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Can we have a vtuber general? I love them so.
Iron mouse is probably the most popular and she can sing really well.


Real alienation hours


Everyone deals with it in different ways.


I don't watch vtubers, but I will watch clips once in a while. I think it's really entertaining, and gives people that might not be camera-friendly a great way to put out their talents in the world. I know the majority are women, but I have seen some funny clips by male vtubers. I think this is great, but I do not like that most of it uses proprietary software. I would like to see Free Software vtubing a reality.


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I watch one male vtuber who is cool. I just found his channel so I can't remeber his name till he's online but he was running the re1 remake for the first time and it was fun to help him cause I have beaten that shit like a million times. I'm a huge Resident Evil fan.

And yeah, actually, funny you bring up that point because prior to getting in on iptorrents and becoming a VIP I pretty much replaced cable with youtube and twitch which was nice fora while. But now I pay 10 bucks a month for cable which just opens my options up more. Do you watch zone-tans stream? Zone is such a legend I couldn't not watch her.


I thought Zone was a guy that made porn. Didn't know there was a vtuber now. I don't watch streams. I'm usually too busy with work. I prefer to watch clips here and there.


I mean they still make porn but zone has to be a tr0n at this point, but, yeah they do streaming now which is cool. The streams are fun, ushually her, they, them whatever dicking around on vr or their friend watching really old infomercials


Ah, I mean, it's whatever. I don't mind trans people. I just thought he had loaned the model to someone.


I don;'t knwo if he's actually trans or not, so, take that with a grain of salt.


Vtubers are pretty much talksprites made easy. I hope they keep being normalized so people will stop posting video of their faces to places like youtube, as doing so is a waste of bandwidth for everyone involved and normalizes self-doxxing.
Just wish people would find a way to render the rig client side and just send the mocap data.

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