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Just left my house spiffy clean so I can leave again for another year. I'm always saddened by the end of a cleaning day because it feels like I've set something up to fail. Sometimes I just sit and stare at my work and take in the freshness. You could do a white glove inspection in this place and it would pass. I'm intending to leave it as is. I would usually have a snack, so that the only dirty thing in the house was a bowl or a plate, but because I'm going to be gone for so long, I think I'll leave it as is. Is anyone here a fan of cleaning? I don't know if that's autistic, but I genuinely enjoy homemaking and home improvement. I'm sure it will be dusty by the time I get back. The people that take care of my place don't ever clean up. They just pop in to make sure nothing has failed or broken in my absence. Last time it was a lone rat that somehow got in, and it destroyed a lot of things, not to mention it took a shit everywhere before it died. It's sad to leave it behind like this, especially on a Monday. If it was the weekend, I could at least have a little goodbye gettogether out in the back. Oh well, see you guys later. I'll keep in touch. Make sure you clean your place. There's nothing worse than a filthy house and a person that refuses to clean after himself. Even if you live in a cardboard box, make sure that box is good to go, not for visitors, but for you. Make it shine like a diamond.


I am awful at keeping my place clean. I really fucking need to improve my discipline when it comes to basic shit like washing dishes or keeping things organized.


>Fits the stereotype of the average Marxist. Can't manage to have a nice house yet believes they're competent enough to manage society. Alternatively, spent most of their life being catered to by their parents, and now wants a benevolent socialist government to fill that role


Why are you so easily upset by everything?




OK anon.
So, do you have any useful advice for me?


It's not rocket science.
>Make tidying a regular habit.
>Clean as you go instead of letting clutter/filth accumulate. For example, do the dish as you cook instead of letting them stack in the sink. Alternatively, create a ritual/habit of cleaning something before you go to bed. Alternatively, if you don't do that, then make a ritual/habit of cleaning something first thing after you wake up.
>Spend shorter periods cleaning, but do it each day. It literally takes about 3 minutes to tidy up a room. >Set aside about an hour or two each week to deep clean one part of your living area. Use this time to sweep and mop, wipe down walls, dust, etc.
>Reframe all of this as a positive thing which you do for your own well being, not as a chore or something tedious.


Thanks anon. This was helpful.


Thanks anon

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