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File: 1680216994410.jpg ( 88.25 KB , 1786x1000 , 20230330_155439.jpg )


>Trump's been indicted
Do I like this /b/?


literally who


Trust the plan


The first arrest will shock the world
Watch the water
Red dragon
Follow the white rabbit
My butts been wiped
2 more weeks
Trust the plan


File: 1680221534919.png ( 1.73 MB , 1239x934 , 1680221454853945.png )



Reminder: Trump is a leading figure of working class rebellion in the US. His haters are mostly faggot PMCs and monocap state bureacrats.


File: 1680247677626.png ( 1.07 MB , 1166x1284 , 1680222138976269.png )

Haz shut up.


File: 1680255964353.jpg ( 216.01 KB , 1080x1350 , 20230331_024518.jpg )

Damn this niqqa fat.


>This billionaire is the leader of the revolution guis!

uygha please


Reminder: people parroting pozzed cultural muhleftism were (rightly) seen as class enemies in all socialist countries during their heyday. Your muhleftism doesn't exist in a vacuum but is an expression of the culture of monopoly capitalism. Revolutions demand strong men of action, not slothful self obsessed chronically high faggots. Sorry to inform of of this disturbing info.




ITT: Low T Low autism score soylet


File: 1680288015495.jpg ( 153.8 KB , 819x1024 , 1680216050230550.jpg )

>Revolutions demand strong men of action, not slothful self obsessed chronically high faggots.
Hear! Hear! #magacommunism


File: 1680288433664.jpg ( 58.57 KB , 720x720 , PoliticalHumor-127judg.jpg )



File: 1680288958731.jpg ( 2.58 MB , 2880x2880 , collapse-127mttf.jpg )

You on the right.


*I mean bottom! Haha


smoke another one while living in your fantasy world, broke fag


The delusion of Haz 'tards never ceases to amaze me.


The delusion where your parrot every other media company, university department, and corporation while still calling yourself 'the resistance?'

Or the delusion where you couldn't independently organize your way out of a paper bag so you end up doing legwork for the DNC every four years, during which you pat yourself on the back for stopping fashism?


File: 1680297766963.jpg ( 153.11 KB , 1080x657 , IMG_20230401_042147.jpg )

This you?


File: 1680297812570.png ( 204.48 KB , 1476x818 , 1680284331181391 (1).png )



File: 1680298263608.jpg ( 88.61 KB , 1055x630 , dankmemes-127h11c.jpg )

>I'm right because of muh contrariantism.
Niqqa you are part of a fbi.gov cult. Anyone with 2 fucking eyeballs can see Trump is a fascist.
IDGAF if the mainstream media is banwagoning now.
Trump is just another in a long line of straight up criminal GOP presidents going back to Nixon.




>Muh fashist
Go back to reddit, faggot


Go back your Disc0rd cult


File: 1680299466425.jpg ( 238.71 KB , 1024x731 , 1680221870369546.jpg )



You keep talking about fbi.gov. I've never used it, so this sounds like faggy projection on your part.


You're a Haz rat. Don't deny it. Your Maga Communism movement is going to go down as one of the most ridiculous political farces in history. You won't be taken seriously for generations.


File: 1680299901526.jpg ( 159.54 KB , 1043x589 , IMG_20230401_045640.jpg )

>Posts cartoon from major establishment media company
>'I don't get my takes from corporate media.'
>'I'm the r-r-real l-l-left, y-y-you f-f-f-fashist'
Back to reddit


Go back to leftypol.org. the transexual mods there are on your aide


>Everyone I don't like is a media shill.
Cope, Trump is a multi generational white collar criminal. The indictment is just one of many. I didn't need the mainstream media to tell me that Jan 6th was an other Bush W 2000 style coup.


>I believe the exact same things I hear on MSNBC, not because I'm parroting what they say but because I'm a free thinker.
What a dork


>Trump was smeared by the media.


At least I'm don't take the word of a bunch of Q Anon retards.


Excellent accelerationist strategy comrade. By electing Biden, the BRICS alliance has grown and the dollar is about to tank. A victory for multipolarity. Moreover, trust in the media and federal government is at an all time low. Now we just need to convince people to give up their guns. After that, [?]. Then, full communism!!
>Is this what fags like you believe, or are you the Ukrainian thread glowuyghur who has now pivoted into running ops for the DNC?


File: 1680300788695.jpg ( 153.11 KB , 1080x657 , IMG_20230401_042147.jpg )

You hate anyone who isn't some grey race PMC faggot working at a media or tech company. We get it.


File: 1680300934697.png ( 245.83 KB , 600x756 , 1680300308603265.png )



File: 1680300991890.jpg ( 348.39 KB , 750x767 , 1680297056548708.jpg )

Mugshot dropping this Tuesday


What does Hillary's clit lasted like.


File: 1680302183845.jpg ( 100.19 KB , 1200x1200 , 1680300988731333.jpg )



>Left is when you don't like Trump
Go back


File: 1680302638203.jpg ( 964.29 KB , 1079x1749 , 1680302492401790.jpg )

>Stop bullying daddy Trump


>g-g-go back!1
>back you go!
>please go bak!1111

Why is it always the faschizos who act the faggiest possible way?


File: 1680315264070.jpg ( 9.49 KB , 256x256 , 16559739528.jpg )

You have to go back.


File: 1680318415218.jpg ( 103.71 KB , 997x764 , 1680299453858870.jpg )



You take yourself way to seriously.


File: 1680321204080.jpg ( 202.94 KB , 1096x852 , 1680297871535083.jpg )



File: 1680326254300.jpg ( 87.97 KB , 828x953 , WhitePeopleTwitter-127r6u9.jpg )



>enemy of the United States


>don't piss off the judge
lmao, that why you're a stupid poor ukroid flag beta

The best defense in such a big political case is attack. If Trump wins the case by using the court as a public tribune - it would be "HUGE"


obviously the imperial bourgeoisie of the United States is clearing the political playing field before the big showdown with China

just another ringing bell that we're heading for a ww3


Lmao can you really just tell him not to do something and he will do it? What a retard



Tbh it's sad that they're doing it over Stormy Daniels… whatever, better than nothing I guess. Would be nice if they'd get him for shit he did while president - you know, set things up to go after Bush, who was 1000x worse.


>Trust the plan
Redditanon brainworms



tf you talkin bout


>Typical right wing sheeple whom thinks trolling the Libs is fighting the establishment.

Nope. Trump is controlled opposition. Evrrything about Trump is shock value.
His presidemtial capaign is to raise money to pay off debts.

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