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I know the NoFab meme is kinda dead, but I'm curious as to people's thoughts.

Some have suggested, based on observations of primates in the wild and in zoos, that masterbation is an existential condition of captivity. That is, it's a symptom of a lack of freedom. Obviously, Stalin was a bit of a NoFap proponent himself (pic related).

Is NoFab based and uncucked pilled?


>is noFab left?
Nofap can be left or right, to me it's just a dumb internet meme that middle schoolers like.


I actually feel a lot better when I don't fap for a while. the oost in testosterone is quite nice. But I agree never fapping is just retarded and will give you prostate cancer.


Luckily, there's a middle path between NoFap and semen retention


No, fuck you. I will fap when I feel an urge to, just like I would sleep and eat when I feel an urge to.
I would not dwell day and night over food/sex/sleep because I'm a masochist torturing myself with sleep/food/fap deprivation.


Obviously needs to get laid


>This starving person obviously needs to eat more..
<says obese first-world tourist passing by when there is famine


>I can't get laid because of imperialism


NoFap is juedo-christian spooky moralism. You can raise your testosterone 10-20 times more by fasting than you can by not choking the chicken.
The only thing you'll gain by denying yourself sexual release is neuroticism. NoFap is only feasiable when people get married at 14-15 like they were when the bible was written.


Addicts always cope like this


NoFap is good because less fapping is self improvement


Moralist always deflect like this.


Yes, unironically


>Ignore the method that is more effective by an order of magnitude to do the thing that causes mental anguish and yields next to nothing.
Remember kids, burgers are your enemies, especially ones that claim they're not.


It's capitalism ‒ Humans are property ‒ Women are property ‒ Women are commodities ‒ Women get imperialized for exploitation to the metropolies ‒ No women to get fun with in 2nd-3rd tier countries

Anything else you retarded nihhil?


nofap is promoted by idealistic adults.

its funny that no fapping leads to prostae cancer yet society thinks masturbation is a sin


Bro, just have sex

Why is this such a hard concept for people?


some fags masturbate so much that it keeps them from meeting real people. Had a roommate like that once. For these people weaning themselves off is the best choice


Id rather do masturabtion than get romantically involved with people tbh


Incel dorks cant handle basic human relationships
Go back to your video game. We'll call you when it's time to go to the labor camp


being with people hurts but so does being without. you're really missing out bro



I dont mind having friemds or family. But romantic love is very risky.

Not an incel. I dont play video games as much either but thanks for trying to stigmatize video games. Id rather invest in Rockstar or Marvel games rather than Tinder.

Incels are just normies whom fell out of grace.
They have main character syndrome.
Theyre more obsessed with Mainstream (TM) shit than the normies they hate.


I think it kinda makes sense not to get close to people because they're sexy. Ideally your closeness would be based on what they do, not what they look like. Cuddling, sure, but I propose the ideal to be Onlyfap, but like once per month. (I'm like twice per week lol sue me)


Not even if you find them sexy. Romance isnt always about the bodily features.
Its also about body language, gestures, and vocal fluency.
And the way you stumbled upon each others paths.

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