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Let's face it. This really is some of the best Gundam shit since 00. Mom being a Char and our MC being an actual gay autist has only made this better. Can't wait for what they have next season. Hope to see more of Sophie, because she's got the best smile.


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I've heard this shit is actually really good, though, I am not super familiar with the plot.
Care to catch an old anon up?


It's just 12 episodes so far, anon. You have time. Basically starts out as Utena with robots, but goes on from there. I just finished watching the 12th ep. I recommend you go into it a little blind. Prologue is on YT, as well as a few of the episodes.


oh yeah? Shit yeah if that is the case I deff will have to check it out. It looks SUPER high quality.


I'm gonna be fair, I mostly use Gundam as a way to consoom plastic, but I have actually found more than a few things I like about GWitch.


>This anime has a gay woman in it! How transgressive!
Welcome to 1995. Wake me up when half a dozen chart-topping shows featuring gay men are released every season.


I never said it was transgressive. I said it was unusual for Gundam. Thanks for confirming you're autistic too. Maybe you can identify with the protagonist.


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>jealous bitches cry about not getting a job and use the race card
Yawn. Nobody cares, and nobody watches the dubs. This is more manufactured outrage.


Chomsky was (almost) right about the media


What did Chomsky say about the media ?


Isn't this a Universal Century series? Usually a red flag indicating Tomino Hackjob full of toddler-level character tropes to me.


It's not. It's a new series with a new continuity. The era is Ad Stella. Also, fuck you for hating on UC.


Eh, might be worth a watch then. #1 rule is to steer clear of anything involving that write-by-numbers hack Tomino and the series that "tribute" him. Even when he's not involved, UC series shows have an awful tendency to adopt his garbage pale writing.


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Well, I think both the writer and the director are pretty talented.
I don't think they're going for a Tomino formula, though of course they do have to sell toys. I don't think that has gotten in the way too much so far, though. I think the designs are good, though my preferred designs are from the Gundam 00 series. I think those were far more competent and "real" if you can even call a Gundam show that. There was a bit of thought put into the engineering of it, even though it was fantastical by all standards. I'm currently in love with the Messer from Hathaway's Flash, though. I really like that design. That being said the Tieren types are boss, especially given the VR headset type of setup they have for actual interaction. Seeing as how these were used by some sort of future version of PRC/USSR mix, I think they had it spot on. Looks like a tank, which is far in contrast with Union's line of suits that resemble aircraft.


Fuck this anime. They killed best girl. She just wanted a family. Yes, I'm the OP, and yes, I'm mad.

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