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That's a man.




>t. closeted homo


you're cringe. don't care if i get banned here because fuck nazbols


>I've never been with a woman.


Don't worry this isn't .org, you don't get banned for typing scary words.


>Tfw you're spiritually a faggot but too ugly to be an actual homosexual



ITT: Literal brainlets.


The atheist who never left his homestate and lives in borderline poverty thinks he's the intelligent one again.


You always know you struck a nerve when they start throwing shit all around the place hoping it sticks to something on an imageboard.

>The atheist

Where did this even come from? You have a mental disorder and need psychological help.


Take another hit, brian


Bros, come on. That's a man.


File: 1682376437015.jpg ( 420.99 KB , 691x922 , man2.jpg )

>Taylor Swift
>Taylor is an androgynous name
>T.S. acronym for transsexual
>33 and no children or pregnancies
>breast implants, was flat-chested for most of his career and the breasts suddenly grew a few years ago
>hip-to-shoulder ratio, only seems to have curves when wearing a corset costume
>almost always wears bangs over the forehead
>red lipstick


Unquestionable. This has been essentially proven in my mind.


File: 1682421452965.gif ( 228.45 KB , 800x600 , 752 - SoyBooru.gif )

Meds + BBC therapy + Chud Zoo NOW!


Nah. She's just hitting the wall. Her mom looks like an NFL linebacker.

Michelle (Michael) Obama on the other hand..


Michelle is cute, you just can't handle an Amazon. Comes from a deep feelings of inadequacy.


>you can't handle a strong woman
>The favorite cope of neckbeard sub guys and aging agro women who can't get men they are attracted to to stick around
Perhaps I've been with a variety of women and genuinely prefer demure, submissive ones?
I'm sure the butch Karens appreciate your service though.




Taylor Swift is the most ugly mid woman I have ever seen. Men who find her attractive have mental illness.


Taylor swift glows brighter than the sun. That's a fed.


File: 1707631507886.png ( 663.32 KB , 900x750 , ClipboardImage.png )

I can smell Ross Luxemburg's penis from just looking at him.


Go back to Japan, you Keysean.

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