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>in case you're wondering why the left is dead

Here is a literal white supremacist confronting some electedfag about the federal response to the Ohio train disaster.

Meanwhile, leftcel groups like XYZ Trot 4th International publish long-winded fart-sniffing blog posts that no one reads about about how muh capitalism is to blame.

Now, don't get me wrong, capitalism might be to blame. And the National Justice Party are knuckle dragging retards that should be gulaged.

But when right wingers are the ones actually showing up for causes people care about and do so in a very well publicized way (sorry leftypol mods – no one cares about the right of pedophiles to groom children or the travesty of not calling a mentally ill trawn by their 'prefered pronoun'), you can guess the result.

In short, the 'left' has lost its way and become a ghey cultural clique that generally focuses on the wrong things. Meanwhile the far right has picked up the slack, talks about shit has some chance of resonating with everyday, common people, and been able to present itself as the opposition to power.


Akshually anon. Arguing about roman history is of paramount importance for reviving the left and beating down porkie


Eh, he blew it at the "triggered" part.

Too in-your-face, too provocative. People can tell that the provocateur doesn't really care about the train, all he cares is about his culture war. Only some retarded Caren took the bait.


Damn, anon. Thanks for clearing up the confusion. For a second I thought the left was dead and the right wing was growing. Glad you dispelled that myth.


What you're doing is equivalent to me celebrating Infratard going around making a fool of himself.


>For a second I thought the left was dead and the right wing was growing.
You were wrong. Maybe you wnat to try another "Unite the Right?"


Meh, ecstatical public congregations and vapid middle school subcultures masquerading as politics are the left's thing.


File: 1676774271777.jpg ( 39.11 KB , 562x437 , lol.jpg )

>vapid middle school subcultures masquerading as politics
This defines /pol/ so well that it hurts.


You sound salty that pol is more popular and influencial than any self proclaimed lefty imageboard. Maybe if you posted more anime porn, it will help the left grow, comrade.


File: 1676786941875.jpg ( 194.9 KB , 1328x2071 , Shooter'sWaifu.jpg )

>pol is more popular and influencial
Lol, yeah, we really can't compete with people who shoot up randos.


>Every person on pol is a school shooter
Mouth breathing retardation meets mainstream media narratives presented as lerebellion


File: 1676791801202.webm ( 2.69 MB , 640x360 , SwordGuy.webm )

>I'm not like those school shooters who believe exactly what I do!


politics is just adolescent antics for adults to be honest.


Its more a thing on the right. But again, politics is adolescent antics for adults


this is serious main character syndrome.

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