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File: 1671435394675.jpg ( 65.46 KB , 532x800 , 992c1ba2c652c44fc1f26867d0….jpg )


Reminder that there is absolutely nothing wrong with sexually harassing and just being overall shitty to right wing women.


File: 1671438719223.jpg ( 102.64 KB , 846x1280 , IMG_20220625_141952_182.jpg )

Reminder that there's no such thing as a right wing woman. Women are blank slates that conform to their surroundings. The fact that op doesn't understand this betrays his general existential faggotry.


So women are basically all bpd?


It took you this long to realize that?


File: 1671653030077-2.png ( 527.55 KB , 720x720 , 1624632375489-1.png )

File: 1671653030077-3.jpg ( 1.02 MB , 1080x1350 , FEoK2zVUYAMDU3k.jpg )

right wing women


>shoe is right wing



You must not have been paying attention to recent events


That doesn't make her right wing anon.


File: 1671690238322.jpeg ( 80.37 KB , 1317x1713 , fFm3vWm-3174490712.jpeg )



Yeah they are all pretty ugly except shoe.


Shoe is the second worst of the five


No way shoe is sexy af. Have you seen her nudes?


Imagine being this much of a simp and not feeling shame


There's nothing simpy about thinking a chick is hot virgin boy.


Derping out about some random ho's nudes is simping. I don't even know who half those women are. Abbie Shapiro, maybe the prime minister of Italy, and who knows about the rest. The only reason you would even pay attention to them is if you yourself are a sex starved, horny dork.



Calling a woman hot isn't "derping out",
Have sex


Looking at some strangers nudes suggests you're not having a ton of sex. Lol


Now, I know that's bullshit. My wife and I have a whole collection of pornography that we amassed during our twenties. Porn is even more fun when you have someone to share it with.


How the fuck do you 'amass a collection's of porn? Are you in your 50s and this porn is all on VHS?


Magazines (you know, those things in front of the check-out line at drug stores but with porn inside them), DVDs, books, and even board games. They're fun things to impulse buy when you hit up places like Castle Superstore and Lovers Package. We bought a ton of toys, lubes, and various other liquids, too. You've really never brought a girl to a porn store before? How about a strip club? They always have porn shops attached to them. God, I used to do that even before I was married.

PROTIP: girls have a blast at strip clubs. The dancers love them, and the attention from the audience is appealing in its own way.


Ya, I stopped banging sluts a while ago. But Christ you sound like a cuck.

Unless you're fucking the girl in the porn store, you're whole routine is pointless. Could just as easily have all those toys waiting at home, and that way you come across as less of a dorky sub.

And yes, I've gone with girls to strip clubs. It's retarded and pointless as well.


>And yes, I've gone with girls to strip clubs. It's retarded and pointless as well.
As I'm sure they thought you were.


>Have you seen her nudes?
post 'em boy


Holy fuck virgin.


They're all over the internet

>All Natural

>No stretch marks
>Perky natural tits
>Plump ass but not obscene
>Pussy is 10/10 and trimmed/shaved
>Soft skin probably feels amazing to touch and grab.

Every other bitch on there looks like they are over 40 and have had about 60 injections of botox.


That ass does look fantastic, NGL.


Why in the world would you listen to some random ho talking online? Honest question

I've never heard of this girl in my life. Had to look her up. Not surprised to find out that she's some bimbo who gives muhtakes on dumb click-easy topics over YouTube.

You pathetic fags deserve the barren love lives you have. But keep coming to egirls. Your parasocial relationship with thots is as real as your leftism.


I love how your extrapolated the conversation about her being "right wing" with her current debacle to "you listen to her"


I literally have no clue who any of those women are except Abbie Shapiro and the Italian Prime minister.

As for the girl with the nudes, the only reason I even know her name is because it's in the filename. I have no clue what her current debacle is, nor do I care. The only reason she even entered my field of awareness is because I made the unfortunate mistake of talking to loser leftoids who touch their micropenises too much.

What about you. How did you hear about her?


I know shoe because she used to date an atheist fag back in the day when being an atheist was the edgy take buddy. You're trying to throw a lot of shit at a barnyard door.


File: 1671800236063.jpg ( 297.4 KB , 1080x1138 , IMG_20221223_195004.jpg )

So I kinda went down a rabbit hole trying to figure out who this woman is and why she matters (spoiler alert: retarded thot who simps pay attention to; she doesn't).

But in the process I learned that Vaush has a subreddit. Holy shit is it hilarious. I apologize for ever calling you guys fags.


File: 1671814515384.jpeg ( 42 KB , 960x640 , shoe.jpeg )

>imagine simping for this
thanks, but I'll stick to my animes




bump. If shes a nazi, sexually harass her


how bout you don't sexually harass anyone?

I will never understand you redpillers - now literally is the best time in history to be a fapper, to be a wanker, but you go around harassing crazies and getting arrested.
I have a backlog of porn games that I think I will never have enough cum to go through.


Nothing will ever beat the real things and nazis are fair game.
They would do far worse to us given the chance.


First they came for the vaguely leftist baristas, and I said nothing because I wasn't a vaguely leftist barista


File: 1673536364730.jpeg ( 35.81 KB , 764x436 , sunglasses.jpeg )

>Nothing will ever beat the real things
that's where you're wrong, buddy


true. it's also ok to do it to women who want to be parasitic in any capacity (conform to traditional gender roles, require you to buy shit for her, provide for her, opposes gender equality in military service, etc.)


More fun than reading your comments


What an absolute snacc


bumping this thread because its international women's day. Lets be misogynistic to some right wing women!


>Let's be misogynistic to women who take care of their looks and don't have a sperm royal rumble taking place in their snatch at any given moment.
What an absolute faggot


I would not sexually harass a woman even if she paid me. Gross!


File: 1686529322122.png ( 379.81 KB , 503x434 , g78g87g.png )

anyone ever fuck a gusano? any advice on trying to fuck em


This additude just makes the left look worse and give the right more ammo.


I remember a guy on 8 /leftypol/ fucking a Cuban girl after Castro died, she didn't know he was a socialist


File: 1686601340595.png ( 320.14 KB , 1233x772 , ClipboardImage.png )

This, OP is doing false flag bullshit, I hope none of you retards fall for all the psyop shit on this shithole. Remember this is "male feminists are the REAL rapist" salad toss comic meme
Just don't be a piece of shit to them and let them find out how shitty right wing men are on their own. They're appealing to bitter sexually frustrated nerds who are afraid of assertive women and just want a pet, and they're very bad at it.
Just look at Steven Crowder and whining to his pregnant wife, or how Lauren Southern complained about Richard Spencer or PJW being weird to her and getting told to get pregnant by greasy anime nerds.
This happens to all minorities on the right, you'll always be a token and a shield who needs to learn their place eventually.


File: 1686610319888.png ( 440.9 KB , 447x565 , j09j09j.png )

>This additude just makes the left look worse
has the left ever looked gud?


sounds lulzy, remember anything useful?


File: 1686613329304-0.png ( 405.96 KB , 634x611 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1686613329304-1.png ( 202 KB , 460x288 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1686613329304-2.png ( 1.71 MB , 937x1390 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1686613329304-3.png ( 591.16 KB , 799x1200 , ClipboardImage.png )



castro would probs get me'2d 2day



If you think like this guy then you are retarded.


File: 1686623837706.png ( 206.04 KB , 306x346 , d0j293jd092j1.png )

nah, applies to mostly to anglos and westshits and u faggot


You're dumb.


File: 1686635824783.png ( 64.46 KB , 205x202 , 0fn4043fn.png )

youre a numb cumdump


Right right.


nazi thots


Hello, I hate w*men.


op is a tradfag


File: 1687958428144.png ( 479.8 KB , 740x581 , f56tg7y.png )

pure postnut clarity


reminder bump that right wing women aren't people




hes left you know


Do you think Hitler deserved rights?


No but his locked up niece probably did


>Reminder that there is absolutely nothing wrong with sexually harassing and just being overall shitty to women.



>no blonde
>not even dyed




What if Ben Shapiro came up to you and told you you can fuck his sister, but he has to be in the room and watch. Would you do it?


His sister is a married woman, so no. However, I would have a debate with Ben's wife right in front of him. I think that would make him feel more cucked.


What would you debate her about?


Her horrible singing.


Fuck, I forgot I said wife and not sister. I would debate the sister on their objectively bad opinions on music. I would however debate the wife on the idea that pussy should not get wet.


Right wing women are thot objects


The irony is that a leftists chick will set aside her politics for an attractive racist/right winger.

A right wing chick won't do the same for a dorky unable leftist.


No. Its more proof that imageboards are the cesspool of the Internet. All comolaimts about "normies" is projection.

Wrong. Youre thinking of young feminine women.
Women are not blank slates.

Tabula blanca is a philosophical myth


bumping this thread again because people need to see it.


Wives dont care about your feelings only their own.

Also my wife as very dry pussy.


chivalry was a mistake

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