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Why do certain types of leftists (mainly women and low t males) constantly lie and hide the truth?

I honestly assume it's part of the anima spirit that guides much of leftism.

But, and this is an important caveat, it is the anima spirit that is the root of the problem. When women (and low t males) are given prominent positions among the right, they carry out the exact same behavior.

Thus, I assume the solution is simple. Ignore women and low t males. Don't take their opinions and professed moral superiority seriously. Keep them at arm's distance, etc

Other theories?


have you ever tried critique OP
i know critical thinking is hard for a lot of midwits, so its okay to stick to endless moralizing and smug dismissal if its easier for you
>inb4 muhleft/muhtrans/muhsoy/muhvaxx/muh…


Was this reply supposed to be incoherent?


If we are so opposed to kids having hormone treatments, why do adults think nothing wrong with bullying or lack of technical training?


This doesn't even make sense

>If you are so opposed to Israel, why do you see nothing wrong with getting a haircut or playing violin

You .org fags have brainworms


It does make sense though.

Adults are obsessed with youth sexuality/gendering but not about their labor value or safety from bullies or mass shooters.

Adults only care about the quality os schoolimg now due to the transgender issue but would otherwise think compulsory schooling is safe and comfy.


You are a fag


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bruh that kid is butt ugly. If I had a bully like that in childhood, I would be annoyed.

Also, thanks for the strawman.

>Not obsessing over transhumanistism is faggotry.
>Being more concermed about kids having technical skills they could use in life rather than hollow idealism is faggotry.

Id rather that kids be transhumanists if it meams they dont procreate.
Why should we have any more humans on this earth if theyre gonna emd up as incels or thots or school shooters?
We also have an increase of developmental disorders thanks to industrial pollution of the food, air, amd water.


We've gone over this in other threads.

Incels, fatties, and other genetic dead ends should be weeded out.

That way, human civilization of the future would be beautiful and intelligent, not borderline retarded and morbidly obese.


How? If theyre already born and in prime age, its kinda too late.

Also, genetic screening is not enough.

Public schooling and typical paternalistic laws kinda create sentient waste.

Compulsory law should only last to the eventh grade. After which they go into vocational programs.

If parents wsnt their kid to be exempted from blue collar training, they will have to oy out of pocket to continue higher education.


File: 1701884449481.png ( 255.75 KB , 602x742 , 20231207_001746_0000.png )

Children should learn basic education (math, language, science, civics) through 11th or 12th grade.

Then boys should undergo a year of physical, military, and social training. After that they should get 6 months or year to travel or pursue a passion. After that, they should do vocational or professional training.

I do like the idea of making universities private and competitive. Getting rid of much of the school administration and bureaucratic entanglements, and ending scholarships, would do much to lower the cost of colleges generally.


Why should boys alwas be mandated for military training but not girls?

Also, Im kinda iffy about having a year off to pursue a passion before going into vicstional training.
Physical and social training is nice but military training should be optional.

Also, the length of our school grade year system is because the curriculim is diluted with recycled shit.

Again, compulsory schooling should end by grade seven or eight.

Boys and girls both will have to do volunteer work for twelve weeks from March to May, Monday through Thursday. This will be from fifth to eighth grade.

They will learn courting, appliance repair, cooking, finances, etc.


Girls learn home economics, cooking, nutrition, and then maybe into professions like teaching and nursing, clerical duties, etc.


I like this idea of volunteering, but it should be local and socially productive: sweeping sidewalks and cleaning up litter and parks in their own neighborhoods and communities, along with maybe larger traveling intiatives that could foster a greater degree of national identity and unity.


Home economics should be for both genders.

Why should men have to rely on women for domestic tasks for everything?
Like wise, why should women have to rely on men for physical tasks for everything?

Also yea, that volunteering concept of local community service was where I was getting at.

In fact, I think kids would learn more out in the community thab being stuck in the classroom.

Again, pushing pencils should not be definition of education.

Look up John Taylor Gatto.
He was an American educator whom spoke about the sinister purpose of K-12 public schooling.

He also speaks about the artifical sociological limb of childhood that we call adolescence.


gay as fuck just hire people who's job it is to do domestic shit around the communal housing like a groundskeeper and chef or if the housing is for pathetic intellectuals, force them to do it on a rotating basis.


cope seethe and dilate


Grade school should be the only form of public sector schooling

High school and college should have paywall.


They're overgrown children who would rather hide from things that make them uncomfortable than confront them.


That explans why they advocate to raise the starting age of adulthood to 25-30 becuz "muh brain development" which is a codeword for fear/contempt/willful clumsiness about adulthood.

Theyre telling teachers and prents to coddle young adults and punish them for expressing autonomous/worldly endeavors.


No one is in denial you fucking loser, lmao.
God you are so fucking pathetic. No one thinks kids should be able to chop their dicks off except a very marginal sub set of the left. You faggots are so fucking dishonest you should be shot out of a cannon into the sun you fucking uyghur kikes.


It's because parents incentives come from maslow's hierarchy, not some inherent, always present care for their children, as commonly supposed.

They have, sometimes, a need to feel like 'good parents,' and thus want to do cool dramatic shit, but don't actually gain happiness regularly from long term investment in their children's lives. Thus, 'protect children from evil SEX' is satisfying, but 'invest in child's future long term' is not so, even when the latter child is far less likely to end up in a bad situation sexually than one 'protected' but with no skills, or well developed personality.

The long term solution is to stop parenting as what's basically hobby, and make it into an investment by professionals. Allow corporations or government utilities to own children, and reap a share of their taxes in profit with which to raise the next generation. I hope in my lifetime I'll be part of a family using artificial wombs with a sensible governing structure and specialized roles. IDK what exactly would be the best way to structure it to ensure it's always investing for the future, and giving members pleasant lives. Ideas?

This is also why eugenics has retarded failures- individuals doing it as a hobby just go 'I am great' rather than systemically working towards improvement.


Why is paremting the one avtivity that doesnt require licensing?

We throw people in jail for not having a license to drive, practice law/medicine, trade, travel, etc.

Too many adults feel entitled to having spouses amd children by virtue of age rather than ability.


>Other theories?
Uncle Ted theorized the over socialization process. A person who give too much importance to his social capital tend to have a worldview that is based not on his understanding of the world but on his understanding of what the consensus is.

For instance, women's rights are accepted by almost everyone, so they are for women's rights. Not because they had an intellectual effort about the question and concluded that they were for them, no, simply because it would be good for their social capital. The fact that women have the rights in question or not isn't part of the equation. It's what good people do so it's what they do. Only wrong people oppose them.

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