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These two have a ton in common
>Brazenly told the truth
>Had hoes
>Angered those in power
>Suppressed and hit with false charges
>Became political prisoners
>Abandoned by the muhleft


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Tate was never abandoned by the left.

Also, Tate is a douche. He sells the fuckboy persona.

Julian Assange has done actual things rather than sell rizz material to failed adult males.


>Failed adult males
Poast physique


>t. triggered incel


File: 1699120328708.mp4 ( 10.63 MB , 720x1280 , VID_20231105_005112.mp4 )

I have girlfriend that weighs ~105lbs. Shoved my fingers in her mouth while banging her from behind last Wednesday. She loves rough shit like that.
>When was the last time you got laid anon? With a girl who wasn't fat? Had her whimpering and moaning about how 'she loves daddy's cock?'

<Back to the point

It's obvious (((they))) hate Tate because he tells the truth
My only question is
<Why do {{{you}}} hate Tate?


Nice post.

Also yes i have gotten laid.

Again, Tate is just another hustler guru whom is raking in a fortune selling cliche machismo points. Its like thise popup vides about "FIVE SECRET STEPS ON HOW TO UNLOCK FEMALE SEXUAL DESIRE" and they wanna charge you two hundred USD annually to watch recycled cartoon advice on how to pickup broads.

Tate isnt even the problem. The problem are his desparate followers.
Halfass arrested developmental males whom watched too much sigma male meme videos or machismo movies.

They work at dead end jobs and have no candidacy in the dating market and probably never had any direct expereince with actual manly things. They only learned through edgy humor and action movies.
They probably peaked in high school or in kindergarten.

Andrew Tate fans have main character syndrome. Which is the crux of the problem of postmodern politics both left and right.


I actually agree with this

I like some of what Tate says

But anyone who gives the man money is kinda retarded tbh

Similar gurus come allong ever few years. Before Tate it was Tai Lopez. Rn Alex Hormozi is pretty big. Each capitalizes on a shift in the wind of culture.

Tate, to his credit, has managed to pivot into an Alex Jones tier grift. This, imo, is a bit more respectable than doubling down on selling ecom courses.


The problem isnt even Tate. Its his followers. They treat him like hes a saint.

They think anyone whom irks SJWs is a good guy. Alot of these anti-SJWs are often found oit to be losers.

They became successful from leeching off other losers.



But ..

I think you might be over estimating how much his viewers like him.

He has/had a pretty large audience. There's bound to be some diversity of support within that.

Some may think he's a saint. Some likely just think he's good at drumming up controversy and makes some good points.

Treating his audience as a monolith seems a bit like a cognitive bias on your part


fair point.

But you understand the vocal minoritoes are the engines behind any marketing scheme.

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