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Are women with Borderline Personality Disorder aka hysterical thot syndrome a severe mental illness where women become hysterical due to the release of period hormones from the ovaries which then in turn results in women having intense emotional reactions to nonsensical problems and also become intentionally emotionally manipulative towards men the number one thread to leftism because of how prone they are to engaging in woke idpol and sabotaging leftist movements with their drama?


Who knows how many revolutionaries have comrades have been thrown in jail due to the whims of these evil fucking bitches.


Cluster B disorders and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.


Are you old enough to remember the time before they were considered medical disorders and were just referred to as "being a cunt"?


What even is BPD? Some one explain it to me like i'm 9


Extreme and persistent mood swings, where someone alternatives between periods of largely positive emotions and extremely negative emotions, combined with a general lack of impulse control to check the ways in which it might manifest as behavior.


I can. It was around the same time when calling someone a fag became unacceptable


>It was around the same time when calling someone a fag became unacceptable
In what context? Adults calling each other fags lost favor in the eighties. Kids in school did it regularly through the nineties. People on the internet did it into the teens. Only little pockets of the internet and angry adults do it anymore. That's a pretty big time frame. I can't really pin down when BPD became a common diagnosis, because it seems to be the same thing as what we used to call manic-depression. Of course, what even is a "mental illness?"






Lel, sheltered from what? Mean words?


Some one had to say it


You misunderstand. BPD does not stand for Bipolar disorder which used to be called manic depression, it stands for Borderline Personality Disorder which is much MUCH worse


Your entirely word is experienced through a technological artifice constructed via a history of capital and material accumulation at the expense of people primarily residing in the 3rd world. Oppression, for you, is when someone doesn't cater to your ghey, soft personality. Socialism, for you, is the extension of mom's house, where the state takes on the parental role and supplies you with endless supply of pizza rolls and affirmation merely for existing. Under a less than best case scenario, you'd gladly settle for being a snobby PMC hall monitor for capital.


>constructed via a history of capital and material accumulation at the expense of people primarily residing in the 3rd world
Lel, "imperialism" really is just original sin for turd-worldists.
>Oppression, for you, is when someone doesn't cater to your ghey, soft personality.
Holy mother of all projection!
>you'd gladly settle for being a snobby PMC hall monitor for capital.
I love that, since it became common knowledge in these parts that "labor aristocrat" was a term that Marx invented as a sarcastic joke, turd-worldists have glomped onto the decidedly un-marxist term "PMC" to describe workers whom they blame for the oppression of their favored identities.


Cope. There's a good reason why Mao went after the 'muh intellecksuals'


Is it because they contested his power and leftists can't handle even the slightest amount of criticism or competition?


File: 1670354887067.png ( 18.58 KB , 703x495 , EmIAgWpU8AEMaHN.png )

I love how passive aggressive and virtue signalling these comics are. The message, basically, is "I'm better than you and deserve privileges."

Is BPD just another term for bourgeois thinking? Bourgeois Personality Disorder. Bourgeois Privilege Demanding.




My ex was bpd and I always felt this way about her. Super bourgeois
mind se.


give examples, stupid prole


>engages in solving other ppl's problems
>finds it hard to "let go"
aka manipulative control freak
>experiences stronger emotions than you
this person prepared excuses for acting horribly
>feels unfomfortable [sic] in loud places
= becomes anxious when she's not the center of attention
>intuitive, unlike you
>more creative than you
= demands excessive praise for very basic things


She fucked all of my friends and then tried to make me feel like it was my fault.


yes, but did she steal your surplus value?


They don't have to be in the ownership class to be beholden to capitalist ideology. It's the same ideology that says "One day i will be a billionaire.


how to bpd gf?


Show interest in one. It's that easy The question is, why the fuck would you? No pussy is worth dealing with their bullshit.


File: 1670408475943.mp4 ( 965.86 KB , 406x720 , SnapSave.io-Cette fille im….mp4 )



Why in gods name did you expose me to that?


Because it will learn you good.


This is one of the most cringe things I have seen in a while.


Don't worry, she got on medication, got fat, and lost her sense of rhythm. It's a happy ending.


File: 1670419139912.webm ( 4.11 MB , 432x720 , BPD gurrrl.webm )



Is that reason because people who read books have an annoying tendency to point out bad logic?


This is what they want to make Iran safe for.


>'muh intellecksuals'
Yeah, we can't have people like that do-nothing first world wrecker Karl Marx constantly undermining core maoist principles like imperialism and labor aristocracy.


BPD is fascist


>Talks up Marx
>Complains about grifters today
>Also hates irony


File: 1670430709128.webm ( 34.95 MB , 406x720 , mee mee bpd.webm )



Can't tell if maoist or /pol/tard. Honestly, that happens far too often.


File: 1670478376414.jpg ( 41.37 KB , 400x400 , 1659290992580026.jpg )

<This board would be dead without the 'poltards.'

The 'true leftists(tm)' lack creativity. They rarely if ever make threads. And they only contribute by chiming in to complain about the 'poltard' postings.

>Deep down you know this is true and secretly seethe about it


>I luv nature
reactionary hippy shit


>I hate capitalism
>Also hyper dependent consumer


>capitalism vs. nature
false dichotomy. it was always humanity vs. nature


File: 1670482674021.webm ( 5.29 MB , 404x720 , its ur fault.webm )



File: 1670483356791.gif ( 1.1 MB , 400x400 , ideology.gif )

notice the "high on ideology" eyelids


File: 1670508513931.png ( 538.95 KB , 598x939 , lmao.png )

infallible mode unlocked


>This board would be dead without the 'poltards.'
As has always been the case, /pol/tards are the newfags. You show up to troll, get into arguments that you can't keep up with, try to meme your way out of getting BTFO, and afterward you try to come up with new angles with which you can pwn the leftists. Most of you give up in frustration, but the ones who do keep coming back, through argument and study, turn into that which they had hated. It's how old /leftypol/ on 8chan got nearly all of its users in the first place. The board was full of old /pol/tards who couldn't buy the idiocy anymore.
>The 'true leftists(tm)' lack creativity.
Top kek! /pol/tards haven't come up with anything original or creative since A Wyatt Mann made the Happy Merchant. It's been nothing but Pepe and Wojack ever since. For people who can only communicate in meme, you would think that they would be better at memeing.
>And they only contribute by chiming in to complain about the 'poltard' postings.
It's easy to jump on people who post stupid shit.


>BDPs just copy your personality.
Is this true or just a roastie cope?


people with BPD constantly seek new people to latch onto obsessively. the one they are currently attached to is who they end up copying.


They try anyway, but it is never in any way close.


The notion that anyone could "copy" another's personality is deeply bourgeois and false.


File: 1670667251641.webm ( 8 MB , 480x854 , bpdtiktok.webm )

Shitty Person Syndrome (SPS)


Um… isn't it supposed to be self-deprecating sarcasm? I think the joke went over your head.


I was the victim of a BPD attack today. Here's what happened. So about six months ago i had been flirting with a coworker for a couple months and i found out through a friend she was flirting with another guy so I stopped talking to her completely and I told a couple coworkers I was friendly with that she was a slut, well about a month or two ago this BPD chick started working here and she has been nothing but drama and she formed kind of an obsession with me. Well because of how hysterical this BPD chick is all the time and because she can't be trusted, I've been kind of ignoring her and shittalking her at work. Well this BPD chick knows about the relationship drama I had with the other chick and yesterday she apparently had a BPD episode over me and went into the office and told on me for a bunch of shit including punching her in the arm playfully (even though I ceased doing that after she told me it hurt and I even apologized) and she even reported me for telling coworkers about the other chick I used to flirt with a slut and I may be terminated. The BPD chick randomly went into the office for these miniscule things and now I possibly may be terminated for them.




How do you know you might be terminated?


boss told me historically I probably wont be but he has to tell the store manager about cases like this and he can't speak for them.


Did you tell him it's bullshit? This is why I literally just avoid women at work. They are nothing but trouble, Fucking dumb cunts. Good luck anon. You at least plead your case right?


There was nothing I could do. This is the problem with retarded phrasing in sexual harassment policies in corporations i.e. telling a third person that someone is a slut


>hit coworker
>call her slut
>get reported


I fake punch people in the arm as a joke. They're light punches. Also it was a different girl I called a slut.


File: 1670745024193.png ( 339.22 KB , 388x585 , hp.png )

I can relate. I fake rape people in the pussy as a joke. They're light rapes.


Don't feed the trolls anons.




Oh, BPDanon is on here too lol.


Is there some lore I am unaware of here?


I posted this thread repeatedly on .ogres siberia and it it got to the point where they'd delete the thread on site because muh womyn


lel. Is it because the mods are BPD?


No they're just very woke trans people who think the idea of a "leftcel" is the most horrible thing done to the left ever. Leftcels are pretty docile and blame capitalism for their loneliness mostly, but ohhh noooooooo thats so sexist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


.ogres are permaoffended, but only about the things that are socially acceptable to be offended by


I want to beat them to death.


We should probably have a final solution in our society for BPD women. BPDschwitz and train tracks


Make BPD thots and incels kill eachother in a devastating war that will ultimately benefit the population by culling the problematics.


Based take. Incel thot war shall beging and the coomers will stand on top.




BPD thots and NPD grifters are the two biggest threats to socialism since 1941



agree though BOD that's want to be the center of attention.




narcissistic personality disorder A.K.A. BPD's more well adjusted older brother





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