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/westoid cringe general/

In this thread, we laugh at (((westerners))) and their failed societies


>I'm a fbi.gov mod

Absolute state of this country.


File: 1674333725182-0.mp4 ( 17.47 MB , 576x1024 , 26q9SkzNaOKDNOUS.mp4 )

File: 1674333725182-1.mp4 ( 7.68 MB , 576x1024 , ssstwitter_1656773855.mp4 )



This is so fucking cringe.


File: 1674405856770-0.mp4 ( 11.98 MB , 640x480 , VID_20230122_234239_661.mp4 )

File: 1674405856770-1.mp4 ( 3.93 MB , 464x848 , VID_20230122_234239_498.mp4 )



File: 1674573275741.mp4 ( 3.35 MB , 352x640 , VID_20230124_221244_202.mp4 )



This is based, what are you talking about.


Imagine a world with out every one advertising their latest shitcoin or scam product.


this dude is objectively less of a parasite on society than your average boomer with a summer home and a boat dealership


T. Moralizing faggot


He's not wrong though.


File: 1675062778838.png ( 192.93 KB , 498x611 , 1675050077776856.png )

BIPOC journofags now want you to pay them to tolerate them


anyone who uses the term "emotional labor" is a psycopath


this whole channel, basically


File: 1675070354065.mp4 ( 6.43 MB , 1080x1906 , Y2Mate.is - the new Andrew….mp4 )



File: 1675070551292.mp4 ( 9.09 MB , 1080x1920 , Y2Mate.is - Believe your t….mp4 )



A classic. Meth head protestants are the best.


urbanite dog owners are mentally ill


File: 1675073528829.mp4 ( 6.4 MB , 1080x1920 , Y2Mate.is - Kind Of Ironic….mp4 )

This is a normal dialogue in the West


Future astronauts


File: 1675073766663.jpg ( 189.11 KB , 740x956 , 1675068426239296.jpg )

Terrible physiognomy…. Check
Narcissistic need to collect social media likes… Check
Hysterical fits of perceived raycism… Check
>The west is finished


File: 1675074376562.mp4 ( 3.17 MB , 720x1280 , Y2Mate.is - he took it too….mp4 )






File: 1675076278476-0.jpg ( 271.11 KB , 1242x1420 , 1675074050378715.jpg )

File: 1675076278476-1.jpg ( 49 KB , 540x540 , 1675073305297671.jpg )



This is how the American communicates to his neighbours that he's better than them.


File: 1675077582067.mp4 ( 1.37 MB , 576x1024 , Y2Mate.is - Illegal places….mp4 )

what makes the westerner want to convert everybody on earth to westernism?


File: 1675080995765.png ( 461.46 KB , 1662x653 , 1.png )

apparently there's a pandemic


Everytime I hear this story I am just like "yep that is what you get fucking retard"


Christians have mind worms. I had this exact discussion with a priest. He was crying about catholic missionaries being killed in China. I asked him "Then why not stop… you know… sending them there?"

Out of the question.

The gospel must be spread.

Fucking cancer of a religion.




File: 1675108826810.mp4 ( 11.19 MB , 1080x1920 , Y2Mate.is - Good Ol’ South….mp4 )



File: 1675121155378.webm ( 2.79 MB , 640x1138 , 1675101067546271.webm )





She looks so much like Mary Jo Pehl that I initially thought that it was really her doing a skit.


File: 1675248299707-0.png ( 373.35 KB , 638x710 , 1.png )

File: 1675248299707-1.png ( 114.44 KB , 647x655 , 2.png )



Of course some random white simp had to jump in with their seething loser/larper terminology


File: 1675317380847.jpg ( 311.72 KB , 811x1039 , 0da0e38ddad6928cd9e97bf275….jpg )

You literally can not escape this shit on the surface internet and I think this is the dumbest shit that I have ever seen. Hasan says Ai porn should be illegal because it's "oppressive" or whatever.

It's literally the dumbest fucking shit I have ever seen in my life and some cuck is on twitch apologizing over it. What a load of malarkey.

Truly the absolute best of humanity, truly.


File: 1675332554437.jpg ( 101.31 KB , 649x1024 , 1675271667158848m.jpg )



lmao send their asses back.


File: 1675370183371.jpg ( 49.52 KB , 464x679 , 1675369776493344.jpg )



File: 1675668777541.jpg ( 153.55 KB , 1080x1150 , 1675660866215090.jpg )



File: 1675670577134.png ( 468.1 KB , 834x598 , 1.png )



File: 1675671159029.jpeg ( 39.72 KB , 474x359 , weaboo.jpeg )

collecterinos are such fucking faggots holy shit lol
peak bougie decadence, no wonder this shit was made fun of by the Soviet classics when the main hero's moral corruption was symbolized by him starting to collect shit and spending hours by rearranging items on his wall

was watching some jap anime youtuber and almost chocked from cringe when she showed her figurine collection


File: 1675686426175.jpg ( 244.47 KB , 1080x1349 , IMG_20230206_192329.jpg )



An unfortunate medical error. Out of the 13 medicines she only needed 12 and the extra one made her crazy!


Collecting things can be nice. For example, my brother collects coins and stamps. You'd hardly call that consumerism, and I bet you his collection is worth more than any single thing you own. I myself do collect more trivial things, like old records and cassettes, even old games and computers, and yes, I do have my collection of stupid toys like model kits. I really don't care what the Soviets thought about it. They lost and no longer exist. Clearly people having collections wasn't enough to bring down the decadent west.


File: 1675722376893.webm ( 23.52 MB , 592x332 , Streamer_pretends_to_quit.webm )



My testosterone dropped from watching this clip. The west is ngmi.


>I bet you his collection is worth more than any single thing you own
that's actually pathetic lol
go buy another SNES cartridge bitch


I don't do cartridges, but you're right. I'll just lament having disposable income by spending more time and money on my hobbies instead of crying about how other workers spend their money on the internet.


File: 1675749704522.jpg ( 143.81 KB , 498x450 , 15.jpg )

"hobby" implies creative activity
nothing creative in collecting shit lol

I really couldn't care less how some wagecuck spends his wage
some buy alcohol, some buy drugs, and some buy figurines

that the least I see is wrong with this world, and the least of my worries
doesn't mean tho that I won't make fun of you and disregard what you hold dear when you start rambling about your totally awesome pokemon cards collection lol
just like I won't hesitate to rub it in to an alcoholic or junkie when I see them that they don't deserve any of my respect


>"hobby" implies creative activity
It most certainly does not.
>1.an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure.
>I really couldn't care less how some wagecuck spends his wage
Says the wagecuck or NEET as if he were not in the same boat.
>doesn't mean tho that I won't make fun of you and disregard what you hold dear when you start rambling about your totally awesome pokemon cards collection lol
You're arguing with yourself. Do you have a mental illness?
>just like I won't hesitate to rub it in to an alcoholic or junkie when I see them that they don't deserve any of my respect
Literally nobody here is asking for it. You're the only one her that thinks your opinion is that important. I have a sizeable collection of books, games, and model kits. You have a mental illness, or multiple ones. So maybe we you do your own brand of collecting.


>1.an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure.
Ahhh.. the hobby of gayming and the hobby of drinking, the hobby of scratching your ass.. how could I forget lol

If it says so in the dictionary - it must be true after all!

>Says the wagecuck or NEET as if he were not in the same boat.

actually I'm a petty bougie
but I wageslaved for the better part of my life, yes
hard degrading manual labor type of wageslaving, fucked up my health too

but even at the time I despised my fellow wagecucks, for there is no more pathetic creature than a slave that is convinced that he is free

>You're arguing with yourself.

<I myself do collect more trivial things, like old records and cassettes, even old games and computers, and yes, I do have my collection of stupid toys like model kits.
really lol?

>Literally nobody here is asking for it.

Nobody asks for being reminded how pathetic he is. I don't care.

>You're the only one her that thinks your opinion is that important.

I view this world from my PoV, of course my opinion is important. Duh.


Grow up fag. I too have a sizeable collection of comic books and action figures…. From when I was 12. They are in storage, not on display, and I've looked at them exactly one time in the past couple decades. Very similar to my collection of books from Foreign Language Press and Foreign Language Publishing House, which are also in a box somewhere.
If you're happy being a loser, good for you. Others have bigger ambitions.
>Further reading


I will add this though. People who collect toys are less insufferable than people who collect retarded branded fashion items like Supreme or Balenciaga, only because the former take themselves less seriously and are less fixated on projecting muhstatus.


File: 1675766105230.png ( 215.41 KB , 1277x1165 , 1675747386779976.png )



>"hobby" implies creative activity
>nothing creative in collecting shit lol
THIS! I would add that in general "hobbies" are sad infantile fantasies of failed interests carried on by adults in the West. If your hobby is "playing the violin" just indicates to me that you are done with taking it seriously. And as you correctly point out, "hobbies" now include passive consumer behaviours like collecting and cataloging shit.

(creative) passion > "hobbies" (activities to avoid boredom) > """hobbies""" (passive consooom shit)


File: 1675786706693.jpeg ( 83.09 KB , 1024x603 , You.jpeg )

So what you mean is that you have clutter.
>Very similar to my collection of books from Foreign Language Press and Foreign Language Publishing House, which are also in a box somewhere.
So you have the ability to learn things and instead you've put it in a box, to be forgotten. I read all of my books. I regularly go back to them for reference, even books outside my area of study.
>If you're happy being a loser, good for you. Others have bigger ambitions.
Your ambition is not being seen as cringe on the internet. You fail at that because you are the definition of tryhard.


You stunted faggot.
You think I haven't read those books? I moved on. I realized I wasn't one muhtheory book away from whatever my goal at the time was.
And I don't think you understand what 'in storage' means. It's the exact opposite of clutter.


If you're never going to consult them, you might as well get rid of them. You're storing for nothing.


>Digs up and posts meme to prove how he's not the one being tryhard
Lol. Comedy


>Digs up
I just used google because you reminded me of that faggot. Anyway, stay mad.


>Still doesn't understand what 'in storage' means
Not everyone carts around everything they own. It would take more effort/time/money for me to go to where they are and get rid of them than it would for me to not. Additionally, they largely retain their value (excluding the possibility of them being destroyed by a natural disaster), so I really have nothing to gain by getting rid of them except a bit of cash which I don't particularly need.


File: 1675797616099.jpg ( 74.79 KB , 500x375 , lol.jpg )

>You think I haven't read those books?
>I moved on.
You haven't read them in the first place, lmao. Let's play a game, faggot. You name the latest 3 books you claim to have read, and I'll ask you 2 questions each.

Protip: you won't be able to answer them, as the chinlet you are.

>It would take more effort/time/money for me to go to where they are and get rid of them than it would for me to not.
<the reason why I hoard shit is because it's easier… to hoard shit… than to get rid of shit I don't actually need…
Thanks for being honest, for once.


It's the afternoon in burgerstan. Did you just wake up fag?


I'm sorry, sir, but that level of deflection violates code.


File: 1675821766106.png ( 131.7 KB , 1275x526 , 1675818059200411.png )



File: 1675823878677-0.png ( 1.98 MB , 1350x6904 , 1675767543403049.png )

File: 1675823878677-1.jpg ( 74.79 KB , 307x300 , 1675712812053640.jpg )

The painful seams of healing wounds
Are shattered by a pop
I'm moved back in, the doctors change
The surgery begun
The clever surgeon cuts scar tissue
His colleague's from Beijing
Two more surgeries, no problem, hon
To construct the Colon King


File: 1675828434476.png ( 1.13 MB , 1078x1073 , 1675827477332718.png )



File: 1675858708528.jpeg ( 148.9 KB , 939x1245 , FoYnbX0XoAAaL-o.jpeg )

Why is there such a high correlation between terrible physiology and gender faggotry?


File: 1675909797432.jpeg ( 47.63 KB , 600x477 , 1 BvoE0jFYO0OX0qZG0K4p5w.jpeg )



File: 1675970267921.jpg ( 91.28 KB , 1200x900 , 1675935867484264.jpg )

Warning before Seinfeld.


File: 1675978231247.jpg ( 60.8 KB , 526x762 , 1675908383448436.jpg )



Oh no. Don't say the N word.


File: 1676028823412-0.jpg ( 215.98 KB , 1080x611 , IMG_20230210_182523.jpg )

File: 1676028823412-1.jpg ( 282.18 KB , 1080x833 , IMG_20230210_183038.jpg )



File: 1676029121464.jpg ( 78.95 KB , 671x1024 , 1675906133428607m.jpg )

Looks like she(?) walked off set of the thriller video


File: 1676162232990.mp4 ( 3.12 MB , 576x1024 , 1676128235663.mp4 )

There's no way these two fuck. Just no way.




File: 1676165639534.jpg ( 249.91 KB , 1010x1278 , 1676153957883892.jpg )



this is the exact opposite of what i told you


>You're noticing the wrong things!
>Notice the right things, which I'm too lazy/boring to every talk about!


File: 1676242669957.png ( 499.9 KB , 648x573 , 1676241989282940.png )



He's kind of right. Childhood innocence is a myth. It's amazing how people manage to forget what sadistic little monsters they were as children.


Is there anything more cringe than modern "Fashion?"


This seems like some AI generated shitpost article that was made to harvest outrage.


If chidhood innocence is a myth why do a vast majority of child rape victims report having PTSD or Border Line personality disorder later in their lives?




Go back to preddit, fag


>gets caught making up bullshit
>y-y-you're reddit


File: 1676313131818-0.jpg ( 65.41 KB , 686x384 , Flint-4.jpg )

File: 1676313131818-1.jpg ( 57.14 KB , 686x384 , Childhood-innocence-.jpg )

Who are you talking too?


File: 1676314041502.jpg ( 180.48 KB , 613x577 , 1676312631828826.jpg )



File: 1676412176912.jpg ( 287.3 KB , 1080x1431 , IMG_20230215_050134.jpg )



internet rape victim action group (IRVAG) just logged in


File: 1676743062572.jpg ( 133.36 KB , 559x1024 , 1676733148917988m.jpg )

Could be fake, but hard to tell because burgers are this retarded


>childhood innocence is a myth!
>I know! As a child I was a sadistic little monster myself!
Sure, now back to camp, psycho.


File: 1677414591702.jpg ( 90.36 KB , 1024x503 , 1677255813226727m.jpg )



Def. Not fake. Tons of parenta do this..


File: 1677534416546.jpg ( 248.44 KB , 1178x1691 , 1677532991937131.jpg )



File: 1677564287474.png ( 410.49 KB , 771x649 , 1677558079673783.png )



every person in that video is fucking overweight wtf


File: 1677602349616.jpg ( 49.39 KB , 700x597 , 1675745714244992.jpg )



Also love how everyone around just keeps walking while she gets her head bashed into the floor.

Don't get me wrong, I despise education bureaucrats (teachers, professors, etc), so seeing this genuinely warmed my heart. But that those fags can't even stick for each other is just a cherry on top. Truly pathetic.

<He who cannot - teaches


I agree. The dumb cunt probably had a BLM flag in her classroom and made a big show about being an ally. Definitely had it coming, and special ed Tyrone gave her the justice she deserves.


Nah, if that Tyrone really had a spergout over switch, he by default should be reeducated.

And all the fucking disgusting obese teachers should be mandated to hit the running track.
Imagine being taught by THAT. And here I thought my professors were limpdick cowardly fags..


Based. Fatties should be sent to fat camps (gulags).
And let's be honest, anon. Women have no business teaching male children over the age of 9. Maybe in tertiary subjects like art or music its acceptable, but not for core subjects.


have you ever considered you're just such a midwit that you take the retarded ragebait being posted around you as serious reflections of reality and that in actual reality a lot of the positions held by people in such bait with "terrible physiology" are normal positions that you just autistically assign to poor aesthetics because you're an asocial faggot who only sees ragebait


tfw someone cares about information


teachers aren't bureaucrats you fucking retard do you even know how the education system is organized


Punctuation, niqqa


File: 1677696813754.jpg ( 265.57 KB , 1080x1146 , IMG_20230302_015127.jpg )



File: 1677774546180.mp4 ( 4.23 MB , 576x1024 , c148695e42ce0a8e68146927c5….mp4 )

Deep south nog tier. No wonder Muh Britain is now an Indian colony


File: 1677813548808.jpg ( 73.39 KB , 1024x658 , 1677387583105722m.jpg )





How do I report his videos though?


the only thing about this chart that disturbs me is how every group is rated over 50


File: 1678323578554.jpg ( 75.71 KB , 735x849 , IMG_20230309_075506_837.jpg )



How do they even make these in adult sizes? I mean, it's incredibly soy, but, who really cares anyways. This faggotry only exists but cause of the fractional nature of capitalist development.


Wait ignore me I see what thread this is now. I am retarded and suck cocks.


File: 1678913368309.mp4 ( 5.95 MB , 660x448 , G-oFKaczpnyTTD1l.mp4 )



File: 1678934066301.jpg ( 94.26 KB , 1080x382 , IMG_20230316_093140.jpg )

>no! You must kill your babies, party throughout your 20s, rack up consumer debt, and be a wagie girlboss


File: 1679075195538.jpg ( 145.34 KB , 1024x935 , 1679073917227996m.jpg )



>prole women are romanticizing a sexist past era
<liberals are forcing women to choose between wage slavery and patriarchy


maybe if idpolled shizos weren't screeching nonstop about "sexizm" nobody would have romanticized a patriarchal feudal family


File: 1679692568303.jpg ( 125.11 KB , 718x717 , 1679679945295694.jpg )



File: 1679692639058.jpg ( 250.87 KB , 1073x1604 , IMG_20230325_041215.jpg )



File: 1679764142722.mp4 ( 847.6 KB , 640x360 , 6RT6k3DkMrvEkh0d.mp4 )



File: 1679764236764.jpeg ( 265.02 KB , 960x1280 , FsELoQQWYAIkocW.jpeg )



every president in history has committed crimes and this obnoxious faggot can even name the most obvious ones
literally just saying "fraud" would have been decent enough


this is what happens when you allow the socialist movement to devolve into anti-fascism or anti-imperialism, or anti-capitalism, etc


File: 1680085302535.png ( 163.76 KB , 601x767 , 1680070508137064.png )

This doesn't end well


File: 1680095803337.jpg ( 522.06 KB , 1815x2500 , 33.jpg )


All those values, except money, are nothing but a fart in the wind. A carrot on a stick for suckers.

Capital is the only freedom. The only truth you ever need in this capitalist world. Everything else is white noise, don't ever listen to anyone.


>teachers aren't bureaucrats
>do you even know how the education system is organized
apparently you don't, sperg

teachers are the CANONICAL example of a bureaucracy
also one of the largest groups of bureaucrats that ALL people most frequently interact with


Fr. literal functionaries of the state. It says a lot that every other teacher these days is some loser genderqueer sjw. They don't let deviants become teachers in socialist countries like China or the DPRK.


File: 1680107112374.mp4 ( 1.84 MB , 320x320 , 1_4978853877685159003.mp4 )

I only wish .org mods were this cool


File: 1680298096957.jpg ( 56.33 KB , 680x661 , 1680294730380696.jpg )

What a fag


Your claims clearly show that you, unlike the other normies, have succesfully avoided the big teacha from braincucking you into a bueraucratic cog. Congrats!
Tl;Dr: Retarded.

>socialist countries

Totally retarded.


>Leftism is when you're ghey and live in the west
So true, comrade!!


File: 1680334534575.mp4 ( 2.39 MB , 576x1024 , iEUz_jQCvH_Ryl7-.mp4 )



File: 1680365266780.png ( 1.03 MB , 925x788 , 1680341454034129.png )

>import biomass huemans from villages without running water
>give them rights despite contributing next to nothing to your society
>throw in food stamps so they can get obese
>let them shit all over your country and it's people (that's they're big contribution btw)
Why is the west so oppressive and genocidal??


>your country

also, nobody would "import biomass" if only you could breed


>Doesn't understand history


File: 1680631233261.mp4 ( 1.75 MB , 320x568 , BYbk6LnrzZLfcCn- (1).mp4 )

Why do I get the feeling this guy hasn't spent much time away from the west coast?


File: 1680803692266.jpg ( 100.08 KB , 600x1024 , 1680802454262591m.jpg )

>plot twist. The other 23 percent are unvaxxxed


File: 1680809476750.mp4 ( 2.68 MB , 640x352 , VID_20230407_022521_200.mp4 )

Canada is a punchline, not a country


File: 1680961804507-0.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 88.53 KB , 827x1024 , 1680955534964793m.jpg )

File: 1680961804507-1.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 79.85 KB , 766x900 , 1680955643099222.jpg )

File: 1680961804507-2.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 83.33 KB , 818x1024 , 1680955582850192m.jpg )

File: 1680961804507-3.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 86.86 KB , 752x1024 , 1680955422125763m.jpg )

File: 1680961804507-4.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 81.07 KB , 860x1024 , 1680955491033168m.jpg )

>The 2000s are tr*ggering


File: 1680975290253.jpg ( 135.46 KB , 1152x1280 , IMG_20230409_003338_868.jpg )

Water is wet


File: 1681061797752.mp4 ( 5 MB , 640x360 , 4L2DpCv46yy8DOy9.mp4 )



File: 1681106492526.jpg ( 119.64 KB , 1280x1218 , IMG_20230410_125532_074.jpg )



File: 1681212097286.jpg ( 90.95 KB , 1024x545 , 1681209609144172m.jpg )

Is this woman literally famous in burgerland for being fat, ugly, and hued?


She also makes music but yes her body plays a part


She would have been in a circus 100 years ago but now we live in a clown world



Her music was her main thing… and her music's fine, like for top 40 it wasn't bad. She's made a pivot to just being fat tho. It's the same thing pretty much everybody does once they're rich enough - just put all your money in a few acres of real estate and you won't have to work anymore.


A fat woman who sings
>It's over


File: 1681235756065.jpg ( 173.6 KB , 1080x777 , IMG_20230412_000439.jpg )



population control workers (mass shooters)


File: 1681289052214.jpeg ( 22.97 KB , 660x330 , jude-law-pope.jpeg )



File: 1681295284123.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 425.92 KB , 1080x1808 , IMG_20230412_172613.jpg )

Cue the Ngo left screeching about food deserts


How is this any different than when corporations pack up and leave when people get unionized? Any collective action is taken as hostility and the community is punished for it.


How is a grocery store supposed to operate when its profit margin is placed in the negatives due to theft. Should it operate as a charity for dindus?
Serious question, and hoping you can answer with something besides righteous moral outrage or wild hypothetical scenarios about societies where all of society needs to be reconstructed and centrally planned.
My solution is simply. Either harshly crack down on petty theft. Or let ppor people get served cheap potato chips from convenience stores with 3 inch bullet proof glass while well to do people move to safer places.
<common sense


File: 1681353314975.png ( 448.38 KB , 1176x1051 , 1681352312834003.png )



File: 1681382642152.jpg ( 94.51 KB , 636x1024 , 1681372811562131m.jpg )

Generation 'you shouldn't do that'

Why are zoomers such oversocialized faggots? Let's not pin all the blame on them though. Afterall, look who raised them


File: 1681465998603.mp4 ( 15.19 MB , 1280x720 , burger famine drive.mp4 )



uygha acts like they don't sell fruit at 711


File: 1681484393387.mp4 ( 15.52 MB , 1280x720 , anglo Illinois.mp4 )



File: 1681587643366-0.png ( 782.56 KB , 800x736 , 1681586929090295.png )

File: 1681587643366-1.png ( 213.97 KB , 1134x916 , 1681587037267272.png )



I'm extremely overweight and I never had to buy two seats on a plane. How fat do you have to be or how small are plane seats in America?


huh, I didn't know that people of fat were even allowed on the plane

wouldn't they pop a vessel or something due to the pressure differences?


also how would she even fit into an airplane toilet?


File: 1681627578972.jpg ( 159.56 KB , 734x784 , Brace for a surge in seria….jpg )

Parents are afraid of their kids getting serial killed/raped/kidnapped + children are a years long investment.


People like this should be thrown in prison.


File: 1683316202493.png ( 232.56 KB , 640x938 , 1683296074956591.png )



Whoever made this meme, and or, the OP are stupid because he didn't color it wrong. Yellow turns orange on skin with tattoo ink.


File: 1683469561825.mp4 ( 4.44 MB , 1280x720 , BREAKING NEWS Georgia Guid….mp4 )



File: 1683480691147.jpg ( 282.19 KB , 1080x984 , IMG_20230508_002551.jpg )

<This is now a westoid based thread


File: 1683489018837.mp4 ( 13.25 MB , 420x720 , rapidsave.com_crazy_karen_….mp4 )



File: 1683489255416.jpg ( 52.22 KB , 577x1024 , 1682889568670440.jpg )



File: 1683491696502.mp4 ( 22.15 MB , 1280x720 , Watch TV Interview with An….mp4 )





File: 1683496705244.png ( 61.14 KB , 1049x180 , anglols.png )

the vidi was funny but the wiki fukin funny asf


File: 1683503932957.mp4 ( 17.32 MB , 1280x720 , anglo bang bro.mp4 )



File: 1683538007133.mp4 ( 62.29 MB , 1280x720 , WHAT AMERICANS DO - INVIDI….mp4 )



File: 1683538178381.mp4 ( 4.58 MB , 886x662 , 1672883551699.mp4 )



Holy shit. I actually lold


File: 1683566359275.png ( 361.35 KB , 812x621 , 1682480796439970.png )

uyghas today don't know about band camp


File: 1683571058955.png ( 361.08 KB , 1080x758 , 1683564430703999.png )



File: 1683644223457.webm ( 2.69 MB , 640x360 , SWORD FIGHT LOL.webm )



File: 1683644468544.webm ( 3.39 MB , 640x480 , PUSSY PUSSY.webm )





File: 1683654569809.mp4 ( 1.14 MB , 640x360 , cBjE0bo5FdKMGbEO.mp4 )



Who cares about abortion anyway it's not like freaks like this managed to influence the supreme court and overturn Roe


File: 1683694896212.mp4 ( 1.44 MB , 360x360 , seatbelts are communist.mp4 )



It seems we have some newcomers from reddit/.org who don't quite understand what cringe means


File: 1683702644413.png ( 263.13 KB , 542x595 , 4849848.png )

Why do retarded females like this always trigger my urge to fuck em until until they are literally braindead.its always the retards that bring out primal bullshit
gotta agree the snow chimps were right for once


File: 1683719128117.jpg ( 164.43 KB , 629x1024 , 1683715878856826m.jpg )

>virtue signal endlessly about how great immigration/diversity is
>passive aggressively cry about people pooping on the beach
I hate Canadians so much


File: 1683739422131.png ( 488.39 KB , 598x660 , 1683733424745006.png )



File: 1683755607329.png ( 910.51 KB , 1600x984 , .png )

>/ordnungoid cringe general/
>In this thread, ordnungoid sissy cucks bitch, cry & moan at ((((((totally jewkiked baddie boy westerners)))))) and supposedly their supposedly failed supposedly societies


File: 1683774359834.jpg ( 65.01 KB , 617x1024 , 1683736254424638m.jpg )

This is the difference though. I can dig up a new current screenshot every day. You can just talk like a zoomer faggot, post dated videos of poor hillbillies, and make shit up. I'm sure your roastie teachers think your midwit sjw takes are super edgy though.


For me, it's that southern accent. I dated a girl from Alabama once. Jesus, that accent got me hard.


File: 1683860066617.jpg ( 74.89 KB , 1024x544 , 1683769702169329m.jpg )



21%? Is that higher than it used to be?
What source, and what criteria are they using to determine this number?


If only someone would invent a tool which allowed one to type in keywords and quickly look up related information….



I did look it up earlier, but I didn't find the source on that specific statistic or what it meant, the stats I found didn't match it. I was hoping somebody here knew where it was from or what it meant.

This, from 2021, came up and places US illiteracy levels at 4% or 18%, depending on whether you restrict it to total illiterates or not: https://www.wyliecomm.com/2021/08/whats-the-latest-u-s-literacy-rate/

Several others put it at 18%, too.

Looking again, though, there is this, which is consistent with the stat in that image:

It seems to be referencing this:

And this other reference which ThinkImpact cites (which says its from 2023) also seems to be relying on that same NCES data from the 2010s: https://worldpopulationreview.com/state-rankings/us-literacy-rates-by-state

Interestingly, NCES themselves get the 21% number this way:

"Four in five U.S. adults (79 percent) have English literacy skills sufficient to complete tasks that require comparing and contrasting information, paraphrasing, or making low-level inferences—literacy skills at level 2 or above in PIAAC (OECD 2013). In contrast, one in five U.S. adults (21 percent) has difficulty completing these tasks (figure 1). This translates into 43.0 million U.S. adults who possess low literacy skills: 26.5 million at level 1 and 8.4 million below level 1, while 8.2 million could not participate in PIAAC’s background survey either because of a language barrier or a cognitive or physical inability to be interviewed. These adults who were unable to participate are categorized as having low English literacy skills, as is done in international reports (OECD 2013), although no direct assessment of their skills is available."

Meaning that the 21% number includes not only people who are confirmed fully illiterate (4.1% were confirmed below level 1 literacy), but also those who are at level 1 literacy (12.9%) and can read some, and those who could not participate (4.0%), which non-English speakers included in this last group. As best as I can tell, this is the source of the 21% statistic.


>(which says its from 2023)

Forgot an apostrophe in it's there! That's embarrassing! Oh well.


>*with non-English speakers included in this last group

Lol, I need to proofread my shit in the morning.


File: 1683914132824.jpg ( 366.05 KB , 923x1855 , IMG_20230513_005433.jpg )

Continuing on with the theme of this thread….


File: 1683951791398.jpg ( 224.67 KB , 662x867 , 1683926547090847.jpg )




Did you read that, dude?

The NCES study which the 21% number appears to be drawn from doesn't even define that 21% as illiterate. Only about 4.1% of them actually can't read. Still not good, but interesting.


File: 1683958487499.mp4 ( 1.53 MB , 1280x720 , BOOKS ARE FOR PUSSIES - In….mp4 )



File: 1683958882649.jpg ( 365.56 KB , 1080x1777 , IMG_20230513_132015.jpg )



File: 1683960318566.png ( 1.19 MB , 750x753 , 34f3f3.png )

>posts scrawny ass anglo


It's literally impossible to be low autism score and communist


File: 1684086286902.jpg ( 83.75 KB , 915x1024 , 1684069514434427m.jpg )

*single birthing person


Very true. Being a midwit and communist though….


Can't all be ivory tower academicucks someone gotta rally the rank and fils


>Implying that most academics aren't midwits


Most "academics" are dumber than midwits
I have many redneck (as they proudly describe themselves) friends that could wipe the floor with some of the idiot students and professors I met in college and uni
Seriously, I've had better discussions about philosophy and psychology with wrench monkeys who own rebel flags than with the "highly educated"


File: 1684551611019.jpg ( 360.87 KB , 1080x1253 , IMG_20230520_095620.jpg )

>Jogger teenagers vs crocodile tears Karen
Amerikwa in a nutshell


File: 1684556510975.png ( 319.88 KB , 391x545 , 9d2h398dh.png )

fuck dwite people


What is the probability that this poster is white?


File: 1684563123423.png ( 462.79 KB , 566x641 , uibuibipb.png )

>What is the probability that this poster is based?
fixed, faggot
also am a first gen immigrint somali fook.


Cringe. Go back to your shithole


File: 1684567724217.png ( 429.41 KB , 535x664 , 9h98h89.png )

nah too busy busting anglo bitches booty and mogging their men. anglos always intimidated by actual africans with a realized heritage and history to trace back since even they cant find their own history.


Pick one


File: 1684589674358.png ( 397.25 KB , 522x663 , uiubu.png )

>not a faggot
pick 1


I totally agree. Whites have devolved into race of cucks and fags. That's why they tolerate people like you.
But congrats on graduating from goats to white women.


File: 1684673631639.png ( 300.69 KB , 449x596 , n8uh87h.png )

>identifies as snow gimp
>has no response
that would be the greeks that anal goats and pigs, dont confuse us with your ancestors, snow gimp chimp


File: 1684673798036.jpg ( 138.88 KB , 1280x720 , 100313blackhawk_1280x720.jpg )



File: 1685345632982.jpg ( 151.06 KB , 800x531 , american_isis_03.jpg )



File: 1686526585313-0.png ( 924.19 KB , 1120x675 , COURTESY OF LEFTYPOLORG1.png )

File: 1686526585313-1.png ( 937.51 KB , 1114x653 , COURTESY OF LEFTYPOLORG2.png )

File: 1686526585313-2.png ( 330.82 KB , 322x624 , COURTESY OF LEFTYPOLORG4.png )

File: 1686526585313-3.png ( 542.8 KB , 616x668 , COURTESY OF LEFTYPOLORG5.png )

File: 1686526585313-4.png ( 775.65 KB , 736x644 , COURTESY OF LEFTYPOLORG7.png )



File: 1686527641067.png ( 481.03 KB , 957x406 , COURTESY OF LEFTYPOLORG10.png )



File: 1686610620275.png ( 501.74 KB , 720x559 , 9ion9inijn.png )



I can't think of ever getting pissed off at this unless I'm some protestot incel e-christian


Post chin


File: 1686619320091.png ( 192.84 KB , 280x340 , 9iuj9i.png )

heres a chin


I hate troons so much it's unreal. Troons and their enablers ruin everything they touch.


File: 1686684099506.png ( 66.72 KB , 325x226 , 09j09j0990j09.png )

>I can't think of ever getting pissed off at this unless I'm some retarded christian



I like the crab flag.




snibbedy snab


File: 1688818962711.png ( 806.57 KB , 985x449 , 12345678.png )





File: 1688858554664.mp4 ( 219.86 KB , 320x568 , 1667227236569.mp4 )

Church is for gay bois,thats been pretty consistent


File: 1689316470507.mp4 ( 1.31 MB , 1280x720 , DIE YOUNG game review - Th….mp4 )



so if you don't need good political theory to make good political decisions then what do you need?

what do I need if I'm to decide if youtubers should be taxed more?


File: 1689333061028.png ( 187 KB , 478x252 , sd45f6g.png )




where can I pick up my trophy?


File: 1689344509474.mp4 ( 2.74 MB , 640x360 , jsm.mp4 )

here be the treasure


cringe offspring,lulzy parents


File: 1689615528555.png ( 875.84 KB , 1160x629 , ham face.png )



File: 1691730574984.webm ( 903.91 KB , 540x960 , ssstik.io_1691009325595.webm )



File: 1692970673884-0.png ( 81.41 KB , 1280x800 , 1231.png )

File: 1692970673884-1.png ( 82.56 KB , 1280x800 , 1232.png )

File: 1692970673884-2.png ( 83.53 KB , 1280x800 , 1233.png )

File: 1692970673884-3.mp4 ( 1.3 MB , 1280x720 , aids skill.mp4 )



What game is this?


File: 1694477448460-0.png ( 373.1 KB , 702x367 , 1674761746930.png )

File: 1694477448460-1.png ( 77.42 KB , 189x224 , CAKE JESUS.png )

File: 1694477448460-2.webm ( 5.39 MB , 800x450 , bq1939.webm )

File: 1694477448460-3.webm ( 2.59 MB , 720x1280 , bq1949.webm )

File: 1694477448460-4.webm ( 2.04 MB , 640x360 , bq1951.webm )



File: 1694478313602.webm ( 3.89 MB , 1920x1080 , Martin Laudy Skyter Med P….webm )



File: 1694495871486-0.webm ( 663.01 KB , 720x1280 , AWC1.webm )

File: 1694495871486-1.mp4 ( 10 MB , 1280x720 , 1234567.mp4 )



I hate fatphobic backs


File: 1694523321020.mp4 ( 4.88 MB , 480x848 , Vu_moT6Ej2cKBOl8.mp4 )

Would you let her teach your kids?


I wouldn't let anyone on this board near my kids I'm never gonna have.


Your kids can't get trans in preschool if you don't have any. 180 autism score 4d chess move


File: 1694534516903.jpg ( 305 KB , 1125x1475 , 20230912_225239.jpg )



creative writing practice


File: 1695472240688-0.png ( 339.23 KB , 526x354 , 02.png )

File: 1695472240688-1.png ( 407.86 KB , 563x466 , 01.png )

fatties are not human


File: 1695475040158.jpeg ( 6.57 KB , 174x174 , images (4).jpeg )



File: 1699177027472.jpg ( 686.93 KB , 1080x1234 , Screenshot_2023-11-05-16-3….jpg )

Unique IPs: 125

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