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I want anime focused on siblings being in love and entering a happy romantic relationship. I don't want a lust filled relationship; if there is any lust between the siblings I want the lust involved to be very small. I don't care about blood relation but I want the couple to have lived as siblings before they entered a relationship.
I saw Oreimo, Candy Boy, Eromanga Sensei (though it had much fanservice, the siblings had little to no sexual activity or thoughts; though I'd prefer anime without much fanservice) and Boku wa Imouto ni Koi o Suru (though there was some lust, it was a small part of the O.V.A.). Is there anything more?


Anon, why do you want to fuck your sibling? You realize there will be a high degree of harmful homozygous allele pairs in the offspring right?


I don't, and I explicitly stated that if there is lust between the siblings I want it to be very small, so I don't see how you got that idea. In any case, that is all irrelevant to the thread. Do you have any anime to recommend to me?


I really hate to derail this thread, but, let's behonest, if you wrap it up there's literally nothing wrong with incest. Just don't bust in your sister. Like, I know people have a really viceral gut reaction to this, but, it's like loli; It's all just feels.


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GETchan is where you belong you disgusting faggot


Have you seen Koi Kaze? I have the DVDs, but have not yet watched it.


Well to be fair while homozygous allele pairs will be present, it isn't likely to be a significant issue unless inbreeding continues down the line. This is just from a factual angle. I'll leave the morality and shit up to whoever, it's not my business.


Yes. It was awful. They didn't live as siblings beforehand so the whole idea of incest as an idealization of romance in that the person you love was always with you didn't apply. The male lead spent the majority of the series being a jerk to his sister (with no reasoning given for why he did this) and he lusted over her, even though there was no sexual element to their relationship beforehand. He just happens to see her bra in the bathroom and he sniffs it, prior to this their interactions were a sweet talk on the Ferris wheel in episode one and then him being a jerk to her later on; nothing sexual. He then spends the next episode getting paranoid that his sister knows about it (she walked into the bathroom while he was sniffing, although his body was so big that she shouldn't have been able to see it); when interacting with his sister he deludes himself into thinking she knows he sniffed her bra even though his sister treats him normally which made it an incredibly frustrating and cringe worthy episode as the viewer could see his sister treated him normally so it is easy to figure out that she either didn't know or didn't care that he sniffed her bra, which was made even more outrageous given that he works at a marriage agency (to be fair, the way his boss treats him means he's not regarded highly at his job but he should be able to read basic social situations). Thinking back on it, the episode feels like a bad and unfunny parody of crime thrillers which focus on a criminal becoming paranoid that everybody knows about his or her crime. The male lead continues to be a jerk to her and lust over her, masturbating to her and reflecting on his lust, ruining the concept of incest being a wholesome extension of close siblings and of childhood feelings between siblings continuing into adulthood. When his sister confessed her love for her brother I didn't understand why since he was frequently a jerk to her (maybe he a jerk to her to stop her from falling in love with him but if so, why this didn't work is never answered) and his good deeds normally came from cleaning up his mistakes; after they have sex, they do romantic things together and the brother is actually nice to her but it feels like such a huge change in their interactions from just a couple of episodes ago that it felt like a sudden change with no good reason so the only emotion is provoked in me was confusion. Absolutely the opposite of everything I want in my wholesome incest anime. I had literally no investment in their relationship. Terrible.


>>950 Typo correction and a missing word is added.
*(maybe he WAS a jerk …
*the only emotion is it provoked in me…


I finished a show which didn't reveal the incestuous element until later, Hensuki, two weeks and four days ago and although it wasn't quite what I was looking for I quite liked it. While the ecchi wasn't for me, Keiki's (Keiki is the protagonist) interactions with his sister were really sweet and her love for him came from how nice he was to her and from the time they spent living together; his sister didn't attempt to seduce him or do anything sexual but instead wanted a sweet romantic relationship. The lewdest thing she did was kiss him, and the lewdest thing she said was that her breasts were "unexpectedly large," knowing he likes large breasts, and nothing comes of it. The reason it isn't exactly what I was looking for was due to the majority of the run time being focused on other characters' perversions and the fact that they don't enter a romantic relationship so the concept of sibling romance can't be explored, with Keiki resolving to be her brother for now, although agreeing to his sister's request to go on a date with her for one day as her boyfriend, which I thought was quite sweet.

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