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File: 1672487322006.jpg (242.78 KB, 1920x1080, bocchi-the-rock-16315-1-29….jpg)


But the fact that it beat out Spy x Family for anime of the year is bullshit. Spy x Family has a much better and more interesting story line and the art is much much better than Boochi the rock. Makes no sense that it not only got beat out by boochi but got 4th. Spy x Family is anime of the year and you can't convince me otherwise.


File: 1673047183059.png (121.23 KB, 1114x807, nuke-man.png)

>implying either of those can even touch atomic man
Must be fun wallowing in shit…


Manga and anime are not the same thing.

But I haven't heard of this so do tell.


File: 1673053322738.png (196.74 KB, 1024x576, eminence-in-shadow.png)

There's an anniemay too, they're all based on light novels. It's about a kid with delusions of grandeur getting reincarnated in an isekai.


File: 1673197361141.gif (1.7 MB, 1920x1080, ahaha.gif)

Cope more, bocchi is my favorite anime so far


Eminence in shadow was a letdown imo, I was expecting it to be as retarded as the manga, I was unpleasantly surprised that the tone the anime used was actually more close to the original novel (which I only read because the anime wasn't retarded)

Manga = Best, artstyle is cute enough, but the gags are unreal.

Novel = Too much talk about fighting distance, and tries to be way too edgy.

Animu = A fine middleground, not overly edgy, artstyle is a bit rough (Cid looks more girly that the supposedly "cute" characters).


I didn't say it was bad I said it wasn't as good as other shit like Spy x Family which is clearly true.
Maybe you just have poor taste?


File: 1673225633943.jpeg (159.54 KB, 640x904, to-your-eternity.jpeg)

In all seriousness, the best animu for two years running now is plainly To Your Eternity. I haven't seen anything else that's even come close to captivating me as much.


File: 1673276575198.jpg (297.42 KB, 2086x1319, 7aa2455711ae2eb37d496ff83e….jpg)


> Maybe you just have poor taste?

That is exactly why no one agrees with you.

> Makes no sense that it not…

> you can't convince me otherwise…

You can't expect everyone to think the same or have the same way of evaluation as you do. Obviously I said it's my favorite anime so far, it does explicitly mean I favor it as being better than Spy X Family both 1 and 2.

If anything Bocchi touched the hearts of more people than a "strong and well-rounded" anime like your personal best anime this year.

"poor taste" argument is such a weak remark, I don't really care what anime people want to watch. I like what I like, when Yuru Camp was exploding in popularity I said Slow Start was the better anime of the season, did people disagree? I don't care.


I am a massive anime snob and hate 90% of the tropes you see in most anime
Just looking at screenshots of this shit I can already tell I'll hate it


I haven't watched it, but I want to. I just can't let go of K-On! as the quintessential music moe anime. It really was just perfect.


Your waifu is shit.


>Boochi the rock is anyones waifu.



Yeah, the Bocchi audience isn't obsessed with Bocchi.


She has the figure of a 2x4 and the personality of a hermit crab. If people are obsessed with her it's news to me, tbf.


The people obsessed with this anime see themselves in the loner and wish for someone to rescue them by being nice and approachable. It's not that deep. I only enjoy Bocchi because of the creative directions they took such a boring concept. It's actually a joy to watch. However, it still has nothing on old Gainax shows like FLCL, or even KareKano. We will never again have such a great studio.


File: 1676779228733-0.jpeg (32.54 KB, 485x645, images (5).jpeg)

File: 1676779228733-1.jpg (987.25 KB, 3072x1728, 01-hermit-crabs-minden_005….jpg)

>Figure of a 2x4
>Personally of a hermit crab


Was waiting for the season to end before I binged watched this again. And yep, checks out: best animu of the year again by far.


Ending is shite


I do think Gugu deserved to be with Rean.


>This shit is really good
anime is dead

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