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File: 1690801760484.png ( 314.65 KB , 700x822 , loli-surprise.png )


Explain to me why loli cartoon porn should be banned without sounding like a closeted reactionary feminoid man-slave.

I'll wait.


Also please explain to me why incest should be banned. Or ANY sexual fantasy for that matter.

Why do you want to stifle human imagination, you disgusting fucks?


I don't think that it should tbf


go back






File: 1690831255691.png ( 857.77 KB , 1106x1092 , 1650626996353.png )



File: 1690831836519.png ( 67.86 KB , 251x238 , eww.png )

projections of a kiddy diddling christcuck

you're just a repressive breeder that wants to force us to slave away for a meatcunt by depriving us of our fantasies

literal Satan


what good even came out of Christianity? genocide, war and colonialism?


File: 1690835261048-0.jpg ( 91.75 KB , 937x543 , i.jpg )

File: 1690835261048-1.jpg ( 285.47 KB , 1170x835 , 02DF547B-5795-4D5D-990C-CA….jpg )

>What good ev-ACK


File: 1690843525441.jpg ( 396.88 KB , 716x781 , 1690793339388170.jpg )

Yeah the that's the point.
Nothing about being a pedophile in and of itself is wrong it's what actions are taken by people who are themselves that that is wrong. Being a pedo is not in and of itself monstrous and shouldn't be treated like that considering studies show that lolicon and people being able to go see specialists about these things helps with their fantasies rather than bottling it up until they act on it. So, really, in the long run the people who are causing more children to get hurt in a way is the moral fags.


File: 1690845618799.jpg ( 47.54 KB , 584x730 , 1690845533552.jpg )

Fags really sold you on their bullshit didn't they. STOP WATCHING PORN RETARD. You weren't born a pedo just like fags had to get molested or troons social engineered. The difference is, a lot of fags are at least dealing with serious trauma that is difficult to overcome often no fault of their own. You became a pedo just because you've been beating it so long that you got bored of normal porn. You need to get some impulse control or a 180gr skull fucking


you're a repressed fag, go self-flagellate yourself dinosaur



You're not taking MOE from me, you sick fuck!


File: 1690847746765.jpeg ( 33.87 KB , 800x450 , ask your manslave.jpeg )

I'd sooner blow my brains out than be "providing" for some meatcunt - this is not life anyway, it's just hell

you're not forcing me, YOU GOT THAT? I will NOT be used!

you man-slaves alone would need to provide for the cunts - I'm out


File: 1690847797750.jpg ( 68.85 KB , 750x750 , 1689883735599230.jpg )

I'm not a pedo. This is exactly what I am talking about. I am not into lolicon, but, anyone who dares to think that people who have literally done nothing wrong and simply exist are not worthy of being executed by the moral majority witch hunt is lumped in with actual child rapists.
You are a smooth brained retard and should be put down yourself dipshit.

Why do you care what anyone does as long as it is between consenting adults or themselves? Like I don't understand this authoritarian mindset. Imagine letting cartoons cause you this much seething, kek.


File: 1690852112030.jpg ( 638.25 KB , 2009x962 , 1690851578620.jpg )

lmao struck a nerve for the coomer pedo faggot. Let's have a test then. If you can go one month without masturbating or seeking out porn you'll prove that you do in fact have some impulse control and you can look at your fag "art" in peace. If you can't do that you prove that you can't help yourself and lack the will to not rape children.
ancoom strikes another blow against authoritarianism
no God no masters except my retarded urges


>it's reactionary to not be addicted to porn
coomer moment


>No real argument

Go back to pol.


I don't think it should be. It's ironic that Japan, a country where just a few years ago, as some of the lowest rates of kiddie diddling in the world. Where as in the US where possession CP is considered a war crime, has a weekly cavalcade of major institutions and figures being convicted of child molestation.


File: 1690891741981.jpg ( 157.9 KB , 787x900 , 1690891658674.jpg )

holy shit you're retarded
>please trust me bros I can't control myself and not jack off for a month but I am entirely trustworthy. If I randomly encounter a vulnerable child I will have the will to not act.
You can't even do one simple thing so why the fuck should we take your word that for this one instance you will be able to control yourself when you clearly haven't demonstrated the capacity?


File: 1690893044405.jpg ( 75.76 KB , 640x640 , d74bbc22c14d3b0a4fab0d11eb….jpg )

Glowohomofeddopedos really running out of false flag ideas, innit.


>Righteous indignation for child porn, to even include drawings that aren't actually children
>Has most actual children getting bonked
Burgers, not even once


File: 1690897121196.gif ( 352.25 KB , 512x652 , 1690897116510.gif )

>pedofag comes to chan
<immediate uptick in spam links
you're onto something


File: 1690900340250.jpg ( 248.63 KB , 900x1299 , 30.jpg )

>Let's have a test then. If you can go one month without masturbating or seeking out porn you'll prove that you do in fact have some impulse control

who do you take me for? rightoid self-hating betabux? retarded religious zealot?

I have nothing to "prove" to you pathetic normoid fags.

It is no coincidence that various religions throughout centuries used various forms of self-imposed deprivation as a means of ideological indoctrination.

Deprived mind is more disoriented and therefore more vulnerable. That's also why modern nofap trend is ultimately reactionary and so widespread in rightoid circles.

>If you can't do that you prove that you can't help yourself and lack the will to not rape children.

There are already multiple studies on this subject that showed there is no correlation. But keep projecting closeted rightoid.

>no God no masters except my retarded urges

except we coomers actually consciously manipulate our animal urges in creative ways, while rightoid fags whip themselves into a nofap deprivation frenzy and then go shoot a massage parlor


File: 1690900377141.jpeg ( 319.04 KB , 728x1125 , dream snatch.jpeg )

more like
>it's reactionary to be against porn, especially cartoon porn

only the most rabid reactionary man-slave would want to deprive men of their sexual fantasies

literal dystopian Dream Snatcher shit


>soyjak obsessed zigger and spergy leftcum agree on bluepill
glad you found each other kek

I call it "the betabux cock ring theory"


>ukrop is a pedo
In other breaking news water is wet


>everyone who is against my multipolar nazoid class collaborationist utopia is a glowie NAFOid ukrop
yeah, ok, whatever, muh both sideists, yada-yada

zigger nazoid sperg is also a sexually repressed faggot, who would've thought kek?


File: 1690912914963.jpg ( 2.74 MB , 2160x3840 , (you).jpg )

This is excellent let me just take account
>The incel lolicon pedo 9chan tourist transhumanist loving Russian exterminationist woman hater luxemburgist promises that he would never stoop so low as to molest a child.
I didn't expect such a great birthday present from you all wrapped up in a bow. Thank you!


File: 1690914716764.jpg ( 1.66 MB , 1630x2456 , 05.jpg )

>The incel


I fap to almost everything, ranging from grannies to lolicon, depending on the mood

>9chan tourist

never been there

sounds like another rightoid boogeyman

>transhumanist loving

*transhumanist tolerating

>Russian exterminationist

If russkies want to mass suicide so badly, who am I to stop them kek?

If you say "Tomorrow", I will ask "Why not today?"

>woman hater



The most consistent anti-nazoid communist. Her name alone causes severe butthurt to red-browns. Her polemic against Lenning makes vanguardist mask slip.


I don't promise you shit, bitch. You are NOTHING.


File: 1690915461599.jpg ( 928.89 KB , 1164x1754 , 06.jpg )

now as to your characterization..

>russian nationalist westoid troon hating repressed gay chauvinist ussr patriot vlasovite tricolor punisher rip-off soyjack spamming dengoid multipolarism draped in red suicide nets degenerate west death cultist muh whamen loving betabux bluepilled blueballed by his landwhale beccy spiteful angry man-thing deprived of imagination and genuine enjoyment of life


Oh is this guy a literal poltard?
Who cares what he thinks then.


All of you stop framing everything, including japanese little girl cartoon porn, into the ukranian-russian war


File: 1690975374919.jpg ( 56.36 KB , 464x450 , 1690944343754747.jpg )



Is this not the same as saying that a guro enthusiast is a closeted serial killer? Would a guro fan murder someone if given the chance? Probably not. Same thing for people that are into other tags like rape, incest, and so on. You can enjoy something in the abstract without trying to recreate it in real life. For example, I like romance anime, but that is because it's an idealized version of romance. We all know that human relationships are more complex. The idealized version of a child, the loli, is this too. It's an adult in the shape of a child that acts in the way of an idealized child, but very much has the sexual and interpersonal instincts of an adult. In fact, you could say that this whole thing ties back to the original conception of Humbert in Lolita. He calls them "Nymphetes," and what qualifies a girl as one is never quite told, but we're told that Charlotte fits that profile. Of course, she doesn't, and he's a child abuser, but that never gets in the way of his fantasy and conception of what that is. On the other hand, eromanga featuring loli characters and other such things focus on realizing Humbert's fantasy inside a black and white page. Honestly, if Humbert had done that instead of abuse a child, things would have turned out a lot better for both of them. Therefore, I'm going to give a pass to lolicons, because I don't actually believe they want to rape a child half as much as the people who desperately virtue signal about porn.


I've gone four continuous months without masturbating or looking at porn. I still like watching pornography, and sometimes I leave it playing in the background just because I think it's aesthetically pleasing. I enjoy sex, and I like thinking about sex. I enjoy discussing it, and I enjoy masturbating. I can watch almost any kind of pornography and enjoy myself. I've even created some of my own. I'm going to keep doing this, and I'm going to keep enjoying sex, because it's not really the main driver of my psychology, just like any of my other hobbies and interests are not the single most important thing in my mind. Since I have passed your test, I can assume that you'll stop being a massive faggot from now on.


>If you say "Tomorrow", I will ask "Why not today?"
Based and von Neuman-pilled.


File: 1691118648643.jpg ( 19.39 KB , 268x268 , 1690884109670966.jpg )

You can't argue reason with these people anon. I have made these exact same points and arguments for years to these fucking retards and they just dont get it; nay they refuse to get it. They don't care about anything but their own self righteous indignation. It's better to just leave it be and live your life in silence. Society will simply never accept certain taboos. Lolicon being one of them.


>Society will simply never accept certain taboos. Lolicon being one of them.
ahistorical nonsense
japs accepted it just alright

the Cooms will inherit the Earth, you can't stop Anime porn, reactoids

the genie is out of the bottle, russkies and other fags who imprison people for cartoon porn are just backward reactionary shitholes


>japs accepted it just alright
No. You try telling someone in Japan that you're a lolicon, see how fast they cut you off from all relations. Just because it's not illegal does not mean it's accepted. Lolicon is certainly a taboo.


File: 1691163314366.jpeg ( 225.03 KB , 1920x1080 , 930-2820074202.jpeg )

you don't get sent to prison for making and distributing loli hentai

your loli hentai work doesn't get banned

your loli hentai conventions don't get pogrom'd by bluepilled nazoid cucks protecting """morality""" and shit

I count this as "acceptance". Who cares if bitch ass normoids would "cut" me off from their life kek. I want as little interaction with them as possible anyway.

Also, your nazoid russkie bitch ass has never been to Japan, so STFU.

You russkie bitches are sent to jail for basically anything kek. Labour organizing? jail. Promoting gay rights? jail. Criticizing war? jail. Shitting on Orthodoxy? jail. Cartoon anime porn? 10 years in prison kek.

SO I don't want to hear anything form your pathetic victim complex ass.


oh, and also, nazoid, KEEP STAYING ABSOLUTELY CULTURALLY IRRELEVANT, while japan dominates minds across the world

your children will be fucking lolicons fapping to anime porn kek


File: 1691169325380.gif ( 431.29 KB , 320x320 , UUUOOOOOOOOHHH.gif )

not a pedo but some of the girls being posted ITT are very cute…


I'm not the retard disagreeing with you. I guess we can agree that there is a spectrum of acceptance. It's certainly not considered normal, though. And please apologize for referring to me as a Ruskie. I'd rather be literal shit than be compared to their kind.


I will say that the thing I like most about the western loli community are the memes. They do have a sense of humor.


File: 1691171086147-0.png ( 151.24 KB , 907x724 , lolicon-legal-1.png )

File: 1691171086147-1.png ( 202.59 KB , 910x646 , lolicon-legal-2.png )

File: 1691171086147-2.png ( 97.59 KB , 916x358 , lolicon-legal-3.png )

>It's certainly not considered normal, though.
It doesn't matter if it's not persecuted. Laws >>> feels.

Also, actually it's not japan only that tolerates loli (japan just has a far vibrant lolicon producing scene).

Surprised to see Germany there tbh. I think we could deduce that "less of a reactionary shithole - more tolerating of cartoon porn"


File: 1691171132644.jpg ( 758.36 KB , 2723x4186 , horsey.jpg )

I don't get the appeal of lolis or cunny when 3D and legal girls like picrel exist.

Plenty of 18/19 year olds look far below their age so why bother with the moral ambiguity of jerking it to literal kids? Especially when they're just drawings done by some greasy 40 year old jap.


File: 1691171762020.png ( 26.47 KB , 911x127 , the absolute state of russ….png )

Also, the absolute state of russkies kek.

You zygoids better not get caught with animu pics on your hard drive kek

I wouldn't risk """proving""" in russkie court how those anime girls with neotenous characteristics are akshully 100+ years vampires kek


God Russia is such a shit hole.

>Tits and literal tattoos.
No thanks but the horse cock dong is kind of hot.
I mean she's hot but not as far as cun y is concerned.


Why are you always such a massive retard. I swear you are the same faggot who always holds these brainless opinions on everything. What you are asking is impossible. Most people, hell, the majority of the human race think with their emotional lizard brianas. So by the very fact alone that not everyone is or can be a great philaopger king and deduce and thing about moral and ethical dilemma on a grand scale like we can means that it will never be accepted. Most people today equate lolicon and child pornography as the exact same thing.

Even in the United States where there has been rulinga on this by the supreme Court and the FBI has literally made a PSA telling people to stop reporting lolicon you still can face years of jail time just for getting accused wrongfully by the state of distributing and collecting CP and good luck convincing some back water judge this isn't child pornography.society is literally NEVER going to accept lolicon. At best they will throw lolicona in mental prisons or something in the far future


Don't you know that 3D is pig disgusting? Real humans have flaws and imperfections. This is the whole point of 2D loli and other anime girls. They are idealized and flawless.


I guess we should establish what we mean. Legal tolerance is different from social tolerance. Legal is more important in some aspects, and in that end, loli is already tolerated in many western countries. We should also, of course, talk about acceptance, which is one step beyond tolerance, and has more to do with the social dynamics. A further step would be embracement, which would mean that not only is it a social norm, but may be expected in many cases. Of course, there is a patchwork of this in many societies. Many of the same people that scream about loli, are the same type of people to watch teen porn and engage in other fantasies like HS cheerleaders and so on.


We can't say that it would never be accepted. It wasn't that long ago that this was booth legal and common, and that's with 3DPD. If anything, there are more people in the west that view this sort of content than just ten years ago. It's almost a joke within the weeb community, which is larger than ever. Gawr Gura is one of the most popular vtubers in the west and world-wide, and she's a loli type character. Obviously, this appeals to the sensibilities of many people. Is it my thing? No, but I can see the appeal. If you go back further, it wasn't outside the norm to marry what we now would consider a child. The current crop of "traditional conservatives" openly speak of wanting to return to a time when you could marry a 15 year old girl in your 30s, and the left is always going to err on the side of free expression. I don't know what to tell you, but I think loli is here to stay. It's just too appealing and doesn't seem to harm anyone.


File: 1691551834947.png ( 181.49 KB , 983x563 , 1995_female_sexual_attract….png )

Can some one explain picrel to me? I have actual questions about it and this seems like the only place to ask. Obviously pedophila is immoral, but, what does the finding of this study suggest?
Is it even accurate?


File: 1691554951651-0.png ( 684.87 KB , 862x678 , a few millimeters.png )

as far as I know 14 is pretty much the age of sexual awakening for girls, that's usually when they start to actively seek boyfriends

tho that must've been a sample of chads or something kek
50% at 27 years of age? bull. shit.

we have more recent and detailed data from the dating platforms


File: 1691583954748-0.jpg ( 51.25 KB , 800x702 , 1.jpg )

File: 1691583954748-1.jpg ( 105.63 KB , 1036x621 , 2.jpg )

>Surprised to see Germany there tbh


If funny that simpy leftists will whine all day about women's rights but then haslve to confront the reality of what women are actually like.

As with everything else, cognitive dissonance forces them to either double down on the equality delusion (double down on being nice but effective celibate) or to shed their ideals in favor of what works in the real world.


Women are retarded and shallow and don't get called out enough but I'm not gonna say they can't deserve rights. Else I would be arguing to take away the rights of every other demographic including white males
That's the difference between me and hopefully others here, and people that go on incel murders go right




Rights are important infantile leftist.


argument not found


File: 1691810023065.jpg ( 143.88 KB , 850x692 , 1691719618618090.jpg )



People into loli don't necessarily want to fuck kids tho,.


Human males probably have some predisposition to these sectors of the female population for evolutionary reasons. However, I'd like to think that modern advances in medical science have made them obsolete. That being said, I've been thinking about it since this thread started, and if we're talking about 3DPD, then at what age are we okay with people openly fucking each other? Because, for the most part, some kids are definitely fucking other kids. Some of us agree that's okay. I do not, for the record, I think most kids don't know enough about sex to engage in it at their age. However, if society thinks that's okay, then what is the main difference between a 15 year old having sex with a 15 year old, and a 15 year old having sex with a 25 year old? And if there are differences, do those apply to a 50 year old having sex with a 25 year old? Should the age of consent be a floating bubble around your age instead? I almost think that may be more appropriate. However, that's a topic for another board, since this is about 2D, which I consider art in all its forms. Therefore, I think loli should be allowed.


File: 1692365460586.jpg ( 259.63 KB , 888x888 , 1692365450896.jpg )

Least pedo lolifag. Troony jans, where will the line be drawn on this faggotry? We will have /GET/ 2.0 by the end of the year at this rate.


File: 1692366740388.png ( 330.94 KB , 680x763 , Death to pedos.png )

>The Urning you sent me is a very curious thing. These are extremely unnatural revelations. The paederasts [homosexual paedophiles] are beginning to count themselves, and discover that they are a power in the state. Only organisation was lacking, but according to this source it apparently already exists in secret. And since they have such important men in all the old parties and even in the new ones, from Rosing to Schweitzer, they cannot fail to triumph. Guerre aux cons, paix aus trous-de-cul [war on the cunts, peace to the arse-holes] will now be the slogan. It is a bit of luck that we, personally, are too old to have to fear that, when this party wins, we shall have to pay physical tribute to the victors. But the younger generation! Incidentally it is only in Germany that a fellow like this can possibly come forward, convert this smut into a theory, and offer the invitation: introite [enter], etc. Unfortunately, he has not yet got up the courage to acknowledge publicly that he is ‘that way’, and must still operate coram publico‘ from the front’, if not ‘going in from the front’ as he once said by mistake. But just wait until the new North German Penal Code recognises the droits du cul [rights of the arse-hole] then he will operate quite differently. Then things will go badly enough for poor frontside people like us, with our childish penchant for females. If Schweitzer could be made useful for anything, it would be to wheedle out of this peculiar honourable gentleman the particulars of the paederasts in high and top places, which would certainly not be difficult for him as a brother in spirit.


I'm literally arguing for raising the age of consent, dumbfuck.


It's a free speech board so discourse surrounding the morality of lolicon is and should be allowed wether you like it or not.


Isn't this kinda a tell for someone's who is themselves developmentally immature


I'm not the one lacking basic reading comprehension.


The graph does not seem to appear in the supposed source.


How are you able to actually read these studies cause every time I try to hunt them down they are always hidden or locked behind a paywall for stem fags and other college fags. At anyrate what I did read from this says they pulled from a sample and control group none the less. Just because the graph does not appear does not mean that it is not legitimate.


>Just because the graph does not appear does not mean that it is not legitimate.
Cite where it does legitimize the graph then


The graph is probably not legitimate. It's probably a construction from someone who read said study. That being said, that doesn't mean it's accurate or inaccurate. I would have to read the study to decide, but when people do that, it's usually to mislead. If this was an apt conclusion, the writers of that study would have mentioned it, and so far, it does not seem to be the case. It's not a far-fetched conclusion, considering the state of modern society, but if it's not backed up by facts, then it's not science.


I haven't had time to sit down and read the study, but, I will, however, there are summaries online you can read about this that explain the sample sizes and how testing was preformed.


>just trust me bro, it was made in RStudio!


bro where'd they get the data to make the histogram? Source data for studies is rarely given so you're telling me that someone read the study and autistically inferred the observations and then put it in a histogram? After reading it there is no such reference table exists in the study that could possibly generate this bullshit.


>someone read the study and autistically inferred the observations
That's usually how misleading graphs work.


It wasn't just that though they literally did a double blind study on the phenomenon. Look up the source information on Google.


uyghur we did it isn't in there


If you'd like to post source, I'd love to read it. However, it isn't the study quoted on that graph. If you can make an argument for why those numbers are there, then I'd also be glad to read through it. I'm not going to go looking through google for something you're citing. That's not how citations work.



The source was posted in the imageretard. Look it up on google.


The source does not show that graph. If you'd like to tell me how the maker of that graph came to that conclusion from the study, then be my guest, but so far, I do not see it.


The source doesn't need to use the graph even if that is true. The source explains there was a double blind trial tan on the stimulation of the penis of adult men to various age groups. Try actually fucking reading the paper jfc.


and where do they sort by age in the quoted study you moron? you want us to handhold you though your entire retarded pop-science paper made to create retarded headlines? which by the way makes no mention of being double blind in the methodology and seems to only use simple randomization of events: how the fuck could the subject be blind to the thing being applied to them when it is media they are sitting down and experiencing first hand? And now you're having a fit that your retarded graph isn't supported by the faggot link it lists because you have an agenda and knows a buzzword or two.


> The source explains there was a double blind trial tan on the stimulation of the penis of adult men to various age groups. Try actually fucking reading the paper jfc.
You clearly didn't read it, then, because it at no point shows the data quoted in that graph. Some autist derived it from looking at the paper, but there is no justification for that reasoning. If you would like to show us a logical procession from paper to graph, I'd be happy to read it. Until you do that, though, that graph is complete bullshit.


uyghur YOU are the autist because you can't get over the fact that it doesn't MATTER to the validity of the fact that science shows us most adult men seem to love, at the very least, underage puss.
I tried to be nice but fuck you you are an autistic retard.


>uyghur YOU are the autist because you can't get over the fact that it doesn't MATTER to the validity
Well, it does matter. If the data is made up, then there is no point in discussing it.
>science shows us most adult men seem to love, at the very least, underage puss.
But you haven't cited such "science".
>I tried to be nice but fuck you you are an autistic retard.
I'm sorry you're underage and illiterate.

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