to reading it.


I can barely read the name in the first pic, but I mean, she's not wrong. Shame that these little funny truths about capitalism couldn't be used to make the reader question it instead of just reaffirming DPRK myths and profiting off them.


It's the by same dev as the OP, though.


Some 'unique' ero-VN


Reminds me of that one Pigeon war cartoon from Britain way back when… I think it was called Valiant from 2005 or 2006


>No sexual content tag
What's the fucking point then?


>I can barely read the name in the first pic,
Their names are "Jeong" and "Eunji" respectively

But yeah, I agree with the rest of what you said


File: 1608519334144.png ( 58.32 KB , 553x759 , 1459346030016.png )

>Boku no Pico VN


File: 1608519345133.jpg ( 148.81 KB , 600x835 , everlasting summer slavya ….jpg )

Cordially inviting you to
Bunkers and Icepicks, the official leftypol Nationstates region, for all our shitposting commie needs


signing up is free and no emails or personal information required.


File: 1608519347804.png ( 611.43 KB , 642x481 , trap delusion.png )

Black Souls II anyone?


File: 1608519350356.png ( 458.09 KB , 640x480 , 3d91.png )



File: 1608519350803.jpg ( 3.19 MB , 1867x3269 , Gaikiken musume VN.jpg )

Anyone know if this VN ever got made?


File: 1608519351070.jpg ( 95.62 KB , 1600x900 , Ship_of_Servitude_futanari….jpg )



Where install


Doesn't seem like it…


I'd say too bad but I doubt it would have worked given the tendencies of home-made VNs.


Which one


>MajiKoi thread
The whatsit now? Catalog Search gives nada.


File: 1608519377631-0.png ( 360.04 KB , 640x480 , boy to girl VN.png )

File: 1608519377631-1.jpg ( 274.19 KB , 800x800 , 1540514528579.jpg )

Reposting for relevance
are pics 1 and 2 respectively


File: 1608519379814.jpg ( 327.42 KB , 1600x740 , index.jpg )

The author of Spice and Wolf covers more modern finance and stuff in World End Economica. I only read part one several years ago so I don't know/remember how in depth it actually gets. Maybe pirate a copy if you are interested.
>day trading on a first-gen lunar colony


File: 1608519381337.png ( 404.22 KB , 360x640 , Live A Hero.png )

Live A Hero is some wierd game anyone know more about it? It's got Bara furries in anime style and I'm confused as to what the fuck it is.


Last time I checked it was about a guy who gets transported to a future where the world is already fully communist

>MajiKoi thread



It seems that their previous game Housamo has an English speaking community, and also had a lot of bara and kemono characters and that's the main appeal (as with many other shallow mobage from Japan where the main difference between them is the character designs) but outside of that, there seems to be no explicit sexual content in this game. https://live-a-hero.jp/character_list

Live A Hero is a mobile turn-based RPG. It came out on September 30. https://liveahero-wiki.github.io/
I wouldn't call it a visual novel.


>2nd pic
That's funny because the "girl" in pigtails is actually the son of the pregnant woman who is actually a futanari and also the trap's father


There's a VNDB thread about adding FOSS as a descriptor (separate from "Freeware") on visual novel releases.


I actually have all parts of this VN on my GOG account. I'd be willing to share if someone wants it. Also, I accidentally bought a BD for WorldEnd, which is a totally different series, but one that I really enjoyed.


share a linux version

also, do you have higurashi on gog?


File: 1673264051607.jpg ( 180.31 KB , 1000x563 , chaika-is-shocked-about-co….jpg )

>when you come for dat hentais but get rightoid irrelevant screechings instead
rent free

<I started my career as a porn blogger on tumblr in 2014. I have tens of thousands of uncensored hentai pictures on my hard-drive from years of collecting, and photoshopping this material for my many blogs.


File: 1673270666010.png ( 34.7 KB , 549x223 , screen2.png )

also his ssl is broken in tor but works in chrome
cert is issued by ZeroSSL, and seems to be not expired
dunno what is goin on

also the author is a fkn fin lmao


I'll get to it sometime this weekend. I do not have Higurashi. I need to get to it sometime, but I have a huge backlog.


Btw, does anyone have a good solution for hosting these files? I don't want to use my Mega account for hosting copyrighted files in case it gets taken down.


>Download on DLSite for $13.00. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Censored genitals.
Top kek. Meanwhile, you can download "Yorna: Monster Girls' Secret" for Linux for free.

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