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anti idpol "socialists" are so strange. i just found out that dasha from red scare pod, aka sailor socialism, isn't actually a socialist. she's actually a tradcath, and somehow the anti idpol part of the left like her?

since i heard earlier the mods don't typically ban posts like these i would like to have a discussion about this with you people. because how is supporting a tradcath conservative going to bring about communism? I just can't see the through-line here.


How is having mental illness going to bring socialism?




>How is having mental illness going to bring socialism?
The more of a loser you are the more you can hope to profit from egalitarian policies.


>having disability = being loser



in socialism there won't be such term as loser

t. from somewhat socialist contry

there would be only ppl with 'shittier' jobs (soviet mcdonalds)


and by shittier i mean maybe more 'uncool'


they would still have all the privilegies also


>having disability = being loser
People who strut around with flags and wear their identity as a badge of honor are losers for sure. And losers are attracted to left wing politics because they have the most to gain by leeching on other people.




Plot twist
>He's from Sweden


File: 1680441838965.mp4 ( 14.88 MB , 1920x1080 , meidena.mp4 )

>red scare pod
>sailor socialism
>tradcath conservative
I don't know who these people are or what these words mean. I could explain my position to you but I get the feeling that you are trying to associate me with these characters (1) to discredit by association and (2) to ignore actual discussion and just argue with your personal e-celeb strawman
have an unrelated video


>from somewhat socialist contry
I'm guessing somewhere in South America, they are the most chill people ever.


File: 1680446168929.mp4 ( 2.37 MB , 640x360 , dasha_bodycount.mp4 )

Lol. She's getting too old for the cock carousel and is starting to feel guilty/shameful, so tries to regain her purity through finding the jebus. Becoming a wholesome tradwife is also a smart business decision for her, look at all the horny right-wing moids who simp for her on twitter.

Also see: https://incels.wiki/w/Tradthot#Trad_Pivot_or_Epiphany_Phase


>anti idpol "socialists" are so strange
<anti-muhspeshulopresstrace "socialists" are so strange
NatSocs (the first successfull IdPolSocs) aren't Soc you retard. Return when you're a complete human being & not a part of some yet another sexual/cultural/genetic/economic/differently-abled race.



Hey OP, I just now noticed you, I've been busy.
Here's a rule of thumb - not every group is monolithic.
A lot of anti-idpol leftists really dislike Dasha. I actually had a relatively positive opinion of her, but then I actually tried to listen to Redscare… and then I heard about all the weird shilling for American conservative assholes, all the dumbshit opinions… she and her friend are just not very funny or interesting and are markedly worse than cumtown or chapo or any of those guys. Even Nick Mullen comes across as more genuine.

Btw, first people I ever saw fawning over Dasha on the internet were tumblrqueer - they loved the Sailor Socialism thing. I never found it that funny, certainly not funny enough to be hoisted up as this big "we got you!" to Alex Jones, the joke was extremely mid. Turns out people who present their politics in the most inane way possible also often have matching unironic opinions.


>economic race
uygha you mean class?


>muh black/white/tangerine working class


>in socialism, the same thing will exist, the word for it will just be erased
wow, george orwell was right


>i just found out that dasha from red scare pod, aka sailor socialism, isn't actually a socialist. she's actually a tradcath,
<and somehow the anti idpol part of the left like her?
Because the anti-idpol "left" are just 2016-leftover anti-sjw's who think the biggest threat to (western) civilization is college students saying racism is bad. They don't care about anything else. They'll yell at some sincere libtard who might actually be willing to listen about socialism, and then run to some religious conservatives who wants all resources to abolish homosex, while being funded by some Koch brother darkmoney.
t. I never fucking listened to Red Scare before so I'm taking your word for it. I don't listen to Chapo either and thought they were the same shit


Idpol is used to divide the slaves. Wasting energy arguing about troons (mental illness superimposed by the bourgeosie) and land back to the uyghurs (making more bourgeois uyghurs) for example doesn't break down class stratification


I agree with this. Places like genzedong (on lemmy) are all against "class reductionism" but that sounds like a made-up word straight from the glowfags.


She's not tradcath. She's a Slovak Ruthenian Greek Orth in the Byzantine rites.

>Nekrasova rolled her eyes. “I am not a traditional Catholic,” she said. “I’m a Slovak Ruthenian Greek Orth in the Byzantine rites.”



Why do you post fun threads like this in /b/ instead of /leftypol/?


An anti-idpol attitude in itself is fine and actually constructive. My irl org (mainstream trots, beggars can't be choosers) had members state their explicit anti-idpol attitude in the last public meeting and it was refreshing to hear. idpol is how you get palestinian war refugees being told they're now settlers.
But online anti-idpol rhetoric like you've seen can be pretty garbage.


God I still want to fuck her so bad


What about the STDs?


They're retarded, leftists are retarded. Most if not all them are middle class leeches no better than the average liberal or reactionary. They are divorced from the struggles of the working class.

You can do better


most political consumers are retarded middle class folks.


Fair enough,


I can go as far to say politics as a spectator sports is mainly a middle class pastime.


rich people are too busy watching their stocks.

Poor people are too busy breaking their backs in sweatshops







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>anti idpol "socialists" are so strange.
It's just a phase. They'll grow out of it as soon as they get their inheritance from their boomer parents.


And you faggots are the worst. Get over yourself. Thnconcept of identity is not actually real. Everything like race and gender all exist because of the expansion of capital through our the decades of the history of mankind.


idk. The "pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps" conservatives are all junior educated rich kids and they never grew out of whatever arrogant phase theyre going through.





Who is that and who is they and what was taken from me?
Hoodlums stole my speaker(s).


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I wonder if workers of the past could have ever imagined they would be used in such obscure memes by communists on a leftists imageboard on the magic internet tubes.


File: 1710681404532.png ( 527.51 KB , 1000x714 , ghw1v3vf0ka71.png )

Workers of the world, meme!

But on the real, I don't know… Maybe with the internet, they'd probably be astonished at such technology developing. During the electrification program Lenin said, "Communism is Soviet Power + Electrification of the Whole Country". So they might assume something similar happened.

I don't know how I'd explain this meme. They might have a different perspective. Would they be confused or even disappointed? Maybe they'd wonder how world communism is coming along. Haha, uh…


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Everyone, I found this picture of Dasha and I realize she resembles my mom.. How do I deal with this?


sex with mom.


But anon, that's incest!


Your mom is a mid-art hoe?


No, but my mom sometimes wears a hat and sometimes looks tired


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>“Archive. An idiot and a degenerate. J. Stalin.”




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